Winterbourne St Michael’s Church of England School Founded 1813 Headmaster’s Log Book 1933-1952

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7.1.1936 School opened today. 2tons 5cwt of coke was delivered on 6 Jan.

9.1.1936 The County Architect and Mr Luckley visited this pm and conferred with the Headmaster concerning a barrier for the entrance.

16.1.1936 The following stock of books received today: The Monastery; Egypt; Eskimo Lands; Edinburgh after Flodden; Henry VIII; Animal Life in Africa, Birds of the Air; Themistocles & Pericles; Beyond the Sunset.

15.1.1936 1cwt coal delivered today, The ordinary stock being consumed. (Mr Vile).

20.1.1936 1 ton of coal delivered today. HM King George V died at 11.45pm.

25.1.1936 Garden Stock received… 3 tons of manure from P Tovey;

2 spades; one shovel; 3 dutch hoes; 3 drag hoes; from GEC. 1 bag artificial manure.

28.1.1936 The funeral of HM King George V was held today. At 9am a Religious Service, based on the form used by the BBC on Sunday evening, was held. Hymns and Psalm 23 were sung. Breta Cane read the Lesson, Rev XXI. Douglas Amos read the Poet Lauriate’s Sonnet to His Late Majesty, and the Headmaster gave the address.

It was noticeable that the majority of the pupils were wearing a small black token as a sign of mourning and respect.

The school flag had been at half mast since the King’s death.

31.1.1936 January Milk… free meals - 54; paid for – 189. Free milk to 3 children; paid for by 13 children.

4.2.1936 Miss Nunn, Principal of Fishponds Training College, and Miss Bourne, Lecturer in Handicraft, visited the school this pm to see the Lawson Loom and the children’s weaving.

5.2.1936 Dr Rhind, MoH, visited today in response to a request by the Headmaster. 20% of the children are absent due to illness, which takes the form of swollen glands, sore throats, or a rash under the skin.

6.2.1936 £13.8.3 of school stock delivered from Arnolds of Leeds today. Registers for 1936-1937 received today.

7.2.1936 Miss Thompson, Lecturer at Cheltenham TC visited this pm to see the weaving and to see the girls set up the Lawson Loom.

14.2.1936 I visited the school. Very sorry to find sickness so prevalent, especially among the smaller children. The weather has been very trying even for adults. Otherwise everything was satisfactory as usual. CH Price.

The attendance this week fell to 64%. Dr Rhind was notified accordingly.

24.2.1936 Miss Davis was absent due to illness today. Mr Hicks was absent due to illness today.

25.2.1936 Miss Davis returned to school today. Mr Hicks still absent due to illness.

1 ton 15 cwt of coke delivered today.

2.3.1936 Mr Hicks has not yet returned to duty.

A notice issued by the Central Electricity Board was read to the children today.

February Milk… Free bottles - 39; paid for – 150. Free meals to 3 children; paid for by 10 children.

9.3.1936 Mr Hicks returned to duty today, after a fortnight’s absence due to illness.

10.3.1936 I visited the school this morning, found everything satisfactory. Only 6 absent from sickness, which is comforting. CH Price.

20.3.1936 Mrs Challenger, the Headmaster and 8 senior pupils attended an exhibition of The Development of Dramatic Instinct in Children, held at Mangotsfield Senior Boys’ School, at 2pm. This visit was organised by Mr Thomas, head of Mangotsfield School. Miss Harris was placed in charge of the school during the absence of the Headteacher and his first assistant.

24.3.1936 Examination papers for 30th March received today.

25.3.1936 Arrangements have been made with the Mendip Milk Co. of York St, St Philips, Bristol, to supply the children with milk as from 1st April 1936.

26.3.1936 Tint Sive, a student from Burma, spent the morning in the school. His visit was arranged by Mr Household, Secretary to LEA.

30.3.1936 The Examination for the Award of Special Places in Secondary Schools was held today.

I have examined the seals of the envelopes containing the papers for the examination, and found them correct. KE Challenger.

1.4.1936 Milk for March… Free bottles for 2 Children; paid for by 31. Free meals to 2 children; paid for by 7 children.

The Mendips Purity Milk Co delivered for the first time today; 58 bottles of milk.

An error in the Attendance Register for the first quarter was altered for Class B.

3.4.1936 3cwt of coal delivered today.

7.4.1936 Parents of the children were invited from 3 to 4 pm, to view the weaving, needlework and handiwork. About 40 mothers came.

