Winterbourne St Michael’s Church of England School Founded 1813 Headmaster’s Log Book 1933-1952

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Miss Grant, of the Labour Employment Bureau, called this afternoon to interview the children leaving school this week.

27.7.21937 I visited the school this morning. Everything most satisfactory as usual. CHU Price.

Mrs Challenger was absent today, suffering from bronchitis.

28.7.1937 The weather being fine and warm ytoday, a school sports meeting was held at 2.45pm.

29.7.1937 Messrs C Boutflower, HMI, and PW Scott visited the School from 11.20 to 12.00, to see the weaving, and to confer with the Headmaster.

Mrs Challenger has been absent all this week (4 days). A med cert has been sent to the Secretary.

School closed today at 4pm for the Summer Vacation.

30.8.1937 School opened this morning after the Summer Vacation. Everything normal.

On 23 August occurred the death of Mrs A Marsh, of The Cedars, a School Manager, who had always displayed a keen interest in the wellbeing of the children and the welfare of the School. The funeral was held on Thursday, 26 Aug, at 3pm in the Parish Church. Wreaths were sent on behalf of the Headmaster, the staff and the pupils. Douglas Amos & Eunice Cane represented the pupils & the Headmaster the Staff.

The following stock of books was received today… Tale of Two Cities; Beacon Reader; Toys at Play; The Princess who Grew; The Ancient Mariner; Animal Life in the East; Tales of St Pauls Cathedral; From Ur to Rome; Handbook of Suggestions for Teachers.

1.9.1937 Nurse Bennett visited this morning and inspected the heads of the children.

6.9.1937 The Rector visited the School and was informed by the Headmaster of all important matters relative to the School organisation, its equipment, and school funds.

9.9.1937 I visited the school today. I regret that this is my last visit to the School under bits present Headmaster, Mr Ash. As usual everything I have seen reflects the greatest credit on him & the staff. It is a real pleasure to see such a happy band of children who regard their times in school with real pleasure and attentiveness. The good feeling between all has always been conspicuous to me and the Headmaster leaves the School with a very high tone throughout. CHU Price.

10.9.1937 Mr H Ash relinquished his post as Headmaster of Winterbourne C of E School this afternoon on his appointment to the Inspectorate of the Board of Education. He herewith records his indebtedness and gratitude to the School Staff and to the School Managers for their loyal co-operation and support during the seven years he has been privileged to be Head of the School.

13.9.1937 Mr WG Gulliford commenced his duties as the Headmaster of Winterbourne CE School.

Canon AH Sewell visited the School. He spoke a few words to the scholars of Classes A, B & C, welcoming Mr Gulliford to the School. Mr Ludwell, one of the School Managers, also visited; a visit to the Headmaster personally with wishes for his success and happiness in the school.

2 tons 10 cwt of coke delivered today.

14.9.1937 1 ton 16 cwt coal delivered today.

Nurse Bennett visited and saw a number of children (Ivy Amos, Joan Bisp, Eileen Hacker, Barbara Maggs, Lilian Whitehead, Roy Whitehead, Vera Whitehead, Brenda Tuck, Grace Turner). The Headmaster called Nurse Bennett’s attention to a suspected case of impetigo. She promised to interview the child’s parent (Mrs Whitehead).

17.9.1937 Inclement weather caused a considerable drop in attendance this morning. There was an improvement for the afternoon session. A fire was lit in the Infant’s Dept for the purpose of drying clothes and the warming of the room. (Temp 54 degrees)

21.9.1937 Miss D Fawcett and Mr C Ralph visited this morning. They are the newly appointed organisers of Physical Training, and conferred with Headmaster. Organisation, apparatus, playgrounds and playing field were discussed.

Nurse Bennet called at 10.50 with reference to M Whitehead. She advised a visit to the clinic.

22.9.1937 Canon AH Sewell called to see the Headmaster with reference to S Michael’s Day Service.

Mr Cooper, attendance Officer, called and brought duplicate register. Also took Dental Cards and medical Cards of Scholars who had left the School recently.

