Winterbourne St Michael’s Church of England School Founded 1813 Headmaster’s Log Book 1933-1952

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Roy Crew is taking Bristol Grammar School entrance exam today in this School.

7.6.1946 School closed today for the Whitsuntide holiday.

17.6.1946 School re-opened.

18.6.1946 Sunday School outing – but the School was not closed. It has been brought to the Headmaster’s notice that two chapels have Sunday School outings on 22 & 23 July. Next year an effort will be made to synchronise these outings on one day.

19.6.1946 Mrs Thornton absent – ill.

21.6.1946 Mrs Thornton returns to duty. Nurse Bennett inspected the heads of the children.

25.7.1946 School closed at 4pm for the Summer Holidays.

31.8.1946 The floor of the Infants’ Room has been repaired by Messrs Ford, also the School playground.

Coke and coal has been delivered during the holiday.

10.9.1946 School closed today for 3 days to enable the Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] and Mrs Thornton to attend the Refresher Course at Bristol University.

11.9.1946 Derek Wheeler, having been awarded a scholarship, starts School at Chipping Sodbury Grammar School today.

16.9.1946 School re-opened today. The Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] has discussed with the village policeman the problem of many children and adults congregating outside St Michael’s Room on cinema nights.

27.9.1946 Mr Robinson – Headmaster of Minchinhampton CE School – called today to see our wireless installation.

1.10.1946 Top Class went on a hip-picking expedition. Classes B & C have already been hip-picking. Threepence per lb is to be paid for hips (Total amount 15/-)

11.10.1946 The School football team played Frampton National team and won 1 goal to nil. The girls of the 2 Schools played rounders.

21.10.1946 At the Winterbourne Fruit, Vegetable and Chrysanthemum Show on Saturday, David Bishop, Jim Warren, Brian Maggs took 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively in the School Garden class. There were six competitions winning prize money to the value of 1 guinea (7/6, 5/- and 2/6) and 3 x 2/-. The boys, in a body, offered to give their prize money to the School fund – a noble gesture worthy of record.

25.10.1946 School closed today for one week half-term.

4.11.1946 School re-opened.

6.11.1946 Mr Mallinson, Deputy Secretary – re Frenchay Home boys.

12.11.1946 Mr Green demonstrated the planting of blackcurrant, redcurrant and gooseberry cuttings today.

12.11.1946 Nurse Bennett has completed the routine head inspection today. Alma Amos has been excluded.

As the handicraft instructor did not arrive, the senior boys did not attend woodwork classes today.

14.11.1946 Miss Bevir – dancing all the afternoon.

15.11.1946 Mr GEB Davies, 7 Coniston Rd, Patchway, Bristol, has taken up duty here as Clerical Assistant today. He will attend here each Friday.

18.11.1946 5 boxes of library books received today.

Miss Bishop, the cleaner, has been granted an increase in salary to £60 per annum as from 1 Dec 1946.

19.11.1946 Nurse Bennett has examined Alma Amos today and found her free from pediculosis.

5 boxes of library books have arrived, one missing.

26.11.1946 The School shelters are being dismantled.

6.12.1946 All the School water taps, overflows and flush boxes have been attended to.

10 & 12. 12.1946 Miss Bevir has called -

12.12.1946 2 boxes of plimsolls have arrived.

14.12.1946 Annual Sale of Work held at School – over £40 has been raised, mainly from sale of articles made by the children.

19.12.1946 A Christmas Party was given to all children attending this School. Great difficulty had been encountered in obtaining sufficient food.

For future reference:- Catering for 160 including helpers.

15 dozen mixed caked. 5 quartern loaves. 18 lb slab cake….. (All barely enough)

5 lbs marg (ample for sandwiches) corned beef, jam, potted meat. 8 trays of trifle.

School closed for the Christmas Holiday.


6.1.1947 School re-opened – a good attendance in spite of heavy snow fall.

10.1.1947 2 ½ tons coke delivered.

13.1.1947 Four flower jugs bought for the school.

21.1.1947 Managers meeting held this evening to discuss the problem of the repairs to the lavatories and walls. The Headmaster attended the meeting and urged the Managers to put before the LEA the fact that there is a big demand for nursery School accommodation in this area.