8.4.1936 A small exhibition of school crafts work was held from 2.45 till 3.45. School closed today for Easter hols.

20.4.1936 School opened today. Everything normal. 3 boxes of books received from the County library today.

23.4.1936 Mr Pymont, organiser of school gardening, paid a visit this pm.

28.4.1936 Mr JH Seaborne, Diocesan Inspector of CofE school buildings, visited this morning, accompanied by the Rector of Winterbourne, Rev Canon AH Sewell, and the headmaster.

30.4.1936 Milk for April… Meals – nil. Children paying for milk – 81. Total number of 1/3 pint bottles for month – 1093.

5.5.1936 The school dentist and her nurse attended the school today.

The following stock of books received today… Westward Ho; Beyond the Sunset; History of Rome; Wonder Tales of Russia; Wonder Tales of Norway; The Queen Bee; Magic Hours; Columbus Regional Geography Book 4 The World of Today.

6.5.1936 The dentist completed her duties today. 88% of eligible children accepted.

13.5.1936 I visited the school and found everything very satisfactory as usual. CH Price.

20.5.1936 Slight errors in Registration of Class C occurred on Tuesday 19 May and today. Edna Manning was present in the pm.

21.5.1936 Ascension Day. The children assembled in the School Yard at 8.55. and attended a Special Service in the Parish Church at 9.15. The service closed at 9.45 after which the children dispersed.

22.5.1936 As a result of complaints about pediculosis in the Infant Room, the Headmaster examined the heads of certain children. L Whitehead, W Amos, D Luton were found to be infected, and L Whitehead was sent home.

29.5.1936 School closed today for the period of one week, due to Whitsuntide Holidays.

Milk return for May… Meals Nil; children buying milk 80; number of bottles 1464.

8.6.1936 School resumed this morning.

10.6.1936 Dr Rhind, SMO, visited the school at and began medical inspection of the children, assisted by Mrs Ladd, Health Visitor.

The inspection was completed on Friday at noon. A most gratifying feature of the inspection was the large number of parents who attended when their children were due for examination.

22.6.1936 Mr Hicks was informed today by the B of E that he is now recognised by the Board as an Uncertificated Teacher.

30.6.1936 Milk return for June… bottles bought 1248; children buying milk 82; free milk nil.

7.7.1936 The Annual Diocesan Examination in Religious Knowledge was held today. The examiner was Rev FCV Jones. The Rector, Rev Canon AH Sewell attended.

8.7.1936 Miss Harris paid a visit to the Victoria Park Infants School, Bristol, by the courtesy of Miss Moon, the Headmistress, and of Mr Boutflower, HMI, this afternoon.

9.7.1936 Gen Price visited the school and signed the registers. He omitted to make an entry in the Log Book. [ie, this book]

13.7.1936 Copy of Diocesan Inspector’s Report on Winterbourne School. Visited 7 July 1036.

This was a good school, well instructed in good syllabus, including the practical use of the Prayer Book. The Infants were happy and interested in their work, while good use was made of pictures. The older children showed keen intelligence and an excellent sense of dramatic narrative. Answers were ready and well distributed, and the written work showed good groundwork. A very pleasant visit.

(Signed) FCV Jones.

10.7.1936 The Representative of the Ministry of Labour visited the school today, and interviewed the Mid-Summer leavers concerning possible employment.

14.7.1936 School was closed today owing to the annual Sunday Schools treats to Weston-super-Mare.

15.7.1936 School milk not delivered until 11.30am. On 13 July it was not delivered until 11.55.

17.7.1936 Jack Harvey and Leonard Thomas received one stroke of the cane today for disobedience, ie bringing chewing gum into school and masticating it during the school period. The whole school was warned about this practice some days ago.

27.7.1936 The Headmaster was invited to attend at the Lydney Senior Council School. School left in the charge of Mrs Challenger.

29.7.1936 Parents Day. The Handicraft and Needlework was exhibited and the exercise books and text books were available for inspection. A one hour programme of Songs and Recitations representative of the normal work of separate classes was given. This was greatly enjoyed by the parents, who also were pleased to avail themselves of the opportunity of visiting classes while they were at work. About 70 mothers attended.

30.7.1936 Milk return for July… Bottles purchased 1261; Highest No of children buying milk 77; free milk nil.

School Sports were held this pm. It is regretted that a long period of wet weather has necessitated sports being held on the last afternoon of the term. School closed for the Midsummer hols.