23.9.1937 Miss Davies was absent this pm. She attended an interview for appointment at the Soundwell School.

24.9.1937 Miss Davies’ application for the post at Soundwell was successful, subject to confirmation.

Canon AH Sewell called this morning and the Headmaster handed him £2.7.0 in cash for needlework sales for the half-year.

27.9.1937 An error occurred in Class D Register this pm. No25, Betty Sherbourne was present, not absent as marked.

29.9.1937 The School was closed all day, in accordance with the usual custom on S Michael’s Day.

30.9.1937 The Headmaster spoke to Miss Davies with reference to errors in Class D Register 28 Sep and 30 Sep.

Miss Davies handed a copy of her letter of resignation to the Headmaster.

Milk consumed in September, 1202 bottles.

1.10.1937 I visited the School and found everything most satisfactory. CHU Price.

11.10.1937 Mr Ludwell visited and inspected the School with a view to reporting several very necessary small repairs.

12.10.1937 Our collections for Hambrook hospital ‘Pound Day’ concluded today with very satisfactory results. The children brought numerous and useful articles of food. Canon AH Sewell undertook to convey our gifts to the hospital.

22.10.1937 Notice received that the School would be required for a Polling Station 29 October next, when a by-election to fill a vacancy in Sodbury Rural County takes place. C Boutflower Esq, HMI, informed.

Mr John Secker BSc (School Gardening GC) visited and inspected the School garden.

28.10.1937 I visited the School this morning and said goodbye to Miss C Davies. The School seemed to be very happy and busy.

Archibald H Sewell.

29.10.1937 School closed all day – by-election – required as a polling station.

3.11.1937 School re-opened after half-term holiday.

Mrs M Gunter commenced her duties as an Uncertificated Teacher, filling the post vacated by Miss C Davies.

9.11.1937 The senior scholars had the pleasure of a visit from Dr Church, on leave from Uganda. He spoke to them of his work and conditions in Uganda. His visit was made possible through the kindness of Canon AH Sewell, who was also present.

D Amos, one of our senior scholars, thanked Dr Church on behalf of the children of the school.

The talk lasted from 11.00 to 11.40 and was much appreciated and enjoyed.

11.11.1937 Armistice Day. A short remembrance service at 10.50 took the following form…

Hymn, O God Our Help; Short address by Headmaster; School Roll of Honour; Laying of Wreath;

2 minutes silence; O Valiant Hearts; Address by Gen Price, CB, DSO;

Thanks to Gen Price by Headmaster; God Save the King.

12.11.1937 Garden tools received: 3 spades, 3 forks.

23.11.1937 Dr Rhind called with forms for distribution.

25.11.1937 Mr Hicks absent this pm, suffering from a severe cold.

26.11.1937 Mrs Gunter & Mr Hicks absent all day.

The Assistant Sanitary Inspector called and made an inspection of the school offices.

28.11.1937 Medical Certificate received from Mr Hicks.

13.12.1937 Visited the School & found all classes diligently at exam papers. CHU Price.

8.12.1937 Mrs Gunter absent all day.

Whist Drive held in the School during the evening. The school funds benefited to the extent of £5. The work of the children and staff was excellent and contributed largely to the success of the effort.

9.12.1937 Mrs Gunter again absent today. Mr Hicks returned to duty today.

14.12.1937 Mrs Gunter returned to School today.

15.12.1937 The Headmaster was absent for an hour, it being necessary for him to see his dentist.

16.12.1937 The Headmaster absent from 10.30 to 12.00, for further dental treatment. Mrs Challenger was left in charge.

17.12.1937 Mrs Gunter absent all day.

21,12,1937 Infants & Class D entertained this evening. Miss Harris took charge and a very happy evening resulted. Miss Smart also gave valuable assistance.

22.12.1937 The children of the Upper School were entertained this evening and again a very happy evening was spent.

1 ton 16 cwt coke delivered.

23.12.1937 School closed at 12 noon for Christmas. Gen Price visited and wished teachers and scholars goodbye before the holiday.


10.1.1938 School re-opened. Everything normal except for absence of Mrs Gunter. No explanation received. Classes re-arranged.