A cheque for five pounds was handed to the Managers as a gift from the School Fund to help meet the cost of repainting the School exterior.

27.1.1947 For 2 successive Tuesday afternoons there has been no Woodwork.

28.1.1947 The very cold weather continues. A great deal of snow has fallen, but there is a 65% attendance.

It is worthy of record that a number of children came crying to School this morning, partly due to lack of fire at home.

Good long slides have been made in the playground this week and all children have been encouraged to take part in the exhilarating pastime of “keeping the pot boiling”. (The Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] led the way)

It is also worthy of record that the children, as a whole, do not appear to have the stamina to “keep the pot boiling” for more than ten minutes at a time. The Headmaster, too, finds that he becomes exhausted quite easily.

All the School water is frozen but there is a good supply at the School House.

29.1.1947 The wireless has reported the heaviest frost on record for the end of January. More snow has fallen and there is only a 43% attendance. The registers have been marked and the School continues as usual.

12.1.1947 The lavatories have been frozen for some days now. The children have been told to go home at dinner time to use the lavatories there, as further use of the School lavatories is impossible. School will be closed at 3pm today for reasons – Sanitary – as indicated above.

30.1.1947 Arrangements as for yesterday.

12.2.1947 The cold weather persists and the attendance suffers accordingly.

The School dentist arrived this morning, having asked if she could come at 3pm yesterday – owing to the persistence of the cold weather, the dentist has not been able to adhere to her official itinerary.

40 bags of firewood have arrived from Jennings Supplies. The account (£7) has been sent to Gloucester.

19.2.1947 Bitterly cold weather persists – attendance fairly good – due largely to good fires and the midday meal.

20.2.1947 Closed School today for half-term. Stoves in classrooms A & B to be repaired. Attendance 73%.

25.2.1947 School re-opened. The weather is still very cold but the attendance is better today.

28.2.1947 A very slight thaw – two burst pipes – everything frozen solid again by 4pm.

3.3.1947 Great difficulty has been caused by the cold weather, in the proper use of the lavatories. The Headmaster and two boys have had the most unpleasant task of flushing the frozen pans every other day. All children are asked to use the lavatory at home as much as possible.

4.3.1947 There are signs that a general thaw is imminent. This has been a record cold spell. It is worthy of note that there has been a shortage of all kinds of fuel. Children have been absent for days & ½ days to enable them to get some fuel from somewhere.

No wood work again today.

7.3.1947 Severe frost – attendance better.

10.3.1947 No potatoes with the dinners – rolls instead.

11.3.1947 As for yesterday.

12.3.1947 Swede instead of potatoes.

13.3.1947 The THAW has come with very heavy rain – some children unable to attend School because of floods. The School garden is completely submerged. Seven burst pipes have been repaired.

14.3.1947 More snow.

117.3.1947 A gale of hurricane force swept the country last night. Many houses in Winterbourne have lost chimney pots. M Ludwell (junior) found his neighbour’s chimney pot resting on his landing. For the first time this term, the children have been able to play outside during the lunch hour, much to their joy and to the relief of the Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] and staff. It has been a strenuous and harassing time – feeding 100 children and more (140 in School) through this long spell of winter weather.

Still no potatoes for dinner.

18.3.1947 No potatoes.

20.3.1947 Scholarship exam papers received.

24.3.1947 Scholarship exam today.

25.3.1947 Scholarship exam continued. The long awaited electric hot cupboard has arrived. The Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] sustained an accident while helping to unload the apparatus – the whole lot slipped and fell on two fingers – badly crushing them. In view of this the scholarship intelligence test had to be postponed until the afternoon.

28.3.1947 School closed for Easter Holiday.

14.4.1947 School re-opened. A claim of compensation has been lodged with the hauliers with reference to the crushing of the Headmaster’s fingers.

21.4.1947 Princess Elizabeth’s 21st Birthday.

23.4.1947 St George’s Day. The School flag was hoisted.

25.4.1947 Religious Instruction Inspection. The opening corporate service taken by HT “was particularly impressive”. CRW.

