Winterbourne St Michael’s Church of England School Founded 1813 Headmaster’s Log Book 1933-1952

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Winterbourne St Michael’s Church of England School - Founded 1813 Headmaster’s Log Book 1933-1952

The school throughout this period was situated on the High Street, Winterbourne, near the Wheatsheaf Inn.
4.9.1933 School opened after Midsummer Holidays.

Staff: H Ash (Headmaster); Mrs Challenger (C); Miss Morse (C); Mrs Kendle (U); Miss Salter (U); Miss Smart (S).

Miss Morse began her duties today, having been appointed to the staff.

Miss Edith G Hayward began her duties today as a probationer.

[A list of stock received is appended, not recorded here.]

12.9.1933 Headmaster called away unexpectedly owing to a bereavement. Mrs Challanger placed in charge of the school pro tem.

Mr Seabourne visited the school this pm. He was joined by Canon Sewell.

14.9.1933 Headmaster returned to duty this pm.

20.9.1933 Nurse Bennett, accompanied by a colleague, examined the heads of the children.

21.9.1933 2 tons of coal delivered today.

26.9.1933 Dr Rhind, SMO, visited this pm to confer with the headmaster.

29.9.1933 CH Price, Manager, visited the school & found everything correct and most satisfactory as usual.

2 loads of coke delivered.

Today being St Michael’s Day, the village patronal Saint, the children attended at the Parish Church for Divine Service at 9am, conducted by the Rector, Canon AH Sewell, and returned to school.

9.10.1933 A letter from Miss Salter states that owing to illness she will not attend school this week. Med Cert enclosed.

10.10.1933 Miss Smart absent today, Med Cert received and a verbal message that she will be absent for a fortnight.

12.10.1933 A load of coke delivered today.

16.10.1933 Miss Salter & Miss Smart still absent. Miss IML Levis, Certified Teacher, began duties as a supply teacher.

At 10am the Infant group, with Miss Morse, attended at Winterbourne Council School [Whiteshill Common] a demonstration by Mr S Moore of the formation of a percussion band. At 11am classes A & B, with Miss Challenger, heard the same speaker give a lesson on Musical Appreciation. The arrangements were made through the HMI and Mr Palmer, Headmaster of Winterbourne Council School.

23.10.1933 Miss Salter & Miss Smart still absent. A letter from Miss Salter states that she will not attend for another fortnight. Mrs Bryant commenced duties as a supply teacher today in place of Miss Smart. Miss Levis is still doing duty in place of Miss Salter.

The Relieving Officer, Mr Petherick, called to consult with the Heamaster.

24.10.1933 The County Architect, Mr Phillips, called about the removal of the present screen, or the supply of temporary screens.

27.10.1933 School closed at 4pm for the Half-term holiday (Monday & Tuesday, 30 & 31 Oct).

1.11.1933 School reopened today. Miss Levis & Mrs Bryant are again doing duty for Miss Salter & Miss Smart respectively.

6.11.1933 Miss Levis & Mrs Bryant are still doing duty for Miss Salter & Miss Smart.

9.11.1933 Miss Lewis [Levis ?] was granted permission to attend an interview for a permanent post at Newnham – absent all day.

Miss Morse was absent today. Last night she received a telegram concerning the very serious illness of her father, and requesting her presence at home immediately. She was also absent 10.11.1933.

10.11.1933 Service of Remembrance 10.45 – 11.30 taken by Canon AH Sewell. Brig Gen Price gave the address. Mrs Marsh (a manager) and Mrs Price also present.

13.11.1933 Miss Morse returned to duty this am. Her absence on Thursday & Friday was due to the death of her father.

Miss Smart & Miss Salter still away.

15.11.1933 Following punishments were given today for pornography….

P Kethro, 2 strokes of cane; N Wiltshire & E Morgan, 1 stroke; H Anstey, severely reprimanded.

