Winterbourne St Michael’s Church of England School Founded 1813 Headmaster’s Log Book 1933-1952

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9.1.1939 School re-opened at 9am. Everything normal. School roll 138.

10.1.1939 Miss Challenger absent all day.

11.1.1939 Miss Challenger still absent.

12.1.1939 Miss Challenger returned today.

16.1.1939 Eunice Pederick, a child in Class B, died this morning in Bristol Infirmary. She was in School on Monday 9 January. Her sudden death was due to Meningitis.

12.1.1939 2 tons 4 cwt coke delivered.

21.1.1939 Books received to the value of £2./16/3 – From Flints to Printing; Age of Fable; Biographical History; Africa & Australasia; Nature Rambles; Nature in the Garden.

Eunice Pederick was buried today. The Headmaster and five of the Senior girls represented the School.

13.2.1939 Mrs Challenger absent this morning.

20.2.1939 Mrs Challenger still absent. Letter received from her to say she would be away another week.

3 packets of soap received. Seeds for School garden received.

21.2.1939 Headmaster’s report on Miss ME Lewis, sent to County Office… Diligence, correction etc: Very Good, Miss Lewis works hard in this respect. Discipline and class management: This can be improved and Miss Lewis shows progress in the control of her class. Further observations: Miss Lewis still has a great deal to learn, but she works extremely hard and should with added experience become a good teacher.

[CHU Price visited and found everything satisfactory]

2.3.1939 L Lewis received one stroke today for smoking. This is at the request of the parent.

6.3.1939 Mrs Challenger returned to duty today.

20.3.1939 The examination for Special Places was held today. Nine candidates took the exam. There were 2 absentees, Melvyn Harding and Cyril Shipton. Seals found untouched, KE Challenger.

[CHU Price found classes well attended and showing sickness lessened]

5.4.1939 School closed today for the Easter Holiday.

17.4.1939 School re-opened after Easter.

20.4.1939 Miss Smart informed the Headmaster that she had secured a post with the Bristol Aeroplane Co.

21.4.1939 Miss Smart ceased her duties as Monitress. The Ed Authority and Managers had agreed to release Miss Smart at once so that she might commence her new post on Monday.

1.5.1939 Mrs Crang [Note in front pages of log book… Miss DJ Crang, Moules Nursery, Hambrook] commenced her duties as an assistant teacher. She is in charge of Class D. The appointment is for a period of 3 months, ie to the end of the Summer term.

5.5.1939 [CHU Price found everything satisfactory today]

Stock of books received… 12 Scott’s ‘Talisman’;4 ‘Tales from many lands’. Value of stock, £1/18/6.

9.5.1939 Peggy Sargent has been successful in the first part of the Free Place Exams.

17.5.1939 Ascension Day. The School met at 9am and walked to church for the service. At 10am they were dismissed for the day.

22.5.1939 Mr Secker, School gardening instructor, visited and saw the School garden.

24.5.1939 NL Brown visited and found everything most satisfactory.

General CHU Price, CB DSO, spoke to the seniors on the subject of Empire Day.

25.5.1939 Annual Diocesan Examination in Religious Knowledge today, by Rev FC Vyvyan Jones. School dismissed afterwards.

26.5.1939 School closed at 4pm for Whitsun hols.

5.6.1939 School re-opened.

9.6.1939 School closed. The senior scholars took part in an Educational Tour of South Devon. One of the Junior Classes were taken on a visit to Bristol Zoo by Mrs Crang.

14.6.1939 [The Report of the Diocesan Inspection was very favourable and signed by Rev FCV Jones]

10.7.1939 Miss Tyvy (Juvenile Employment, Bristol) visited to interview children leaving at the end of term.

11.7.1939 School closed today. The Sunday Schools made their annual trip to Weston-super-Mare.

12.7.1939 School opened at 9.15am in view of the late hour of return from yesterday’s trip.

14.7.1939 Miss Finch, HMI, called. She had been to the Cooking Centre and had noted the poor attendance of our girls. This is a question that has already been brought to the notice of the School attendance officer.