28.4.1947 School broadcasting starts again today.

14.5.1947 2 students from Oakley Training College visited today. They will be with us for 5 weeks from 3 June.

[For the first time in this Log Book, the Report of the Diocesan Inspection is appended in the form of a type-written letter. Previous reports were copied long-hand into the log. The report ends with this paragraph…]

This is a first-rate Church School and I look forward with pleasure to acting upon the Headmaster’s invitation to visit the School at any time without notice. Rev W Merlin Davies.

15.5.1947 The traditional Ascension Day service was held today. Buns were issued to the children.

19/20.5.1947 Routine Medical Inspection.

22.5.1947 School closes for Whitsun holiday. Attendance Officer has been informed of the continued non-attendance of the Warren family, also Percy Griffen.

3.6.1947 School re-opened.

2 students from Oakley Training College, Cheltenham, Miss Gibbon & Miss Saunders. They will be here for 5 weeks. Mr Warren came to School this morning and made himself very objectionable and he confessed that he was suffering from a nagging wife.

6.6.1947 Headmaster absent to visit BRI. As a result of this visit he has to go into hospital for an operation in July.

7.6.1947 Peter Sargent, Shirley Harrison and Rosemary Lloyd have to attend Chipping Sodbury Grammar School for the Oral Examination on 13 June.

12/13.6.1947 Mrs Ray absent. Continuous trouble with the wash boiler – telephoned Bristol Corp to supply a new one at once.

16.6.1947 More trouble with the boiler.

21.6.1947 Infants gave a programme of dancing at the Rectory Fete today. Sports were held for all children attending this School and £9 was given away in prizes. This money was raised as follows… £5/10.0 from School Fund; £3/10/0 from parents and friends.

26.6.1947 The School choir went to Chipping Sodbury Grammar School for rehearsal of the Choir Festival to be held on 8 July in the Central Hall, Bristol.

1.7.1947 Mr Headford, supply Headmaster, who takes up duty here on Monday 7 July, called this morning.

Ian Brown has won a place at the Junior Technical School for Engineering.

3.7.1947 Mr Comber, HMI, called today to see the Emergency Training College students.

4.7.1947 Miss Gibbons and Miss Saunders left today having completed 5 weeks School practice.

7.7.1947 I take charge of the School today. JG Headford. Mr AC Dunn absent ill.

8.7.1947 Attendance has been poor owing to rain and a Sunday School outing. A School party of 30, in charge of Mrs Thornton, left School at 3.30 to go to Bristol to take part in a combined Schools concert.

9.7.1947 Insurance cards for the Canteen Assistants sent to the County Office.

10.7.1947 The Rector took prayers. No Cooking or Handicraft – Centre closed.

11.7.1947 Mr Reed commenced duty as Clerical Assistant.

16.7.1947 Nurse visited.

18.7.1947 Cricket & rounders teams left School at 2.20 to play matches with Frenchay.

21.7.1947 The Vicar visited to see the Headmaster [JG Headford].

23.7.1947 James Warren received one stroke on hand for disobedience.

24.7.1947 Woodwork in morning.

31.7.1947 The Rector took Prayers. School closed at 3.45 for Summer Holiday. I finish duties here today. JG Headford.

8.9.1947 School re-opened. The Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] returns to duty. Nine children from the Downend Cottage Home arrived this morning, also 6 Infants.

11.9.1947 The necessary re-wiring having been done for the kitchen hot-plate, the Bristol Corporation has completed the necessary connecting work.

12.9.1947 New meals arrangements from today.

18.9.1947 A Class boys taken on a visit to the Sunbeam Nurseries where they saw the steam sterilisation of soil etc, etc.

19.9.1947 A very wet day – the problem of having 100 children to dinner in three rooms, and then to keep these children occupied until the afternoon sessions begins remains a very difficult one.

23.9.1947 Je suis tres heureuse d’avoir fait connaissance avec l’ensignement Anglais. L’impression est tres differente de celle sessentie dans les classes Francaises, on peut constanter une plus grande liberte laissee pom le jeu. M Touzet, St Jeanne d’Arc, Fontenay sous Bois (Classe de 6e).