31.8.1936 School opened today.

1.9.1936 Stock of Books received today… Woodstock; Children of the New Forest; Adventures of Don Quixote; Speech Training; Beacon Reader; Columbus Regional Geography; Tales from Canterbury Cathedral; Wonder Tales of Italy, … of Japan; The Sciences; The Pigtail Boy; Animal Life in the New World; Lives of Solon & Nicias; Larcombe Junior Arith.

8.9.1936 Eric Morgan was the victim of an accident in the school yard today. A piece of a conker or an apple, flung indiscriminately across the playground, hit Morgan in the left eye. The Headmaster was in the playground at the time. The injured eye was bathed and Morgan was sent to Infant Welfare Clinic, held in St Michael’s Room, where the eye was inspected by both a doctor and a nurse. Apparently no injury to the eye has resulted.

9.9.1936 The children were lectured today on the dangers of throwing missiles, either at a target or at random.

15.9.1936 Mr FW Chambers, OBE, visited in order to see the loom weaving done by the children. He had been recommended here by Mr LS Wood, HMI, and he stated that the LEA had no objection to his visit.

23.9.1936 Mr Fowler, Inspector for the NSPCC, called today in reply to an invitation from the Headmaster to discuss the case of Winnie Howell. Neighbours of the Howells have reported that Winnie Howell has received excessive punishment at home.

24.9.1936 1 ton 9 cwt of coke delivered.

28.9.1936 On 25 Sep the father of G Matthews came to the school and complained about the boy being bullied on the way home from school. He reported that D Webb had threatened his boy with an open knife. The complaint was investigated today and Webb punished – one stroke of the cane on the hand.

29.9.1936 The school was closed today in accordance with the usual custom on St Michael’s Day. 1 ton of coke delivered today.

I visited the school today. Everything excellent as usual. CH Price.

5.10.1936 Hilda Luton was knocked down in the playground this afternoon by John Thomas. The shock caused a mild faint. Hilda was later taken to her home by the headmaster and the details of the accident explained to her mother.

6.10.1936 1 ton 16 cwt coal delivered.

22.10.1936 The Upper School was tested in Arithmetic by the Headmaster.

23.10.1936 Mr Fowler of the NSPCC called at the school today to see the Headmaster about Winnie Howell and Reggie & Leonard Thomas.

26.10.1936 The Upper School was again tested in Arithmetic by the Headmaster.

30.10.1936 School closed today for the Half-term holiday.

4.11.1936 School opened today. The following apparatus for physical training has been received… 3 doz unburstable balls; 4No 6” inflated balls; 1No 8” inflatable balls; 2 footballs size 3; 2 footballs size 4; 2 playground ropes; 12 hoops 18”; 12 hoops 22”.

11.11.1936 At 10.50am a short service of Remembrance was held. It took the following form:

1. Hymn 165 “O God our Help”. 2. Prayers taken from the British Legion Order of Service.

3. Recitation, To the Fallen. W Amos & B Whitehead. 4. Striking of Big Ben - The Silence – The Last Post, from the Cenotaph.

5. Song: Land of our Birth. 6. Address to the children by Brig Gen CHV Price, CB, DSO.

7. Thanks to Gen Price – submitted by the Headmaster. 8. God Save the King.

The Time-Table was resumed at 11.30am. Poppies were in school for sale on both the 10th & 11th of November.

19.11.1936 Mr Palmer, Head of Winterbourne Council School, visited the school today from 3 ‘til 4 to see the school weaving.

20.11.1936 Donald Kethro received one stroke of the cane on each hand this afternoon. He knocked Denis Webb against the wall and Webb received wounds to the head which bled in 2 places. Both boys were trespassing in the Headmaster’s garden.

24.11.1936 Mr W Newcomb Cryer, Ass Com, National Savings Com, called at the school this morning to pay a courtesy call on Mrs.

Challenger & the Headmaster, and to discuss the affairs of the School Savings Association.

A meeting of the School Managers was held in the School this evening; all the managers and the Headmaster being present.

The Agenda was… Minutes, Treasurer’s Report, Annual Income, Hot Water supply in the school, Overdue repairs.

1.12.1936 The children eligible to sit for the examination for places in a Secondary School were tested by the Headmaster and classified according to ability. These pupils were examined in Arithmetic, Mental Arithmetic, Essay, General English and Intelligence.