19.7.1939 Received cleaning apparatus… 1 Dustal Broom, 1 Riddle, 1 bag of Dustal Powder, 1 gallon of Disinfectant.

24.7.1939 Instructions re Evacuation of children from Birmingham in time of Emergency received. These instructions are kept in the front pages of this Log Book. [Alas! no sign of them now, November 2005]

26.7.1939 Mrs Crang absent. Her child seriously ill. 28 July, letter received to state that she hopes to return Monday 31.July.

3.8.1939 Annual distribution of Prizes. Parents were invited to attend at 3pm, and an exhibition of children’s work was prepared for them. Over 50 parents attended. Canon AH Sewell, Chairman of the Managers, and Gen CHU Price, DSO, addressed the gathering and Mrs Brown presented the prizes. The Headmaster spoke for a short while upon School matters.

4.8.1939 School closed at noon for the summer hols. Mrs Crang ceased duty.

23.8.1939 Books received… The Ballad of Chevy Chase. 18 copies, 4/6d.

1.9.1939 Friday. The children from the evacuated areas (Birmingham) arrived today. There were only 39 children and 5 teachers in the party. The estimated number was 210 children.

The School was used as a centre for distribution and at 5.15pm all the children had been found homes.

The Headmaster had a consultation with Miss Whitehead, who was in charge of the Birmingham children.

6.9.1939 Information received from the Ed Off that all 39 of the Birmingham children will be absorbed in this School.

Miss Whitehead, Birmingham, has arranged to have Miss Clegg and Miss Shergold here and they will become members, for the time being, of the staff here.

7.9.1939 10 dual-desks received from Filton Junior School.

11.9.1939 School re-opened today. Staff: Class A – Headmaster, Mr WG Gulliford. Class B – Miss Clegg (Cotteridge Sr G).

Class C – Miss Shergoed (Cotteridge Sr G). Class D – Mrs Challenger. Class E – Miss Lewis.

Class F (Infants) – Miss Harris. The School is now organised for six classes.

12.9.1939 Mr JH Seaborne, Diocesan Inspector of School Buildings visited, together with The Rector, Canon AH Sewell & Mr H Ludwell, and made the customary Inspection of School buildings. There was criticism of the School caretaker for the condition of the offices. It was pointed out by the Headmaster that he had made complaints on several occasions.

14.9.1939 Physical Training equipment received… 4 large hoops; 6 rubber quoits; 4 dozen skipping ropes; 1 awl; 7 playground balls; 4 dozen yards of Braid (red, Green & Blue).

Emergency stock received… 13/500s of drawing paper, 9/500s of foolscap paper, 8 gross white chalk, 6/480s of blotting paper.

15.9.1939 177 children on the roll. Everything normal and school working smoothly, organised for 6 classes.

Miss Adams, HMI, visited today to see what provisions had been made for the evacuated children. She approved of the arrangements.

20.9.1939 Air-raid practice carried out this morning.

21.9.1939 Nurse Bennett visited and inspected the heads of the children.

Miss Whitehead, Headmistress Cotteridge Senior Girls, paid a visit.

Mr Tanner, HMI, visited and was given details of the evacuated children, billeting, schemes, etc.

25.9.1939 1 ton 17 cwt coke delivered.

28.9.1939 Annual Medical Examination begun today.

29.9.1939 School closed today – St Michael’s Day. The Rev Canon Sewell took a short service this morning.

Medical examination completed today.

30.9.1939 A party of parents in the charge of Miss Whitehead visited Winterbourne today, Saturday. The School was used as a headquarters for the visitors. Miss Whitehead loaned the Headmaster Beacon Study Readers and Collins Plain English.

5.10.1939 Miss Shergoed (Cotteridge Senr Girls) absent from duty today. Miss Clegg reported that Miss Shergoed had a severe cold.