2.10.1947 No Woodwork – No Cookery.

9.10.1947 No Woodwork.

16.10.1947 13 boys, the Headmaster, Rector and Mr D Amos, paid a visit to Coalpit Heath Mine today. It was a new experience for all. An hour and a half was spent underground and each member of the party hewed himself a piece of coal from a tunnel 2½ feet high.

24.10.1947 A Hockey match was arranged for the first time today for the girls.

30.10.1947 Managers Meeting – Headmaster attended. Business discussed included… (a) appointment of teacher in place of Miss Harris, who leaves this School as from 31st, there having been no suitable applications for the post, a man trainee recommended by Gloucester EC is to be given a trial until Christmas. (b) condition of School buildings including walls and lavatories. The Headmaster urged that since this School is now controlled it was reasonable to expect the LEA to carry out certain essential repairs. (c) the provision of a dining hall – Headmaster asked for the managers’ support in a new application for this structure.

31.10.1947 Received 4 dining tables. Closed School for half-term.

10.11.1947 School re-opened. Mr Wiltshire takes up duty with Class C. Mrs Ray takes charge of the Infants.

Miss Harris has left to undergo a year’s training at Exhall Training College, Coventry. A presentation was made to Miss Harris.

19.11.1947 The new School flag was hoisted today in honour of tomorrow’s Royal Wedding. The Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] left School at 3pm to travel to London for the occasion of the Royal Wedding.

21.11.1947 The Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] came to School at 10.30, having travelled from London from 6am. The London visit was very successful and the children were thrilled to hear an eyewitness account of the Royal Wedding.

25.11.1947 Miss Dudfield, assistant meals organiser, called. Miss Palmer, local health visitor, called.

27.11.1947 Mr Ralph, PT organiser, called.

28.11.1947 Mr Milligen of the BBC called to discuss School’s Programmes.

PC Pitts called re behaviour of certain boys on way home from School.

6.12.1947 Third annual Sale of Work held today. The sum of £52 was raised, expenses to be deducted. Balance £47.

All the children & staff will now be invited to go to a Bristol Pantomime at no cost to themselves.

9.12.1947 Ford’s account for repairs to roof, drains, garden wall, sweeping chimneys, etc. £16/16/3/sent to Gloucester.

20.12.1947 School closed today for Christmas. Details of the children’s Christmas treat have been agreed upon and before the children went home they were told that they would all be taken to “Jack and the Beanstalk” on 16 January.


5.1.1948 School re-opened. 154 on roll.

7.1.1948 Wilfred Rumble received 2 strokes of the cane – one on each hand – for using the foulest of foul language in front of the top class of girls.

8.1.1948 Ford’s account of £7/1/6, £2/19/5, 10/6, sent to Shirehall. These accounts are long standing.

14.1.1948 The Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] had discussion with the chairman of the managers re behaviour of Wilfred Rumble in School and out. It was decided, after long deliberation, that the LEA be asked to take some action. Letters to this effect have been sent.

Letter received from the Woodwork Instructor at Whiteshill re the behaviour of Rumble – he will be refused admittance at the centre.

16.1.1948 Further letter from Woodwork Instructor about Rumble.

The whole School saw “Jack and the Beanstalk” at the Empire this afternoon. The 160 children and staff were conveyed in five coaches. All expenses were paid from the School Fund. 160 tickets at 2/6 + five coaches at £2 each.

9.2.1948 John Weeks, a pupil of Kingswood Grammar School, started School here today. Headmaster checked up on this strange case by telephoning Major Eaton. LEA have been informed.

11.2.1948 Headmaster visited Staple Hill Senior Boys to discuss with Mr Kidd (HM) the Rumble problem (vide 7 Jan etc, etc ad infinitum). The LEA `have agreed that Rumble should be sent to a Senior Boys School.

12/13.2.1948 Considerable trouble with Rumble.

Mrs Rumble and her son came to School this afternoon and adopted the usual aggressive attitude. She “deflated” after the Headmaster had used the usual verbal tactics and eventually she became most abject. Mrs Rumble has great difficulty with her family and it should be recorded that previous children of the family have caused a great deal of trouble at the School.