3.12.1936 Mr Pymont, Adviser in School Horticulture, visited this pm.

4.12.1936 The following, in order of merit, are the results of the Headmaster’s Test held on 1 Dec…

Arith M Arith Essay English Intelligence Total

Richardson, J 63 16 30 52 12 175

Prankard, L 48 16 28 36 11 137

Manning, Joan 55 17 24 24 16 136

Jones, J 36 17 32 30 18 134

Arith M Arith Essay English Intelligence Total

Whitehead, R 59 11 23 24 8 125

Morgan, J 29 9 22 16 11 87

Skidmore I [or T ?] 43 13 17 5 7 85

Webb, D 20 12 18 18 9 77

Tuck, C 18 9 28 16 14 77

Fishlock, D 23 5 22 14 7 71

Luton, G 18 8 27 6 10 69

Young, V 24 7 13 10 8 62

Bisp, G 15 6 15 14 4 54

Maggs, S 3 2 9 0 5 19

Maggs, [A or C ?] 2 2 10 2 2 18

4.12.1936 At 3.40 today Mrs Curtis reported that her son Raymond had “run home” from the Handicraft Centre at Winterbourne Council School. This action was taken by him after he had been “struck about the head several times by the Handicraft Instructor”.

The Headmaster later ascertained that the complaint was true.

This necessitated that the attendance of Curtis at the Centre, signified by the Instructor on the Duplicate Register as correct, must be withdrawn. The attendance in Class A Register had to be altered accordingly.

The Headmaster informed the Handicraft Instructor, Mr Cottell, of the instructions of the LEA concerning Corporal Punishment, and that, in the future, he (the Headmaster) would expect an account of any misbehaviour of the pupils, and would decide what action should be taken.

7.12.1936 The sum of 11/9 was sent to Dr Rhind today on behalf of the pupils of this school. It is the result of a voluntary offering towards the Standish House Christmas Fund. Francis Howell, of this school, is at present in this home for TB cases.

8.12.1936 This pm, the Headmaster, Rector, & Mr Ludwell made an inspection of the premises to consider necessary repairs during the Christmas Holidays. Mr James of the Sodbury RDC acted in an advisory capacity.

14.12.1936 Dr Pauli …… called this morning to interview the Headmaster about Donald Lowe, a prospective pupil at this school. This visit was in response to a request for advice made to Dr Middleton Martin by the Headmaster concerning a medical opinion on Donald Lowe’s fitness to attend a Public Elementary School.

23.12.1936 School closed at noon today for the Christmas holidays. All the pupils were invited to attend a children’s Christmas Party held at the school last night. The staff were responsible for the fare and entertainment – part of the latter taking the form of a Cinema show and amusement by a ventriloquist.
11.1.1937 School opened this morning.

12.1.1937 2 ton 1 cwt of coke delivered from Lowell Baldwin Ltd, 6/8 Redcliffe Hill, Bristol. Tel 25041, after the Headmaster had phoned about non-delivery to date.

14.1.1937 1 ton 16 cwt of coal delivered.

18.1.1937 School opened this morning with 84 pupils present out of a total of 137. A letter and a Doctor’s certificate was received from Miss Davies, explaining her absence; while the Headmaster was absent due to a chill.

This afternoon the attendance numbered 93. Influenza and the bad weather are the causes of absence.

The following stock of books was received today… Twice 55 Community Songs; Mr Wind & Madam Rain; Who is my Neighbour; Lorna Doon; The Pirate; From Ur to Rome; A Historical Bus; Life of Pompey.

19.1.1937 Mr Hicks was absent this pm due to illness. A med cert obtained.

20.1.1937 The School attendance continues around 65%.

Mrs Challenger, Miss Harris and Miss Smart carry on ably. Re-classification has been necessary.

21.1.1837 Mr Ash (Headmaster) returned to School today. The attendance is 89, ie 64%. Dr Rhind, SMO, is opposed to the school being closed, but recommends the subsequent cancellation of attendances. Dr Martin has been informed of the fall in attendance.

22.1.1937 Mrs Challenger was absent this morning in addition to Miss Davies & Mr Hicks.

The attendance was 72 including 9 girls at the Laundry Centre, ie 53%.

At 11.50 the Headmaster was notified by Mr HG Ludwell, School Manager, that Dr T Rhind, SMO, had phoned to make an enquiry concerning this morning’s attendance, and had then authorised the closing of the School until Monday, 1st February.

This information was sent to HMI, The Secretary, Miss Hall at the Domestic Centre and Mr Cottell at the Handicraft Centre.

1.2.1937 School re-opened this morning. Mrs K Challenger forwarded a Dr’s Cert for absence, and Miss C Davies was also absent. The attendance was 92 out of 137, ie 70%. The attendance this pm was 98.