20.11.1933 Miss Smart & Miss Salter still absent. Miss Levis & Mrs Bryant on supply.

24.11.1933 Mrs M Bryant terminated her duties as a supply teacher today.

27.11.1933 Miss Salter resumed duties today after 7 weeks absence due to illness.

Doctor’s certificate received from Miss Smart excluding her for another month. Miss Levis is now taking Miss Smart’s place.

29.11.1933 School dentist paid a visit today. She expects to conclude her work here on Friday. As no room is available, class B was used.

6.12.1933 I visited the school this AM, examined the registers and found them correct – Alice Marsh.

11.12.1933 I visited the school this AM and found registers and everything excellently kept as usual - CH Price.

11.12.1933 The weather has been very cold for some time, temp in school 44 deg F. It has been found impossible to raise it to School Temp 64 deg F with the existing apparatus. The infants room has been particularly cold and they therefore worked to a varied timetable to allow as much vigorous movement as possible. The managers have inspected the heating apparatus and are making representations to the EC. The Parochial Church Council has presented a large Tortoise Stove to the School Managers. 2 cwt of Anthracite has been delivered today per Mrs Marsh, to enable certain stoves to be burned all night.

14.12.1933 Supervisor of School Gardens, Mr Pymont, called today and went round the school gardens. He was handed a Postal Order for 19/2 for seeds supplied for the year 1933.

15.12.1933 A stock of exercise books and materials to value of £10/9/2 was received today.

19/20.12.1933 Through the generosity of many inhabitants of this district it was found possible to give a Christmas treat, including a tea, to the Infant Group on the 19th and to the Senior Group on 20th.

21.12.1933 School closed today for the Christmas vacation.


8.1.1934 School opened today. Miss Smart still absent due ti illness.

Miss Salter, owing to her illness, has been compelled to resign her post from 31.12.1933.

Miss M Bryant commenced duty today as Supplementary Teacher on Supply.

Headmaster absent today at Shire Hall Gloucester to attend an interview for headship of Filton Junior Mixed Council School No 141.

11.1.1934 2 tons of coal delivered.

15.1.1934 A stock of books delivered today.

16.1.1934 Headmaster attended, by invitation, a private exhibition of films showing processes of glass manufacture at Pilkingtons Glass Works, St Helens.

Gardening tools received today – 3 forks, 3 spades, 3 rakes. 2 tons of coke delivered.

19.1.1934 The attendance marks on Class A register of Wilfred Maggs for Jan 15-19 were erased today; they were placed there in error.

22.1.1934 Miss Smart returned to duty today after an absence of nearly four moths.

Mrs Bryant is absent due to an abscess on the face. Miss More, Probation Officer, called to consult with the headmaster.

23.1.1934 Dr Rhind, SMO, called today. Mrs Marsh, a school manager, called today.

29.1.1934 Mrs Bryant is still absent for the same reason.

5.2.1934 Mrs Bryant is still absent – abscess trouble of the face.

12.2.1934 In view of the continued absence of Mrs Bryant, it was decided to engage Mrs EL Ash as teacher on supply.

13.2.1934 Mr HW Household called this AM and heard Miss Edith Hayward, probationer, teach. He spoke to her afterwards concerning her probable future if she remained in the teaching profession.

The screen in the main hall was agreed to be moved to assist the present classification of the children.

The boys were given a demonstration in the spraying of fruit trees. They sprayed the trees themselves.

A consignment of garden seeds was received from Winfields today.

27.2.1934 CH Price, Manager, called and found registers correct & exceptionally satisfactory.

2.3.1934 Miss Morse absent ill.

This evening a concert in S Michael’s Room was given by the children in aid of the School Sports & Utility Fund. Every seat was sold, the work of the children was beyond praise and the audience proved most enthusiastic.

3.3.1934 School used today, Saturday, as polling booth for the County Council Elections.

5.3.1934 Miss Morse letter she will be absent this week.

6.3.1934 3 table-tops received for the infants room to replace breakages in transport.