As chairman of the local branch of the NSPPCC, the Headmaster feels that in spite of the bad home influences, action cannot be taken as Wilfred Rumble is reasonably clothed, housed and fed.

13.2.1948 School closes for half-term. Games of various kinds, (draughts etc) have been purchased for the children to use in School during wet dinner periods. This problem of feeding over 100 children in the classrooms is as acute as ever.

Hockey is played by boys and girls. Hockey, Soccer and Rounders games are organised for fine dinner times. Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] records that in spite of the delegation of authority to the staff, it is necessary for him to be on dinner duty every day.

The Headmaster records as a matter of interest to future incumbent Headmasters (if any) that the raising of the School leaving age to 15 years has added many difficulties to the successful running of the all-age-School such as this.

Staff: AC Dunn, Headmaster. Mrs LA Thornton, CA. Mrs D Ray, supplementary on Supply. Mr L Wiltshire – ex-serviceman with previous teaching experience 6 weeks. Number on roll – 155.

A number of mothers want to start their children at School, they being of age or very near it. This cannot be done at the present time.

13.2.1948 Half-Term. (2 days, Monday and Tuesday, 16th and 17th)

22.2.1948 Mrs Summers and Miss Davies, students from Oakley Emergency Training College, have commenced four weeks School practice today.

Received instructions from LEA to send Wilfred Rumble to Staple Hill Mod Sec School.

23.2.1948 20 bags of firewood from Jennings Surplus.

15.3.1948 First day of Scholarship Examination.

16.3.1948 Arithmetic II (2nd part difficult).

Intelligence Test – a wicked thing – Headmaster and staff would fail in a part of it. A letter of protest will be sent to LEA.

24.3.1948 Easter holiday.

12.4.1948 Return to School. 157 on Roll.

14.4.1948 Managers Meeting. Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] authorised to write to LEA on matters concerning School meals, accommodation, state of walls, lavatories, etc.

21.4.1948 BBC – children listened to Mrs Roosevelt’s message in the current affairs programme. The broadcast of the unveiling ceremony of President Roosevelt’s memorial was heard on 14 April. Children joined in with “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

22.4.1948 Princess Elizabeth’s birthday.

23.4.1948 Headmaster visited Whiteshill Council School to see the Headmaster, woodwork instructor and domestic science mistress.

26.4.1948 Their Majesties’ Silver Wedding. The thanksgiving Service from St Paul’s Cathedral heard by Classes A & B. Half-day’s holiday.

30.4.1948 Mr Reed, Secretary, commences duty 1 day per week.

3.5.1948 Arrangements have been made for Mr Reed to go to Whiteshill as Mr Palmer is very short staffed.

6.5.1948 Ascension Day. The usual children’s service was held in the parish church. The time honoured custom of giving eacg child a bun as he or she left the church was continued, in spite of bread rationing.

13.5.1948 Visited the Woodwork & Domestic Science Centres.

14.5.1948 Close for Whitsun Week.

15.5.1948 Children’s sports on the Rectory Lawn. This being Whit Saturday proved to be a very popular event. 24 races for all Winterbourne children - £7/10/0 given in prize money – 31/6 brought by children £3 from Fetes committee and remainder from School fund.

21.5.1948 The School Flag Pole has been taken down. Jim Warren & David Bishop have used five pounds of putty to fill the cracks. It has had two coats of white paint.

News has been received that Mr EA Simmonds of Sydney Australia – an old scholar of this School (1870) and who has sent many food parcels to this village – has died. A letter of condolence has been sent to his daughter.

24.5.1948 School re-opened after Whitsun holiday. Empire Day.

26.5.1948 All fires were lit today after a break of 2½ months. The Spring weather has been very hot and today it is very cold.

28.5.1948 Messrs Gegg & Uncles, lecturers at Redland Training College, called today to discuss a “Rural Survey” of Winterbourne. The Headmaster promised co-operation in every way.

Mrs Thornton has begun the “Slipper Making Course” at Shire Hall (4 Fridays). Leaves School 11pm.

4.6.1948 Further visit by Redland TC lecturers [Messrs Gegg & Uncles].

14/15.6.1948 Dr Bignell carried out the routine medical inspection.