1.2.1937 John Rodman had free milk for the first time today.

2.2.1937 Number of pupils present: am 100 pm 97.

5.2.1937 The attendance has been very poor all the week. Average 98.5 out of a possible 133 and the percentage is 74.

Mrs Challenger & Miss Davies have been absent all week.

8.2.1937 Mrs Challenger returned to duty today. Miss Davies is absent. The epidemic shows signs of abating, and the attendances today are:- am 111; pm 113.

11.2.1937 1 ton 15 cwt coke was delivered today by Lowell Baldwin.

15.2.1937 Miss Davies returned to duty today after a month’s illness.

16.2.1937 Miss Smart was absent today in order to visit the hospital.

17.2.1937 The yearly requisition of School materials delivered today, from Arnold’s of Leeds.

22.2.1937 The Headmaster [Mr Ash] was absent this pm having been invited to attend at Cinderford an interview for the post of Headmaster of Double View Senior Council School. Mrs Challenger was left in charge.

8.3.1937 Seeds for School garden received.

9.3.1937 The Headmaster [Mr Ash] was absent today having been invited to attend at the Board of Education Whitehall an interview by the Selection Committee for the post of Assistant Inspector of Schools. Mrs Challenger was left in charge.

11.3.1937 The Headmaster [Mr Ash] was informed by post today that his Interview on Tuesday had been successful.

16.3.1937 Miss Smart (Monitress) was absent today, having been granted permission to attend the Bristol _ _ _ [blank space]

17.3.1937 Miss Waghorne, Organiser of Needlework for the County, visited this morning and was interested in the school weaving.

18.3.1937 The Headmaster [Mr Ash] spoke to both Mr Hicks & Miss Davies about noise made when teaching, particularly concerning the loud tones of voice used to a small class. He hopes they were made to realize that no necessity exists for this type of teaching, and moreover that it dies not assist the children in their work.

19.3.1937 No Domestic Science today, the Centre being closed to enable the Teacher to be present at the Prize Giving at Chipping Sodbury Grammar School.

22.3.1937 The Examination for the award of Special Places in Secondary Schools was held today, conducted by the Headmaster [Mr Ash], who, at 9am, called the staff together and showed to them the envelopes containing the question papers to prove that the seals were unbroken.

24.3.1937 Mr Boutflower Esq, HMI, visited today from 10 to 12. The Rector called and inspected the registers.

25.3.1937 Milk totals for the quarter… Free meals 32; purchased 1088. Children fed by EC 2; paying 32.

Paid for by EC for Stanley Maggs 48; for Barbara Maggs 36; for John Rodman 2.

I visited the School this morning. Everything very satisfactory as usual. CHU Price.

School closed at noon for the Easter Holidays.

2.4.1937 Owing to an election being held for seats on Sodbury District Council today, the School was needed for use as a Polling Station.

6.4.1937 School opened today.

8-9.4.1937 The School Dentist visited on Thursday & Friday. A re-classification was necessary so that she could work in the privacy of a separate class-room.

13.4.1937 Miss V Smart, Monitress, was absent today, to attend the hospital for treatment and advice.

14.4.1937 Mr Williams, District Sanitary Officer, called and took a sample of milk supplied by the Mendip Dairy Co.

15.4.1937 A representative of the Osiris Players called to see if arrangements could be made for the schools in the district to combine in order that a performance of one of Shakespeare’s plays be during the first week in June.

28.4.1937 A donation of 30/- towards the school Sports Fund was received today from the Winterbourne Sports Field Committee.

4.5.1937 Dr Rhind began his medical inspection today.

5.5.1937 Stock of books received today… Gulliver’s Travels, How Things Behave; Civics; Brave Dogs; Stories of Old Greeks; Laurel & Gold; Dandelion Clocks; Picture Story Cards.

I inspected the School. Everything in order and looking most attractive in Coronation decorations. CHU Price.

11.5.1937 School closed today for three days: a) in celebration of the Coronation and b0 for Whitsun holidays.

12.5.1937 The Coronation was celebrated today. After a Service in the Parish Church the children were presented, at the school, with a Post Office Savings Bank, suitably inscribed, to mark the occasion. In the afternoon they had sports and were entertained to tea. The celebration closed with a huge bonfire and firework display.

24.5.1937 School opened today. Several children were absent attending the School Clinic.

At 11am a special programme was commenced in commemoration of Empire Day. Brig Gen CHU Price, CB, DSO, attended and addressed the children. Mrs Price was present. The proceedings lasted an hour.