12.3.1934 Miss Morse resumed duties today.

13.3.1934 Dr Rhind began medical examination of children today.

14.3.1934 Dr Rhind continued today.

15.3.1934 Message from Dr Rhind: owing to illness he had postponed his visit until Monday.

18.3.1934 Dr Rhind continued today.

23.3.1934 Examined seals of the envelopes containing Scholarship papers and found them intact; KE Challenger.

Scholarship Examination held today.

26.3.1934 School closed; building required for District Council Elections.

27.3.1934 Headmaster absent today to attend lecture at Bristol University by Mr Richardson on “Modern Science in Eduaction.”

29.3.1934 School closed for the Easter Hols. Mrs Ash terminated her duties as a supply teacher.

9.4.1934 School opened after Easter Hols. Miss Jessie Ridler commenced her duties as an Uncertificated Teacher on Probation.

Miss G Hayward, probationer, did not attend today and headmaster was informed that she terminated her engagement on 312 March in order to qualify for another occupation. Mr Scott, HMI, visited the school today.

11.4.1934 H Maggs, C Kethro, L King given one stroke of cane today for being late after a warning yesterday.

13.4.1934 Mrs K Challenger absent ill today. Miss J Shepherd, CSMMG, called today and saw certain children.

16.4.1934 Mrs K Challenger again absent today. The NSPCA inspector called today.

17.4.1934 Information received from Dr Rhind that Edna Manning, a child in Class D, is suffering from Diphtheria. All her books have been burned and pens & pencils of the whole class disinfected. The NSPCA inspector called today.

23.4.1934 Information received that James Hair, a child in Class A, is suffering from Diphtheria. All his books have been burned.

Dr Rhind called and suggested that the following recipe for a gargle be given to parents: 1 pint water; 3 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda; 20 crystals permanganate of potash.

26.4.1934 Diocesan Inspection of Religious Knowledge today. Holiday in the afternoon.

8.5.1934 Managers met to discuss proposal by LEA for the school to be re-organised. They decided the time was not opportune.

10.5.1934 The children attended Divine Service in St Michael’s Room to mark Ascension Day.

16.5.1934 Miss Campbell from the Bristol Juvenile Section of the Ministry of Labour interviewed the leavers during 1934 concerning the employment they desired.

17.5.1934 Letter to Mr Harding, Handicraft Instructor, stating boys would attend woodwork on the 18th.

18.5.1934 School closed for one week for Whitsuntide.

28.5.1934 School re-opened. During the holiday the partition has been re-sited from the middle of the main room in the hope that this will assist better classification.

3.6.1934 School and register found very satisfactory by CH Price.

7.6.1934 Headmaster absent 10 ‘til 2 on a visit to Long Ashton Research Station organised by Mr Pymont, horticultural advisor to GEC.

20.6.1934 Mr Pymont, horticultural advisor, visited school this pm.

25,6,1934 Folding wall maps of Africa, N America, Asia & India delivered today.

26.6.1934 School sports commenced this evening on the Recreation Field at 6.30 pm. Abandoned at 8pm due to bad weather.

27.6.1934 At 1.20 pm in the girls’ playground an accident occurred. Two infant boys, Leonard Thomas and Sidney Manning, were playing when Manning received a nasty scalp wound through falling against the wall. First aid was rendered by the head teacher and Nurse Bennett. The child’s mother was fetched, a car engaged, and the boy taken to Dr Crossman. Four stitches were necessary to draw the scalp together. At the time of the accident the playground was efficiently supervised, Miss Ridler being on duty. Headmaster returned at 2.25pm.

29.6.1934 Error found in registration of Class D by Miss Ridler.

2.7.1934 School closed owing to the Sunday School Outing (ie Treat) to Weston.

9.7.1934 Mr Boutflower & Mr Sott, HMIs, inspected school at 9.50 & 3.30.

10.7.1934 Miss Perry, HMI of Physical Training visited this morning and watched classes BCDE & F undergo physical exercises.

16.7.1934 Report of the Diocesan Inspection handed by the Rector to the Headmaster…

Winterbourne School, visited 26 April 1934.