11.1.1938 Mrs Gunter absent all day.

12.1.1938 Mrs Gunter wrote saying she had secured a permanent appointment under the Somerset County EA.

Letter sent to WR Watkin requesting the services of a supply teacher.

13.1.1938 Mrs Hood to be appointed as Supply Teacher, if available.

14.1.1938 Letter confirming Mrs Hood’s appointment received.

17.1.1937 Mrs CA Hood commenced duty as supply teacher and was given charge of Class D.

18.1.1937 John Howes fell in the playground during Games period and injured his arm. He was sent to Dr Crossman. The Secretary and parents were informed, as per handbook.

21.1.1938 Mrs Hood absent today.

21.1.1938 The following stock of books received today… The Rose & the Ring; Rip Van Winkle; Alice in Wonderland;

The Water Babies; Masterman Ready.

26.1.1938 Canon AH Sewell visited and remained until noon. Conferred with the Headmaster on minor matters.

27.1.1938 Miss Smart absent suffering from a severe cold.

28.1.1938 Miss Smart still absent.

31.1.1938 Mr Hicks absent today. Miss Smart still absent. Med Cert sent off.

Total milk for January, 904 bottles.

1.2.1938 Mr Hicks returned today.

2.2.1938 Mrs Hood absent today.

I visited the School and found everything most satisfactory as usual. CHU Price.

3.2.1938 Mrs Hood again absent. Mr Hicks absent this afternoon.

4.2.1938 Mrs Hood & Mr Hicks still absent.

7.2.1938 Mrs Hood saw the Headmaster and informed him that she could not return until 14 Feb because of her husband’s illness.

Mr Hicks has not returned. Miss Smart resumed her duties this morning.

Since Christmas the school has suffered considerably through staff absences. The attendance has been very fair considering the amount of influenza in the neighbourhood.

8.2.1938 Med Cert received from Mr Hicks.

14.2.1938 Mrs Hood & Mr Hicks still absent. Mr Hicks will not be able to resume duty until next Monday.

Mrs Hood hopes to return on Wednesday.

17.2.1938 I had occasion to speak to the School caretaker, Miss R Bishop, about the cleanliness of the Schools and expressed the opinion that an improvement was desirable.

21.1.1938 Mr Hicks returned to duty today. Mrs CA Hood resumed duty as Supply Teacher.

Canon AH Sewell called today with reference to the insurance of teachers on the staff and further consultation in respect of the Goodfield children.

24.2.1938 Class D Register: a.m. Derrick Pearce not present. A consignment of seeds received today.

28.2.1938 Mr Hicks absent today. He went for interview in Birmingham with a view to securing a post with the Prudential Insurance Co.

Miss Harris absent. She hopes to return tomorrow.

Measles & Influenza are very prevalent in the district and this morning the children present number 92 (68%). The Infant class: 15 children present out of 36. Jean Howes sent home this pm, suspected case of measles.

1.3.1938 Mr Hicks returned today. He was successful at his interview and subject to the Co’s Doctor, he is to leave the profession.

Miss Harris returned to duty today.

3.3.1938 Attendance decreasing slowly. 62% present this morning. Measles & influenza responsible.

Ordnance Survey map arrived today from Survey Office, Southampton.

7.3.1938 Slight improvement in attendance. 72%. Measles epidemic seems to have reached its peak.

9.3.1938 Pat & Robert Moulton sent home as suspects with measles.

5.3.1938 Consignment of artificial manure received from Messrs Winfield.

11.3.1938 Visited the School this morning. Sickness, generally present in the neighbourhood, has been taking its toll among the children, especially the very younger ones. Otherwise satisfactory. CHU Price.

17.3.1938 Stock of books received from Messrs Arnold… Beacon Readers; Wheatons Americas;

An intro to Map & Weather Study; Annaney Stories.

Mr J Secker called and inspected the garden and left seedling briars and some No9 apple stocks.

Miss Merryfield from Winterbourne Down CE visited to see the School weaving.

21.3.1938 The exam for the award of special places in secondary Schools was held today. Envelopes containing the question papers were inspected by Mrs K Challenger. Completed scripts sent to Mr Waters. Cert of Posting attached. [This is stamped Winterbourne Bristol and dated 21 MR 38] The Rector called, inspected and signed the registers.