25.5.1937 Miss Smart was absent today to allow her to visit the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital for treatment.

9.6.1937 Miss V Smart, Monitress, absent today owing to illness.

11.6.1937 At the invitation of Miss Hall, mistress at the Domestic Science Centre, Mrs Challenger and the Headmaster [Mr Ash] had lunch with the girls from this school who attend the Centre. The lunch had been prepared and cooked by the pupils.

John Jones attended for interview at Chipping Sodbury Grammar School today. He had previously been placed “on th list” and interviewed at Gloucester for a Rendcomb Foundation Scholarship.

Joan Richardson was also requested to attend, but she is now a pupil at the Redland Girls High School, Bristol.

18.6.1937 The Headmaster [Mr Ash] received a cheque today from Miss Hall, Domestic Science Mistress, and was asked to make the following payments to the girls for bus fares from March to June 1937…

H Amos 1/- N England -/9 E Manning 1/- H Anstey 1/4 W Howell -/10 D Skidmore 1/-

M Bisp 1/1 L Hulands -/11 G Turner -/11 B Cane -/10 B Maggs -/11 C Young 1/-

N Collett -/8 D Manning -/11 J Anstey 1/- Total 15/1

22.6.1937 The headmaster [Mr Ash] attended the Rectory today and, with the Chairman of the School Managers, reduced the short list of five names to three names. These three candidates have been summoned to attend at the Rectory on Monday 28 June at 3pm to be interviewed for the post of Headmaster, which falls vacant in September.

22.6.1937 The following are successes in external examinations:

1) Secondary School, Chipping Sodbury Grammar…. Special Place: John E Jones. Reduced fees: Leonard A Prankard, June R Manning & Jean M Richardson. Passes: Victor R Whitehead & Bazil J Morgan.

2) Cannings Commercial College, Bristol… Remission of Fees: Breta G Cane & Eunice Cane.

24.6.1937 A large consignment of goods was received today for use in the “School Shop”. They have been supplied through Mr AW Bull, 165 Ballards Way, Addington, Croydon, as a direct result of the courtesy extended to Mr FW Chambers on his visit of 15 Sep 1936.

The goods were displayed by the children of Class A and the other pupils were allowed, in classes, to \inspect the display.

28.6.1937 I visited the School today and found everything most satisfactory as usual. CHU Price.

The headmaster [Mr Ash] was invited to attend a meeting of the Managers, held at the Rectory at 3pm, to interview candidates for the position of Head Teacher of this School, which falls vacant in September. Three candidates were interviewed band the Managers decided to recommend that Mr WG Gulliford, at present in the service of Somerset EC, be appointed.

13.7.1937 School closed today for the local Sunday School Treat. The Headmaster has again been successful in arranging for the C of E and Nonconformist Sunday Schools to hold their treat on the same day.

14.7.1937 School opened at 9.15am as a concession to the Sunday Schools, and to ensure a better attendance on the morning after the trip to Weston.

15.7.1937 The Annual Diocesan Examination was held today. The examiner was Rev FCV Jones. The Rector, Rev Canon AH Sewell attended. It should be noted that throughout the whole of the examination a very severe thunderstorm raged, and, in the opinion of the Headmaster, the examination should have been postponed, as it was impossible for the pupils to do justice to themselves.

20.7.1937 Parents Day was held this afternoon. Parents were invited to attend school at 1.45pm to view the work of the pupils.

At 3pm they were seated in St Michael’s Room and were entertained by the children to songs, recitations, etc. about 150 parents and friends attended, and this was certainly the best Parents Day organised by this school to date.

21.7.1937 Notice was received today that Junior Art Scholarship at the West of England College of Art has been awarded to Breta Cane.

22.7.1937 Diocesan Inspection. Winterbourne School, visited 15 July 1937.

The inspection took place during a thunderstorm which naturally affected the more sensitive children. The syllabus carefully thought out and pruned was well taught. The Infants’ work was of a high order, repetition good and responses very good. The pictures used were commendable. The Senior group gave intelligent answers and appeared to know what they had been taught. The Church Catechism was their best subject. A pleasant tone existed throughout the school. Signed FC Vyvyan Jones.

Dr Rhind visited this morning.

23.7.1937 An error occurred in marking Class C Register. No7, Leonard Prankard, was present.

23.7.1937 The Headmaster was absent from 2.30pm, with permission.

26.7.1937 Mrs Challenger was absent today.

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