A comprehensive syllabus well prepared and including Prayer Book and Moral Teaching. Pictures and plasticene were used in the infants section, while work amongst the seniors had been made interesting. Written & repetition work was good and answers evenly distributed. The teachers are to be commended on the results. FC Vyvyan Jones.

17.7.1934 Meeting of the School Managers and Headmaster.

Miss Ridler’s probation had been extended to December. She was further told how serious her position would be if the next report was not in her favour. The Managers appointed Vera Smart to the new post of Monitress, created by the resignation of Miss M Smart as a Supplementary Teacher.

23.7.1934 Miss Morse absent through illness today. Miss Osborne and Inspector Oxley of the RSPCA visited and presented prizes for recent essays by the children. Canon & Mrs Sewell were also present.

24.7.1934 School closed today: Sunday School (Wesleyan) treat to Weston.

26.7.1934 Dr Rhind, SMO, visited school in response to telephone message about measles.

27-30.7.1934 Attendance for week 67.1% due to measles. Dr Rhind called in. Due to the measles, it was decided to close the school for the Midsummer Hols on Tuesday 31 July at 4pm.

31.7.1934 Miss Morse has not been present since Friday 20 July. School closed at 4pm.

6.8.1934 Copy of HMI’s Report on Winterbourne C of E School No 379, inspected 9 July 1934 by HMIs C Boutflower and PW Scott, and signed by HMI LS Wood

Progress at lower end of school has improved during the last year or two, but is still somewhat on the slow side. Changes of teachers have no doubt been partly to blame and the present teachers in Class D ans E lack experience. They are, however, both willing workers and should prove increasingly effective.

Class C contains a very unresponsive and backward group whom the teacher does not succeed in rousing. The remainder of this class is much more promising, though the amount of written Composition done is too little and mental Arithmetic is still slow.

In Classes A & B at the top of the school the work is well up to the average in most subjects and definitely above it in Arithmetic. The Headmaster gives time and thought to his work and he is capably supported by the Assistant in Class B. Recitation showed that speech had received praiseworthy attention, the oral response was generally satisfactory and the written work invariably neat and careful. Drawing might include more colour work and the absence of any Science in the curriculum was noted.

The school deserves praise for the development of Loom Weaving. Thanks to the good results secured, no difficulty is found in disposing of the finished articles.

The shifting of the partition in the main room has facilitated organisation. Archibald H Sewell.

31.8.1934 Miss M Smart terminated her duties as a Supplementary teacher today.

3.9.1934 School opened today after Midsummer Hols. Miss Morse has returned to duty after her illness. Vera Smart began her duties as a Monitress. The following stock was received… 8 Feats of the Fjiord; 5 Book of Ancient Peoples; 1 Julius Caesar; 8 Julius Caesar (Shakespeare); 9 Jacques & Odette.

14.9.1934 2 boxes of library books received.

17.9.1934 Miss Kendall absent ill.

18.9.1934 Miss Kendall returned to duty. Dr Rhind, SMO, visited today.

21.9.1934 2 tons coal delivered.

24.9.1934 2 Students were allowed to talk to classes A & B for 35 mins concerning the work of the Missionary abroad.

Miss Ridler made an error in the Registration of Class D today.

25.9.1934 School inspected by CH Price.

Meeting of Managers and Headmaster at 6pm.

26.9.1934 1ton 2cwt coke delivered.

27.9.1934 1ton 10cwt coke delivered.

28.9.1934 The NSPCC inspector called to discuss with the Headmaster the cases of Winnie & Frances Howell.

4.10.1934 Fires were commenced for the Winter Session today.

5.10.1934 Mr P Scott, HMI, visited for 30 minutes.

Mrs Challenger granted permission to be absent this am to purchase the needlework stock for the year.

16/17/18.10.1934 School Dentist, Miss Boal, visited and gave the usual treatment.