31.10.1939 No half-term holiday, in accordance with instructions received. 2 new Tortoise stores have been installed.

6.11.1939 Miss Shergoed returned to duty.

11.10.1939 Very satisfactory and cheerful, CHU Price.

The Headmaster attended a meeting of the School Managers at the Rectory and reported on Evacuation and ARP measures.

10.11.1939 The usual Armistice Service was held in School. Short introduction by Headmaster; 2 minutes silence; Hymn ‘God Our Help’; School roll of honour; address by Canon AH Sewell; Jerusalem; Service closed at 11.25.

At 11.34 the Headmaster received the ‘Caution’ Air Raid Warning. No action taken. All Clear at 11.42.

11.45 a practice dispersal. The children were impressed that the practice was a practice dispersal. School was cleared in less than one minute. All children were clear of the School in 2 minutes, which meant that most of them were either home or in the fields.

The result of the test I considered highly satisfactory.

Poppies. The following facts are worthy of record. School Roll, 162. Poppies sold 170 at 1d, 11 at 6d, 4 at 1/-. For the third year in succession, every child wore a poppy at the School service.

30.11.1939 Mr Tanner, HMI, visited. The Headmaster gave him details of the evacuees and for the Christmas Holidays. He also saw Miss Clegg and Miss Shergoed. He expressed himself very pleased with the arrangements.

4.12.1939 Miss Shergoed absent this morning. She is taking a fortnight’s leave before Christmas in accordance with instructions received.

Both Miss Clegg and Miss Shergoed will be in Winterbourne throughout the Christmas Holiday.

18.12.1939 Miss Shergoed returned to duty.

22.12.1939 School closed at noon for Christmas Holidays.

27.12.1939 Miss Clegg & Miss Shergoed held a party for the evacuated children in the Pavilion, Winterbourne House.


8.1.1940 School re-opened. Miss Clegg absent taking Christmas holiday leave as per instruction.

17.1.1940 Miss M Cosh, School Dentist, commenced dental inspection.

22.1.1940 Miss Clegg returned to duty. Dental Inspection postponed, Miss Cosh ill.

29.1.1940 Dental Inspection continued. Miss Challenger absent. Letter to state that she was ill.

31.1.1940 Miss Shergoed received a notification that she was to return to duty in Birmingham.

2.2.1940 Miss Shergoed returned to Birmingham.

5.2.1940 Reorganisation of school: Class A, the Headmaster, Mr WG Gulliford Class B, Miss Clegg

Class C, Mrs Challenger Class D, Miss Lewis Class E, Miss Harris.

2 gross drawing books received.

12.2.1940 CHU Price found everything very satisfactory today.

12.2.1940 Mrs Challenger still absent.

19.2.1940 Mrs Challenger returned to duty today. The Headmaster was absent suffering from influenza.

26.2.1940 The Headmaster returned to duty.

1.3.1940 Mr Farrow, NSPCC Inspector, called at the request of Mr Cooper, SAO, to consult with the Headmaster re the Golledge children. Their attendance has been very poor since admission to the School and home conditions are suspect.

Received Stock… 3 tins of Ink Powder; 1½ gross pencils; 6 boxes of nibs; 1 gross penholders; 4 dozen rulers.

4.3.1940 NL Brown visited and found everything very satisfactory.

6.3.1940 Robert Thomas (Cotteridge Junior, Birmingham) sat for the Special Place exam of the Birmingham EA. Arrangements were made for him to take the exam in the Headmaster’s house under the supervision of Miss Clegg.

Nurse Bennett called. Vera & Phyllis Whitehead excluded.

12.3.1940 Miss Finch, HMI, accompanied by Lady Helen Asquith, HMI, visited the School today. Lady Helen saw the Infants Class whilst Miss Finch discussed the problem of Leisure Time for evacuated children with the Headmaster. She also brought an invitation from Mr Tompkin, HMI, to the Headmaster to attend a conference of Head Teachers at Shire Hall on Thursday 13 March.

14.3.1940 The Headmaster [Mr WG Gulliford] was absent today having gone to Gloucester for the conference mentioned above.