23.3.1938 Nurse Bennett called. Vera Whitehead was sent home.

24.3.1938 Wrote to Mr Cooper with reference to Cora Young, Class A. Present on 2 occasions in 36 openings.

The sum of £1.11.1 sent to Canon AH Sewell; needlework etc; for forwarding to County Office.

26.3.1938 Very Satisfactory. CHU Price.

31.3.1938 Mr T Hicks terminated his appointment today. The School wished him success in his new profession and presented him with a cigarette lighter. The staff gave him a document case.

1.4.1938 Re-classification required by Mr Hick’s departure. Mrs Hood still acting as supply. Permission obtained for her ervices until vacancy is filled. Class D Register not retained. The re-classification on account of the “cut” recommended by B of Edn in the staff, left no choice but to reduce the Groups to four in number: Infants and Groups A,B & C.

6.4.1938 Miss Hewins, representative of Osiris Players, called and arrangements were made to see a performance of “Midsummer Night’s Dream” on 1 July. The Headmaster undertook to arrange for the performance.

8.4.1938 Nurse Bennett visited to inspect certain children’s heads.

13.4.1938 Miss Bowl, School Dentist, carried out a Dental Inspection and gave treatment to a number of children.

School closed this pm for Easter Holiday.

25.4.1938 School opened after Easter hols. Attendance much improved – only one case of measles. Mrs Hood still acting as supply. Miss Smart given a group of 7 and 8 tear olds to relieve congestion in the Infant Dept.

28.4.1938 Report of Dennis Hacker’s attendance sent to Mr Cooper.

30.4.1938 The Headmaster attended a meeting of the School Managers today. Miss M Sandy was interviewed for the post of Uncertificated Assistant to fill the post vacated by Mr T Hicks. She was offered the appointment but declined to accept.

The Managers, at the same meeting, decided to recognise Miss Smart, at present our Monitress, as a Supplementary Teacher.

11.5.1938 The School Dentist attended and completed treatment of the children. It is worthy of note that a high percentage of children accepted treatment. Miss Bowl expressed her thanks for an excellent day.

13.5.1938 The following stock of books received today… 20,000 Leagues under the Sea; Captain’s Couragious; Rainbow Readers. Captain Cook’s Voyages to follow.

16.5.1938 The scholars gave an hour’s entertainment this evening at the Special Night of the Infant Welfare. The performance of the children was excellent and much appreciated by those present.

17.5.1938 Mr Cooper, Attendance Officer, informed me that a summons for the poor attendance of Dennis Hacker had been obtained.

All the children measured today for shoes for Physical Training.

18.5.1938 I visited this pm and found everyone happy and busily engaged. Archibald H Sewell, Correspondent.

20.5.1938 I visited this am and found everything very satisfactory as usual. CHU Price.

23.5.1938 Captain Cook’s Voyages received.

The Headmaster attended a meeting of the School Managers. Two candidates were interviewed for the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr Hicks. Miss E Lewis of Llanelly was the successful applicant, subject to approval by the Ed Com. She will commence her duties on 1 June next.

24.5.1938 Empire Day. Gen Price addressed Classes A,B & C on the subject of Empire Day.

25.5.1938 Canon Sewell notified that the appointment of Miss M Lewis had been approved.

26.5.1926 Ascension Day. School closed. The children attended church this morning for a service; Canon Sewell officiated.

The following children have been offered places at the Chipping Sodbury Grammar School at reduced fees…

Joan F Manning, Peggy Sargent, Cyril Tuck, Dennis Pearce. Jean Hair (pass).

Joan Manning had previously been successful in the Special Place Exam Part 1.

27.5.1938 A PC this morning from Mrs Cottell stating that Mr Cottell was ill. There was no woodwork class in consequence.

Correction to Class B Register: morning, No21 present, No39 absent. Total 31.

30.5.1938 Mervyn Whitehead received one stroke of the cane. He had entered the School garden yesterday (Sunday) and had destroyed a nest containing young birds.

Mrs Hood completed her duties as supply teacher today.