22.10.1934 Mrs Challenger absent ill.

23.10.1934 Mrs Challenger returned to duty today. Miss V Smart absent ill, and it is thought she will not return until Friday.

The Gloucestershire FA have presented the school with a set of football jerseys and a new ball.

24.10.1934 Nurse Bennett inspected the heads of the children today.

A Collection for the Hospital “Pound Day” was held in the school today. The response was most satisfactory.

26.10.1934 Miss V Smart returned to duty today. School closed at 4pm for the mid-term holiday.

31.10.1934 School re-opened today.

11.11.1934 A wreath was placed on the War Memorial in church on behalf of the children attending school.

12.11.1934 Re Canon Sewell and Brig Gen CH Price visited this morning.

15.11.1934 Received a consignment of bulbs from G Winfield & Son, Westgate St, Gloucester.

27.11.1934 Headmaster absent this pm to attend the funeral of Mr A Tanqueray, of Crossley House, Winterbourne. By repeated acts of generosity, Mr Tanqueray signified his interest in the welfare of the children.

29.11.1934 School closed today by Royal desire in celebration of the marriage of HRH Prince George to HRH Princess Marina.

13.12.1934 CH Price, Manager, visited and inspected the school today.

13.12.1934 Mrs A Kendall was granted leave of absence to attend the funeral of her brother-in-law.

The Headmaster was granted permission from the Managers to attend a function held at Gloucester at 3.30pm.

21.12.1934 School closed today at noon for the Christmas Holidays. School parties were held for the infants on Wednesday evening and for the seniors on Thusday evening.


7.1.1935 School re-opened today. During the holidays Miss Morse tendered her resignation to take effect from 31 Jan. she has secured another post under the GEC at Blakeney.

8.1.1935 2 tons coal received today. Mr Pymont, County Organiser of School Gardens, called today.

10.1.1935 The BBC Representative called this morning. 2 tons of coke delivered today.

The school was closed this afternoon to enable the Head Teacher and the teachers of Needlework to attend Mangotsfield Senior Girls School to meet Miss Waghorne, the newly appointed organiser of Needlework.

11.1.1935 Miss Waghorne visited today to confer about her visit on the 15th.

15.1.1935 Miss Waghorne, County Organiser of Needlework, gave a demonstration lesson to a number of selected teachers today.

18 & 21.1.1935 The NSPCC Inspector called today.

24.1.1935 Seeds to the value of 17/4 received from G Winfield & Son, Glos, together with two stone bags of artificial manure.

25.1.1935 Mrs A Kendall was absent today.

100 books received from th e County Library.

28.1.1935 Mrs A Kendall returned to duty today.

30.1.1935 Received 12 copies of “Hereward the Wake”.

Summary of meals and milk for January…

No of free meals provided by EC: 38 No of free meals provided by others: 18

No of individual children fed by EC: 2 No of individual children fed others: 1

No of individual children paying for milk: 78 No of Meals: 1365

31.1.1935 HMI, Mr LS Wood visited and observed Miss Ridler at work.

Miss Morse terminated her appointment on the staff of this school today.

The Headmaster will be absent on 1 Feb to visit the Sumner Lane Girls School, Birmingham. Mrs Challenger is left in charge.

31.1.1935 Stock received today: 3 spades, 3 forks, 6 trowels, 6 hand forks.

1.2.1935 Mrs Jeffries began duties as supplementary teacher on supply.

4.2.1935 Miss Ridler attended a needlework class at Frampton Council School this pm.

5.2.1935 Miss Elson called concerning Easter leavers. Miss Tivey will call on 5 March.

8.2.1935 Mr Household, the Secretary, visited to confer with the Headmaster.

11.2.1935 Mr W Pymont, NDH, called to discuss a science requisition submitted in December.

13.2.1935 Milk account for January reads… 1329 1/3 pt bottles paid for; 36 free (2 Harveys).

14.2.1935 CH Price visited and found everything in excellent order, as usual.

15.2.1935 Error of 10 attendances found in Class D Register (Miss Ridler) for week ending 8 Feb.

18.2.1935 Received 2 packets Sharpe’s Express Potatoes and 2 pkts Majestic.

20.2.1935 Received 2tons coke.

22.2.1935 Register error in calculating percentage made by Miss Ridler today.

1.3.1935 Mrs Challenger was absent today due to illness.

The senior girls attended the Cookery Centre this am at Whiteshill CS as usual. The mistress was not present to take the lesson, so after waiting for the second bus, they returned to school at 9.50am.