There were about 20 Head Teachers present and the Headmaster gave details of what had been done in Winterbourne to overcome the leisure time problem.

15.3.1940 CHU Price visited and found everything in order.

18.3.1940 The Examination for special places took place today.

22.3.1940 School closed for the Easter Holidays.

27.3.1940 School re-opened. Everything normal. Staff… Mr WG Gulliford (Headmaste); Mrs Challenger; Miss Harris; Miss Lewis; Miss Clegg (Cotteridge, Birmingham); Roll 139 plus 18 evacuees.

4.4.1940 CHU Price visited and found everything in order.

5.4.1940 School garden seeds received today from Messrs Wheeler & Co, Gloucester.

12.4.1940 Potatoes and artificial manure received.

19.4.1940 The Headmaster received information that Maurice Ray was suffering from Diphtheria. This child died next morning.

Dr Kenneth Cowan informed.

25.4.1940 Maurice Ray buried today. The School was represented by the Headmaster [Mr WG Gulliford], Mrs Challenger and a number of children, including children from Cotteridge Senior Girls.

2.5.1940 School closed; Ascention Day. At 9am the whole School assembled and attended a children’s service at the church. At 10am the School was dismissed for the day.

10.5.1940 School closed at noon for the Whitsun Holiday.

14.5.21940 School re-opened. Government Order in view of war situation. All the staff present.

23.5.1940 the Headmaster received notification that Vera Ricketts, and Brenda Tuck had been successful in passing the first part of the Special Place Exam. They attended Chipping Sodbury for interview on 27 May.

31.5.1940 CHU Price visited and found everything satisfactory as usual.

14.6.1940 Received notification that Brenda Tuck & Vera Ricketts had been granted special places at Chipping Sodbury Grammar School. Also that Robert Thomas (Cotteridge, Birmingham) had been successful in the Birmingham Free Place Exam.

26/27.6.1940 School opened at 9.30am owing to Air-Raids during the night. Attendance not affected to any great extent.

1.7.1940 Morning session 10 til 12.15. afternoon session 1.45 til 4pm. This will continue until further notice and is necessary owing to the continuance of Air-Raids.

14.7.1940 Mrs Challenger absent. Attendance still good. Some falling off of infants due to daylight raids.

5.7.1940 Mrs Challenger returned today.

25.7.1940 Informed The Rector, Mr Matthews and Mr H Ludwell, that the condition of the School wall facing the High St was extremely bad and asked that it might have immediate attention.

Mrs Challenger handed her resignation to the Rector. She is to retire from the profession having completed 30 years service.

27.7.1940 Received a visit from the local Salvage Organiser and gave her details of the work done in the salvaging of waste paper and scrap iron. It is worthy of placing on record that the children have collected 2 tons of paper and 2 tons of scrap iron. The Headmaster agreed to extend the efforts of the School in connection with the Government orders for salvage.

27.7.1940 The report of the diocesan Inspector was received today. “A very High Standard” was reported. Signed FC Vyvyan Jones.

1.8.1940 The School was closed this pm for a fortnight; the usual holiday of 4 weeks was not granted.

Gummed window curtain was supplied today by a representative of the County Architect. Two rooms in the school are to be treated.

6.8.1940 2 tons 6 cwt of coke delivered today.

12.8.1940 1 ton 15 cwt coal delivered.

19.8.1940 School re-opened and re-organised for 4 classes. Miss Clegg (Cotteridge Senr Girls, Birmingham) having been recalled to Birmingham. School roll 138 plus 7 evacuees.

29.8.1940 Mrs Challenger terminated her appointment as a Certificated Teacher today. She has completed 30 years service and is leaving the profession. 18½ years of her service were in this School and this afternoon she was presented with an electric light standard with shade and pictures. They were the combined gift of the Managers and children.

2.9.1940 Mrs ME Huxley commenced duty as a temporary Certificated Assistant.

13.9.1940 3 cwt of Dustal Cleaning Powder received.

School closed for a fortnight in accordance with instructions. This is the second portion of the Summer Holiday.