16.6.1948 Mrs Ray – absent - ?

Mrs Ray has damaged her leg.

18.6.1948 Mrs Ray still absent. Mrs Thornton will travel to Gloucester as usual today. Two of the older girls will be in charge of the Infants, and Headmaster will supervise. Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] will also have classes A & B – about 120 children altogether.

21.6.1948 Mrs Ray returns to duty.

22.6.1948 School closed for the Weston outing.

25.6.1948 A number of lecturers and a greater number of students from Redland Training College have been in and out of the School this week – in connection with the survey of Winterbourne past, present and future.

25.6.1948 Geoffrey Garde broke his leg during the lunch hour. He, in company with other infants boys, were playing on a farm roller on the way to the recreation field when the accident occurred. The Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] and Mrs Thorton rendered first aid and hired a taxi for his removal to BRI. His mother, being at work, was not informed until after the boy was taken to BRI owing to the time wastage in finding her. Headmaster took Mrs Garde to to the BRI.

The Headmaster makes the following observations: (a) Class D boys are not allowed in the recreation field during the lunch hour; (b) the lunch time supervision was adequate. The Secretary will be informed.

29.6.1948 A choir of 36 girls from this School will be travelling by coach to the Central Hall, Bristol, for the South Gloucestershire Schools Festival today.

5.7.1948 The Headmaster and Mr Wiltshire leave School at 3pm with 15 boys to watch the Australians and Gloucestershire…

6.7.1948 …could not obtain admission yesterday – the boys were very disappointed and therefore the same 15 boys, in company with Headmaster will travel to Bristol this morning. Mr Phillips, HMI, called today during the absence of the Headmaster, to inspect the lavatories and walls. Mrs Thornton, who had been left in charge, gave Mr Phillips all appropriate information.

1 & 8.7.1948 The boys who attend the woodwork centre at Whiteshill have returned on each of these dates as there was no instructor.

At a meeting of the Managers, Miss BM Harris was re-appointed to the staff of this School. Headmaster informed the managers of the visit of the County Architect and HMI Mr Phillips to inspect the walls and lavatories.

22.7.1948 Rex Woollen & George Parker punished with the cane after repeated disobedience with regard to stealing fruit from the School garden and from the Headmaster’s garden.

23.7.1948 County Architect’s representative, Mr Huddlestone, has been today making plans for new lavatories etc etc.

29.7.1948 School closes for Summer holiday.

6.9.1948 School re-opened. The LEA has informed the managers that there is no prospect of provision being made for the 15 year olds who attend this School. It should be noted that in July 1947 the Deputy Secretary had indicated that a scheme to accommodate the 14-15 year olds would be in operation by November 1947.

10.9.1948 Mr Reed returns to duty for 1 day per week.

13.9.1948 Miss Sims & Miss Hannay, students from Oakley Training College, started teaching practice today.

17.9.1948 Mr Reed has not arrived.

18.9.1948 Explanatory letter from Mr Reed.

30.9.1948 Miss Waghorne called. Managers Meeting – appointment of Mr Bowen.

4.10.1948 Mr Bowen has written to say he cannot accept the post.

17.10.1948 Mr Phillips, HMI, and Miss Chamberlain, HMI, called to see the Oakley students.

21.10.1948 A number of children away with mumps, measles, whooping cough, tonsillitis etc etc. Farmers still want boys for potato lifting. Most boys eligible for potato lifting have had their maximum number of ½ days. The whole business of children picking up\potatoes in School time is very unsatisfactory from the School point of view.

22.10.1948 Plans of \proposed alterations to School premises have been received. An urgent managers meeting has been called for Monday.

25.10.1938 Managers Meeting at 7pm. Mr Ludwell in the chair. It was announced with very great regret that the Rector Rev CR Willis, Chairman and Official Correspondent of the Managers, has resigned the Rectory of Winterbourne.