Milk Summary for February: bottles bought – 1271; average number buying 66; bottles per LEA 105.

1.3.1935 Mrs A Kendall has tendered her notice to terminate her appointment on the staff on 31 March.

4.3.1935 Mrs Challenger absent ill today. Mr Pymont called to discuss further about proposed Science scheme.

6.3.1935 Miss Tivy of the Juvenile Employment Dept visited today and interviewed the Easter leavers.

11.3.1935 Mrs Challenger returned to school today.

25.3.1935 Seals of Scholarship Exam envelopes examined and found intact. KE Challenger.

Scholarship Exam held today, 11 pupils present, as arranged. Papers sent to CD Waters, Esq, Chipping Sodbury Garmmar and to D Lee Browne, Esq, Rendcomb College, Cirencester.

26.3.1935 The Headmaster will be absent Wednesday 27 March to attend before the Selection Board of the B of E in London, for the post of an Assistant Inspector. Mrs Challenger left in charge.

29.3.1935 Free meals in March – 79; number of children fed – 4; number paying – 58;

Milk paid for by EC – 79 bottles; paid for by children – 1219.

3.4.1935 Dr Rhind attended and conducted a Medical Examination of the children.

5.3.1935 Dr Rhind attended and completed the examination.

8.4.1935 CH Price, HMI, visited and found everything satisfactory.

10.4.1935 Annual Diocesan Inspection.

16.4.1935 Copy of report of Diocesan Inspection: Two happy infant classes where the little ones are working well under kind and efficient guidance. Of the senior groups, Std 1 was bright, intelligent and responsive. Stds 2 & 3 were less successful and rather reticent. Stds 4 & 5 were intelligent in answering and did good work both oral & written. The senior group, Stds 6 & 7, was definitely good and sensible in its work. A good syllabus has been covered; in some classes Old and New Testament alternate in succeeding years; the whole Catechism is covered during the course of the school career. A pleasing tone throughout the school. Signed De Lacy O’Leary.

18.4.1935 School closed for Easter Hols today.

29.4.1935 School opened. Mrs Kendall and Mrs Jeffries are both acting as Teachers on Supply.

30.4.1935 Mrs A Kendall completed her duties on the staff ofd this school.

1.5.1935 Mr William Hicks joined the staff today as an Un-certificated Teacher.

Milk for April: 61 bottles free, 476 paid for by children. Number of children purchasing 49; number free 4.

6.5.1935 School closed today on the occasion of HM’s Silver Jubilee. The pupils took part in the Parochial Celebrations and their Tableaux were much appreciated. Each child in age group 3-14 received a mug, a plate and a tin of chocolate.

7.5.1975 School closed today on the occasion of HM’s Silver Jubilee.

8.5.1937 School resumed today.

9.5.1935 Received stock: 8 Ivanhoe, 8 Ivan the Firebird, 7 The Prince and the Page.

17.5.1935 Received stock: 6 Moby Dick.

21.5.1935 Mrs M Jefferies (SS) absent through illness.

22.5.1935 Mrs M Jefferies again absent.

24.5.1935 Mrs M Jefferies still absent.

Today being Empire Day, Brig Gen CH Price, CB, DSO, a Manager of the school, addressed the children on “Empire Day”.

This pm, Miss N Challenger, an assistant mistress in Bristol visited and saw the school weaving.

School closed at 3.40 to enable the children to visit a matinee performance of a travelling circus camped in the village.