The Headmaster was informed that Dr Crossman (Mrs) had issued a certificate to Mrs Player in respect of Marie her child, stating that the child was suffering from “an injury to the head at School.” I interviewed Dr Crossman and a new certificate was issued.

1.6.1938 Miss ME Lewis commenced her duties as Uncertificated Assistant. She has been given charge of Group C.

Milk for the month of May: 1195 bottles, free 118, paid for at ½ d each 1077.

4.6.1938 School closed at 4pm for Whitsun Hols.

13.6.1938 School re-opened.

20.6.1938 Reggie Thomas received two strokes today. The Headmaster had received a complaint from the Headmaster of Winterbourne Council School that Thomas had interfered with children at play and was heard using bad language.

24.6.1938 Nurse Bennett called and inspected the children’s heads. She reported that Lily Whitehead was suffering from Eczema,

27.6.1938 Mrs Brown, newly elected to the Managers, paid her first visit and was shown samples of the children’s work in all classes, she also made, at the Headmaster’s request, a full inspection of the school buildings.

4.7.1938 Attendance continues low. 73% on 30 June. Chicken pox is the cause.

8.7.1938 The annual Diocesan Examination took place today. The Rev Vyvyan Jones was the examiner.

12.7.1938 School closed today. The chapels at Watley's End had their annual outing and the Managers gave permission to close the School. Dr Rhind called today to discuss arrangements for the forthcoming Medical Examination.

13.7.1938 The Rector, Canon AH Sewell, visited and handed the Headmaster a copy of the Diocesan Inspector’s Report…

This School maintained its high standard of work upon a carefully prepared syllabus. A delightful atmosphere pervaded the school and the children, especially the younger ones, liked their lessons, answering readily and repeating portions of scripture confidently. The older children were intelligent and obviously had responded to the care given by their teachers to the instruction.

Signed – FC Vyvyan Jones.

18.7.1938 Dr Rhind commenced his Medical Examination today.

19.7.1938 School closed. The church Sunday School had its annual visit to Weston-super-Mare today.

21.7.1938 C Boutflower Esq, HMI, and PW Scott, HMI, visited and inspected.

Nurse Bennett called and saw Nancy & Gladys Rumble, and Lily Whitehead.

25.7.1938 I visited the School and found all most satisfactory as usual. CHU Price.

28.7.1938 A prize-giving was held today. This was a departure from the usual Parent’s Day. The prizes in each case took the form of books and two were provided for each Standard. In addition there were prizes for those who had made most progress.

Parents were invited and an exhibition of children’s work was staged in Std I room. Canon Sewell took the chair. Brown, General Price and Mr Ludwell were the other Managers present. Mrs Sewell presented the prizes. A very happy hour. This afternoon is to be the fore-runner of an annual event. 70 parents and friends took the opportunity of attending and all seemed delighted with the show of children’s work.

26.7.1938 The School was closed for a visit to Tidworth Tatoo.

29.7.1938 The boys attended woodwork this pm. The Headmaster acceded to the request of Mr Cottell for this alteration.

School closed at 4pm for the summer holiday.

20.8.1938 Copy of HMI’s Report on Winterbourne CE School No 379, inspected 21 July 1938 by HMIs C Boutflower & CW Scott and signed by HMI LS Wood

The present Headmaster [Mr WG Gulliford], who was appointed in September of last year, has made a favourable start. He is on good terms with the teachers and children, the tone is good and there is an industrious spirit throughout.

The teacher who resigned at the end of March had failed to make good and as his place was not filled a remodelling of the Classes became necessary. The effect in the two upper rooms was to widen the range of attainments and under the circumstances it would be well to lower the programme of work of Class 2 and the lower section of Class I by one form.

The best children reach a sound level of achievement in the formal subjects and are responsive under oral questioning. The arithmetic of the slower children should be more closely associated with examples from everyday experience. The map exercises are a good feature of the Geography teaching but the copying of notes both for this subject and History is of doubtful value.

Loom weaving continues to be taught and the art specimens have shown a marked advance in the past year. The garden is not as yet of much educational value. The layout should be re-planned on attractive lkines and every effort should be made to bring these plans to fruition.