1.10.1940 The Headmaster attended a Managers Meeting held at the Rectory. He reported the shelter arrangements. 3 candidates were interviewed for the vacancy caused by Mrs Challenger’s resignation. No appointment was made as the Managers were not satisfied that the candidates were suitable for the post of First Assistant.

14/15.10.1940 Dr Robertson conducted the annual Medical Examination.

14.10.1940 A fire was discovered underneath the stove in Class B room. The Headmaster removed the fire from the stove and lifted the floorboards. The fire underneath was extinguished with a stirrup pump.

15.10.1940 Mr Luton has completed repairs to the floor. The stove is to be replaced on a concrete slab.

24/25.10.1940 6 concrete pipes delivered for shelters.

13.11.1940 9No 6’ diameter pipes, 11No 5’6” pipes and 9No 4’6” pipes have been delivered and work is proceeding on the erection of shelters. 1 ton 16 cwt coke delivered by Lowell Baldwin Ltd.

21/22.11.1940 Mrs Huxley absent – husband ill.

29.11.1940 Mr Tanner, HMI, visited the School today and inspected the shelters, still in their uncompleted state.

13.12.1940 1 ton 5 cwt coke delivered.

20.12.1940 School closed for Christmas Holidays.


7.1.1941 School re-opened. Shelters still in same condition.

27.1.1941 2 ton 5 cwt coal delivered.

29.1.1941 Miss L Greenhalgh accepted the vacancy (Certificated Assistant) on the staff. She commences her duties on 1 March.

Shelters nearing completion, a change contractor having produced results.

4.2.1941 Mr Tompkin, HMI, Mr Luckley and the County Architect visited and inspected the shelters.

18.2.1941 Shelter used. ‘Red’ 1-30pm. ‘White’ 2-30pm.

1 Stirup Pump, 1 bucket, 1 shovel with long handle delivered by Mr E Draisey.olidayH

27.2.1941 ‘Red’ 1-50pm. ‘White’ 3-20pm.

28.2.1941 Mrs Huxley ended her duties as Temporary Certificated Teacher.

7.3.1941 ‘Red’ 1-15pm. ‘White’ 2-50pm. ‘Red’ 3-10pm. ‘White’ 4-15pm.

17.3.1941 The heavy attack on the area by heavy bombers seriously affected the attendance. 48 present (Roll 144). Onceniary bombs fell in the village and 3 Heavy HEs – one of these exploded 2 hours after being dropped. The ‘All-Clear’ was not sounded until 4-15am. No Registration. Children dismissed at 10-30am with instructions to see absent children in an effort to obtain a better attendance during the afternoon. Afternoon session attendance 103.

24/25.3.1941 The Examination for Special Places was held on these two days. The Headmaster was in charge of the exam. Miss L Greenhalgh examined the seals of all the question papers before they were opened.

10.4.1941 School closed for Easter Holiday at noon.

21.4.1941 School re-opened after Easter.

28.4.1941 Miss Lewis informed the Headmaster that she had been offered and had accepted a post by the Camarthenshire Ed Authority.

Gilian Tazewell, of The Firs, Swan Lane, was knocked down by a lorry on her way home from School. She was crossing the road by The Grove. She sustained minor injuries and shock.

The Headmaster had two days previously visited each class and stressed the dangers of crossing the road carelessly. As far as possible, all Infant children are seen home by senior scholars.

2.5.1941 School closed for a week, in accordance with instructions re holidays for 1941. the holiday was given so that senior boys might help farmers to plant potatoes. 34 boys did an average of 4¼ days work each during the week.

12.5.1941 School opened at 10am. Morning session 10am to 1pm. Afternoon session 2-05pm to 4-35pm.

19.5.1941 School opened at 9am, and usual times were in operation. This change to normal was at the request of the parents.

22.5.1941 Ascension Day. The children attended service at church at 9-15am. They returned to School at 10-15 and in accordance with the usual custom were given one day’s holiday.