27.5.1935 Mrs M Jefferies resumed her duties today after a week’s absence.

30.5.1935 Ascension Day; children attended Divine Service at the Parish Church at 9.15 am.

31.5.1935 Account for May: free meals 100 for 5 children; number paying – 31.

3.6.1935 Miss Harris joined the staff today as an Un-certifocated Teacher of Infants.

7.6.1935 School closed for a week for Whitsuntide.

17.6.1935 School opened today.

19.6.1935 The Headmaster absent this morning receiving dental treatment.

26.6.1935 The Headmaster absent this morning receiving dental treatment.

28.6.1935 Milk for the quarter: 236 bottles at 1/2d = 9/10.

Children fed by EC: John Harvey, Jack Harvey, Rose Harvey, Sylvia Hacker (left 17 April), Barbara Hacker, Denis Hacker.

2.7.1935 CH Price, HMI, visited and found all correct. Full attendance and not a child absent for any reason.

Headmaster absent today, attending a funeral in Birmingham.

3.7.1935 Headmaster absent this morning receiving dental treatment.

9.7.1935 School closed to allow children to attend Sunday School s Treat to Weston-super-Mare.

10.7.1935 School opened at 9.35 owing to late hour returning from Weston-super-Mare.

17.7.1935 Headmaster absent this morning receiving dental treatment.

18.7.1935 Miss Ridler absent this morning owing to illness.

26.7.1935 Mistake made in Register by Mr Hicks. Raymond Curtis (No7) of Class B was present.

30.7.1935 CH Price, HMI, visited and found everything satisfactory.

29.7.1935 The Juvenile Employment Officer visited to confer with the Midsummer and October leavers.

1.8.1935 Monthly Milk Return:

bottles paid for by children = 499; by LEA = 115; children fed by LEA = 5; children purchasing meals = 25.

1.8.1935 School closed today for Autumn Holidays.

It is interesting to note that the following Major Items have been purchased from the school funds during the year…

Goal posts for Association Football £1.5.0

Netball Posts £1.5.0

Football Jerseys £1.15.0

Footballs £1.15.0

Hire of Sports Field £2.2.0

New cricket bat & ball 12.6

New Lawson Loom £5.0.0

2nd hand Ellam Rotary Duplicator £5.0.0

2.9.1935 School opened after Midsummer holidays. All members of staff were present. During the vacation the inside of the school has been redecorated and several minor alterations completed.

Canon Sewell, the Correspondent, visited school today. 3 copies of “The History of England” by A Forster were received today.

4.9.1935 Stock received today: Anne of Geierstein 10, Age of Fables 5 The Black Arrow 17 Denmark 8

Ivan & the Fire Bird 6 Donald the Red Deer 6 The Mastery of Reading-Approach Book 6

Our Island Story III 6 King Hebry V 3 The Mastery of Reading - Book I 6

60 Songs for Little Children

5.9.1935 The inquest was held today on the death of a Scholar of this school, Doreen Webb, age 6, of Watley's End who was knocked down in Nicholls Lane on Monday, 4 September, about 4.5 pm by a motor car and the injuries subsequently proved fatal. The verdict was accidental death.

7.9.1935 Two senior scholars represented the school at the funeral of Doreen Webb today. The Headmaster was also present.

11.9.1935 Miss Ridler was absent ill today.

13.9.1935 1 ton 15 cwt coal delivered today.

16.9.1935 2 ton 8 cwt coke delivered today.

23.9.1935 Archibald H Sewell, Correspondent, visited the school today & found all in order

Brig Gen CH Price visited the school today.

The school dentist held a dental inspection today and remained until Wednesday 25th. Her visit necessitated temporary re-classification so that a class-room could be placed at her disposal.

1.10.1935 Milk supplied in September = 436 bottles; paid for by EC = 63; children receiving free milk = 3; number paying = 18.