The infants’ Teacher is active and resourceful and gives her children a thorough grounding in the elements. The happy way these children carry out their action songs and their practical activities calls for favourable mention. The new teacher of Class 3 promises to make good. The loose blocks in the floor of the Infants’ room should be attended to. The offices also need attention, the pedestals are very dirty, some of the wooden tops are missing and two of the doors are unhinged. The walls are very grubby. Archibald H Sewell, Correspondent.

29.8.1938 School re-opened after the Summer holiday. Everything normal.

8.9.1938 I visited the School today. It is a pleasure to read the report above and to compliment the Headmaster & Staff. The very high percentage of attendances this week is most noticeable. Everything betoken efficiency & happiness as usual. CHU Price.

14.9.1938 Dr Gordon called today and saw the Perry children (boarded out at Mrs Hewlands).

Canon Sewell called and saw repairs suggested by HMI in his recent report.

19.9.1938 Canon AH Sewell called to inform the Headmaster that the Secretary would interview the Headmaster and himself at the County Office with reference to the position of Miss Smart, at present a Monitress in the School.

16.9.1938 Stock of books received… Aesop’s Fables; By Pond & River; Peter & Wendy; The Blue Bird; This Land of Ours; etc.

19& 26.9.1938 3 loads of coke delivered.

27.9.1938 Nurse Bennett called and inspected the heads of the children.

28.9.1938 Canon AH Sewell called to discuss arrangements for St Michael’s Day. Load of coal delivered today.

29.9.1938 School closed today, S Michael’s Day. The Canon, Rev AH Sewell, conducted the School Service at the church.

1.10.1938 Books received… British Empire.

4.10.1938 Nurse Bennett called to see a number of children. 130 pairs of Gym shoes with net bags received.

The Headmaster [Mr WG Gulliford] attended a Managers Meeting held at 6.30 in the Rectory. HMI’s report was read and the Headmaster received the congratulations of the Managers.

12.10.1938 Nurse Bennett called to see a number of children. Whitehead girls Vera & Lily in not too clean a condition.

13.10.1938 The Penny Bank, which has replaced the Savings Certificates Scheme, is now in operation. There are 32 members. Monday is collection day and it is hoped to increase membership to 50.

21.10.1938 Needlework Material received.

25.10.1038 I visited the School and found everything most satisfactory as usual. CHU Price.

26.10.1938 Nurse Bennett called to see a number of children. Vera Whitehead and Lily Whitehead excluded.

26.10.1938 Dr _______ called to see Kenneth Lloyd. She examined his feet for signs of flat feet. Reported that he was much better and little or no sign of trouble.

27.10.1938 Dr Gordon called after a visit to Donald Lowe’s Parents and reported to the Headmaster, who offered to try the boy in the woodwork class.

28.10.1938 Milk for October – 1386 bottles.

Received today from Messrs Leighton & Baldwin – 12 yds of linen; 12 yds of Sparva Silk. These were returned on 12 Oct as being incorrect in colour.

School closed at 4pm for Half-Term Holiday.

2.11.1938 School re-opened after Half-Term Holiday. Nurse Bennett called.

7.11.1938 Miss Fawcett called to see Miss Lewis and Miss Harris. She saw both take their classes for a Physical Training lesson.

11.11.1938 Armistice Day. The children took part in a short service of remembrance. The BBC Broadcast was heard and Gen Price addressed `the children.

30.11.1938 Milk for November – 1457 bottles.

16/17.12.1938 School Concert given in S Michael’s Room. A very successful venture.

19.12.1938 Mr Scott, HMI, called to see the Headmaster on the question of Staffing. Mr Scott saw Miss Smart , the teacher the Headmaster is anxious to retain.

20.12.1938 I visited the School and found everything thoroughly satisfactory. The Headmaster, staff and children who took part in the School Concert are to be highly congratulated on the excellent entertainment given to all present. CHU Price.

22.12.1938 the Headmaster got in touch with Mr Luckley at the Ed Office and the School was closed at 12 noon instead of 4pm, on account of the inclement weather.

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