The managers studied the improvements plan and agreed to the Headmaster’s suggestions and empowered the Headmaster to communicate them to the LEA. They were… (1.) since all surrounding walls were to be rebuilt, the boys playground could be enlarged by 2/3 by taking part of the Headmaster’ garden; (2.) surrounding walls to be surmounted with 3’ wire netting; (3.) new iron gate to replace present (entrance) dilapidated one; (4.) staff lavatory to be made sanitary; (5.) fuel houses or bunks and a cycle shelter be put in Headmaster’s garden next to wall forming the boundary with the road, the double doors to be retained at all costs. The Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] was empowered to discuss all these details when visiting Shire Hall on 3 November next.

29.10.1948 Half-term holiday.

A large parcel of mixed sweets and chocolate has been received from Miss EA Simmonds of Australia. The sweets have been divided equally among the children (about 5 sweets each) and Class A children have written letters of thanks to Miss Simmonds.

8.11.1948 School re-opened. Good attendance. Headmaster visited Shire Hall during half-term holiday on business connected with the note set out on 26 October. The County Architect agrees to all suggestions.

14.11.1948 The whole School assembled to celebrate the birth of a Prince to Princess Elizabeth. The Union Jack was hoisted on the newly painted flag pole.

23.11.1947 Received books from Winterbourne Rectory at Cost of £7.

29.11.1948 News has been received that Mr Henry Carratt, Headmaster of this School from 1915 to 1928, has died. The Headmaster announced this this morning, as a large number of the parents of children now attending this School received their early training from Mr Carratt. A suitable letter will be sent to Mrs Carratt and family.

29.11.1948 5 dozen pencils have been given to Whiteshill Council School, and 9 dozen dinner plates have been loaned to them.

Many children absent with measles, mumps, tonsillitis or whooping cough.

A new sink and draining board are being fitted, also a new grease trap. The Headmaster tried to have the new sink raised to a more suitable height, but was informed that the fitting of the sink had to conform!!!!!! to regulations – ie, 2’-11” from the ground.

9.12.1948 School starts ½ hour early today to give more time at the end of the day for clearing the School in preparation for the Exhibition and Sale on 10th & 11th December.

10.12.1948 No School today. Day’s holiday granted by managers.

Exhibition of Children’s work, mainly handiwork ranging from complete electric standard lamps to deck chairs, from fair isle jumpers to simple calendars. There was a good attendance and a carol concert was held at the end of the proceedings.

Exhibition Sale: 30 dozen cakes (RGH Payne), 40 dozen cakes (not enough) £6/2/6.

11.12.1948 Annual Sale took place in the School today. All the goods on exhibition yesterday were sold. Over £60 was taken, giving a profit of £45. This sum \will be used to take all the children to Weston on 29 June next year. (The tide is in at 2-30!!!)

21.12.1948 Received from SW Electricity Board one electric kettle. Managers Meeting in the evening.

22.12.1948 School breaks up for the Christmas holiday. There is no formal School treat for the children this Christmas – instead they will all be taken to Weston on 20 June next year.


6.1.1949 School re-opened. Good attendance. Note from Mr Reed to say he has to remain at Whiteshill until the teaching staff position improves. Mr Evans, the new Head should have asked for permission for Mr Reed to do this.

7.1.1949 Managers Meeting – re proposal to send 13+ children to Staple Hill Mod Sec, followed by combined meeting of managers of the School affected by the proposal. It was agreed to support it as a temporary measure only, and to disapprove of the plan to send 11+ children to Staple Hill.

24.1.1949 Managers Meeting – decision made to agree to LEA’s proposal of sending 11+ children to Staple Hill.

26.2.1949 Routine head inspection. Jennifer Maggs & Valerie Maggs excluded.

10.2.1949 Nurse Bennett completes the head inspection – no exclusions.

11.2.1949 School closed this pm for half’term.

24.2.1949 County Architect’s Assistant here today, drawing up the specification for new lavatories etc, etc. he estimated that work would begin in 3 months time (or less) (praise be).

25.2.1949 Headmaster has given permission to the 13+ boys and girls who are to be transferred to Staple Hill, to have Monday from 2pm free, on 28 February. The managers will be asked to support this action at the next meeting. 19 children are to be transferred on 1 March. This is an important development in the history of this School.

8.3.1949 Acting upon information received at 10pm last evening, the 12+ were taken to woodwork this morning per the Headmaster’s car.

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