30.5.1941 Miss ME Lewis terminated her appointment as an Uncertificated Assistant Teacher.

4.6.1941 Diocesan Inspection. The Rev V Jones conducted the examination.

10.6.1941 Mrs LP Evans commenced duty as Supply Teacher.

18.6.1941 Report of the Diocesan Inspection. [A very satisfactory report] Signed by FC Vyvyan Jones.

23.6.1941 The Headmaster [Mr WG Gulliford] was absent today, attending at the Air Ministry, \London, for interview by the ‘A’ Selection Board.

12.6.1941 Needlework materials delivered to the value of £11.18.10.

30.6.1941 Mrs Lena Evans terminated her duties as supply teacher.

2.7.1941 Miss Violet Williams commenced her duties as an Uncertificated Teacher.

14.7.1941 Sirens at 11-30am. All Clear at 11.55am.

16.6.1941 The Doctor visited at 9.45am and completed the treatment for immunisation (Diphtheria).

24.7.1941 2 ton 11 cwt coke delivered.

25.7.1941 School closed at noon until 18 August. (Summer Holidays).

13.8.1041 The Headmaster informed Canon Sewell that he (Mr WG Gulliford) had been ordered to report for duty at the RAF Depot, Uxbridge on 29 August.

18.8.1941 School re-opened. School Dentist commenced treatment of children.

19.78.1941 55 children present. 35% (Sunday Schools visiting Weston-super-Mare). School closed.

21.8.1941 The School Dentist completed his inspection and treatment of the children.

26.8.1941 Doctor visited at 1-30pm to complete Diphtheria Injections.

27.8.1941 The Headmaster (Mr WG Gulliford) granted one day leave from duty by the Managers.

The Headmaster (Mr WG Gulliford) reports for duty with the Royal Air Force on Friday 29 August 1941. the School is left in charge of Mrs LM Fricker (Senior Assistant). Mrs L Evans will act as supply teacher until the temporary Headmaster takes up his duties. The Headmaster (Mr WG Gulliford) leaves the School confident that Miss Harris and Miss Williams under the direction of Mrs Fricker, will carry-on with every success, and wishes to place on record his gratitude for their loyal co-operation and work in the School.

28.8.1941 The annual Medical Examination was begun today, and completed at 2-30 the following day.

1.9.1941 Mrs LP Evans commenced duties as a supply teacher.

4.9.1941 1 ton 17 cwt coal delivered.

12.9.1941 School closed at noon until 29 September.

29.9.1941 School closed today, St Michael’s Day. The Canon, Rev AH Sewell, conducted the School Service at the church.

3.10.1941 Load of fire wood delivered from Drew, Frampton Cotterell. 12/-.

8.10.1941 2 coal buckets, 1 shovel, delivered from Draisey, Winterbourne. 14/8½.

17.10.1941 Mrs LP Evans terminated her duties as supply teacher.

20.10.1941 I commenced my duties as Headmaster today. (temporarily) Walter Jones.

Canon AH Sewell, Official Correspondent, visited.

31.10.1941 Miss Bevir, Assistant PT Organiser for the County, visited and inspected the PT of the Infants, Class C, and the girls of Classes A & B. Canon AH Sewell, Official Correspondent, visited.

1 Broom – with handle and 1 lavatory brush delivered by E Draisey – 4s 5½d.

6.11.1941 Miss Williams absent owing to illness.

10.11.1941 Miss Williams returned to duty today.

11.11.1941 Remembrance Day Service this morning, the address being given by the Rev Canon AH Sewell.

14.11.1941 1 ton 10 cwt coke delivered.

21.11.1941 Mr Green, County Horticultural Organiser, visited.

24.11.1941 From today, until further notice, Morning session will be 9-30 to 12-30; afternoon session remaining from 1-30 to 4pm.

25.11.1941 Mr Tanner, HMI, visited twice today.

19.12.1941 Registers checked and found correct and in excellent form under Mr Walter Jones, by Archibald H Sewell, Correspondent.

19.12.1941 School closed at 4pm for Christmas Holiday.

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