7.10.1935 Mr Boutflower, HMI, visted today from 10 ‘til 3.45.

16.10.1935 The Headmaster visited an exhibition of Spinning, Weaving and Dyeing, organised by the Weavers Guild, in the School of Art, Whitechapel, London. It should be noted that Guest Towels, a girl’s gym tunic, 4 cushion covers and a lady’s evening wrap were exhibited in the Lawson Loom Section, all these had been made by the Senior Girls of this school, on a Lawson Loom.

18.10.1935 Miss Smart (Monitress) was absent today owing to illness.

Due to representations made by the Headmaster, a representative from the AA conferred with the Headmaster concerning the advisability of erecting: 1) a barrier; 2) ‘School’ signs – to ensure the safety of the children leaving the school premises.

21.10.1935 Miss Smart resumed her duties today.

25.10.1935 Miss Keynton, from St Silas Girls School, Bristol, visited the school today to see the school weaving.

31.10.1935 Mr Bennet, District Surveyor, visited to confer with the Head Teacher concerning the erection of a barrier outside the school entrance as a protection against careless children running into the thoroughfare.

30.10.1935 A collection was made in school today for ‘Pound Day’ in support of the Hambrook Cottage Hospital. Generous gifts of groceries, fruit and vegetables were received.

1.11.1935 Milk for October: 493 bottles (1/3 pint) purchased by children = 493; by EC = 69; Children fed by EC = 3; children receiving milk on payment = 23.

School closed today for half-term holiday (ie Mon & Tues)

6.11.1935 School closed today in celebration of the marriage of HRH the Duke of Gloucester to Lady Alice Scott.

7.11.1935 School re-opened.

8.11.1935 CH Price visited and found everything satisfactory.

11.11.1935 Today was celebrated as Remembrance Day. Most of the Poppies supplied to the school were sold.

The following Programme was followed:

10.45 The Children’s Song.

10.50 The Poppy (address by the Headmaster).

1055 To the Fallen – M England & B Smith.

10.58 Reading of names on School Roll of Honour. Laying of Laurel Wreath.

11.00 2 minutes silence.

11.02 Trumpets from the Cenotaph.

11.04 O God Our Help in Ages Past.

11.08 Address to children by Brig Gen CH Price, CB, DSO.

11.25 ‘Fairest Isle’. The National Anthem.

A letter was received from the Western Secretary of the AA, concerning the danger to children near Winterbourne C of E School, saying that the work of making up a tar macadam footpath along the school frontage would be put in hand soon, and then a barrier will be placed in position. As the village has no street lighting, the erection would be dangerous if placed in the existing verge.

14.11.1935 The school was required as a polling station for the General Parliamentary Election today.

25.11.1935 A meeting of the School Managers was held in school this evening at 6pm. The Managers interviewed 2 candidates for the vacancy on the staff caused by the resignation of Miss Ridler. They appointed Miss Davies, to begin duty on 2 December.

28.11.1935 A school Concert was held this evening in St Michael’s Room at 7.30. The seats had been sold out some days ago so the venture was assured of financial success. The whole performance was given by the pupils of the school, was of great merit, and was very much appreciated by the audience.

29.11.1935 Milk Statement for November: free meals 51; bought meals 288; children fed free by EC = 3; paying for milk = 21.

2.12.1935 Miss CM Davies began her duties as an Uncertificated Teacher today, in the place of Miss Ridler, whose engagement terminated on 30 November.

6.12.1935 Miss Davies was absent through illness today.

9.12.1935 Miss Davies again absent; a doctor’s certificated has been sent.

16.12.1935 Miss Davies returned to duty this morning.

18.12.1935 The weather was so cold that a further 10cwt of coke was ordered.

Henry G Ludwell, School Manager, visited this school and found everything satisfactory.

20.12.1935 Milk Statement for December: free meals 40; bought meals 203; children fed free by EC = 3; paying for milk = 18.

An Infants party, organised by the school staff, was held in the school on Wed 18th. Tea was provided.

A Christmas party, organised by the school staff, was held in the school on Thurs 19th; Classes C,B & A attended. Tea was provided.

School closed at noon today for the Christmas Holidays.

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