Who's business is it anyway when it comes to a woman to decide on an abortion or not? I do not believe that an abortion should be contemplated by anyone but the woman

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Who's business is it anyway when it comes to a woman to decide on an abortion or not? I do not believe that an abortion should be contemplated by anyone but the woman. If a woman does not feel capable of bringing a child into the world, her decision should be respected. No form of government should step in the way and say that a woman may not have an abortion. If someday the government somehow votes that abortion are illegal, they are in on one. What on Earth will we do with all of these unwanted babies?

Imagine being a teenage girl, finding out that you are pregnant. You only have about two choices to what you can do. One, is to go through with the pregnancy, and the other could be having an abortion. Life for you alone, hasn't begun. For just being a child yourself, you're bringing another one into this world. If you do decide on abortion, there are a few obstacles you must overcome. First, is gaining knowledge about abortion. For every two babies born, the third is ended in abortion. So the question you need to ask yourself, is having an abortion the right decision for you? Maybe it would help if you knew that in 1994, for every one thousand teenage girls, twenty one of them had abortions. Can you believe that the highest number of abortions is around the age of fifteen? 77.5 abortions were performed in 1992 alone. Too many teenagers are having babies when they are babies themselves. The main problem is that there is little contraception, education and abstinence being used in the U.S. Abortions are a gruesome process, so I can understand the controversy that it creates. Doctors often inject a chemical hormone which induces violent labor and a premature birth. This is called the saline solution abortion. This abortion isn't the most common used, but the most gruesome. Since there is a unusual amount of abortions born alive by this method, there must be a neonatal care unit at the hospital. There is also a high chance that the baby born to have major complications.

With the possibility of abortions voted illegal at state, many babies will be born unwanted. This will lead into a whole lot of more foster children. If the government ever decided on illegalization of abortions, they need to find an alternative to counteract the amount of unwanted children. I know while being a teenager, you don't want to be a statistic. Instead of being this, have safe fun. I'm sure you would rather party and hang out with your friends, than change dirty diapers or having risky abortions.

Bushs' views on abortion is a very interesting view. Bush proposes to make juveniles who need and abortion to have parental notification. The proposal is weak however, if after forty-eight hours and there is no feedback from the parents, the abortion may proceed. Bush also wants teens to be aware to wait to avoid the consequences of their sexuality, Bush has also tried to pass an "Abortionist protection bill." This bill had a 111 to 30 vote. In turn, Bush has high hopes that by passing this bill, he will not repeat the failures from last year, When though Americans do not seem to support for a constitutional amendment, Bush will still favor to outlaw abotions.

These plans, the abortion outlaw, bush follows this strongly in exception of needed abortions for incest, rape or the mother's health. Since 1997, Texas has performed 84,870 abortions. 5,523 of these were for patients under 18.

Steven Levitt of Stanford Las School and co author John Donhue III of University of Chigaco has mad an upublished report called "Legalized Abortion and Crime". The two suggest that the legalization of abortion might have indirectly caused the lowering of crime which have been observed during the 1970's. Their reasoning was that abortions prevented the birth of many people who would have been brought into poverty. This could be more likely to commit crimes. In addition the se two men stated that abortion could be responsible for about 1/2 the drop in crime rates since 1991.

For Bush major part in this subject, he plans to overturn the Roe vs. Wade as his model of justice. Bush feels that abortion should be outlawed and his is his plan to overturn this trial.

Al Gore's proposals for abortion however, are far different that George W. Bush's. For example, Gore plans to increase funding by $25 million in family planning through the title X fiscal in the year 2000. Also, by the year 2001, plans for a $35 million increase for better family planing education and contraceptives. These funds will be used to prevent over a million unwanted pregnancies. Improving of comprehensive reproductive health services as well as to increase the accessibility of contraceptives, counseling, and contraceptives. Gore's plan somewhat solves problems of abortion, because many people cannot afford contraceptives that they need to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Also, many teens need education about abstinence and contraceptives, because often times they are too timid to approach their parents in what their needs are.

Gore also supports the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. This act establishes a safety zone, or boarder around the opening of abortion clinics. Protesters and violent acts can be pushed far from the doors of the clinic in order for the patients to safely enter clinics. Gore stated that "what could be more important than advancing women's health and eliminating violence? The bill does both."

Another form of abortion has been introduced into the system. RU-486 is a form of abortion that is a pill. Gore will support this new drug if it is proven safe. Gore's support consists of passing a bill to expand the funding of this drug. Abortion questioning is for women not the government or the president to decide. Gore states that " I will always, always defend a woman's right to choose."

NARAL president Katie Michelman positively criticizes Gore's choices. "We know that as president Al Gore will be a strong, effective, and determined leader in the fight to protect a woman's right to choose. HE has fought with us o the front lines in the past. We know we can count on him in the future." Gore says that "you are not going to stop abortions, you're only going to put it in the back shadows of the legal system.

Reverend Flip Benham feels that the FDA approval of the RU-486 is a subject of the millions to die to technology. History is a good teacher, the same company that developed a kinder and gentler way to kill our Jewish brothers and sisters has now developed a kinder way to exterminate our children. As hineous as it was in the days of nazi Germany, it is more hineous now-because we know better!

There are many different sides people can take on the issue of abortion. By viewing the sides and opinions of the candidates for president, it may help you understand what is important, and unimportant about the issue. I believe it is only right for the woman to chose, if she wants an abortion. No man or woman should have the right to say a woman can or can't have an abortion. In conclusion, Vice President Gore is the side I would choose. This was a hard decision to make because this issue is the only issue I agree upon with Vice President Gore. Since I believe strongly for a woman's right to choose, he is the winner.

When Vice President Gore stated in one of his speeches, "You are not going to stop abortions, you're only going to put it in the back shadow of the legal system." I believed strongly that what he said was true. If we make abortions illegal, they will be pushed back into the legal system. sure, they won't be legal, but what will stop a desperate woman who knows bringing a child into her life would do no good. Many illegal abortions will be performed. From the end result, many women will die due to lack of technology because abortions are illegal. The best cleanliness and so forth won't be used because the woman's goal is to get the abortion and get out. The surroundings could be dangerous. Besides, once something is made legal and then becomes illegal, people will be upset. When the phrase is stated when there's a will there's a way, many women will proceed with the abortions. Many people work around laws as we speak. For example, we all know that drugs are illegal, but many people sneak around and use them.

But not only does Gore want to keeps abortions legal, he will take and extra step further and make unwanted pregnancies not to even happen. Gore proposes to raise funding by $25 million for family planning through the title x fiscal year 2000. By the year 2001, Gore plans to increase the funding by an extra $35 million. Gore isn't making it easier to get abortions, he is just allowing them when needed. Plus, gore is backing himself by increasing the family planning funding. These funds will be used to prevent over one million unwanted pregnancies a year by improving the delivery of comprehensive reproductive health services as well as to increase the accessibility of contraceptives and counseling services.

Women won't have to turn to abortions due to this proposal. If women would go get information and contraceptives before they become sexually active, abortions aren't needed as much. This will benefit for the women because abortions make women ill, and the unwanted baby. Abortions don't always go as planned and often hinder the women's health. Since they will no longer be set for abortions. I believe that if this plan goes through, many babies won't be put to death because they won't be even conceived. The contraceptives will help a lot in the long run.

When Steven Levitt of Stanford law school suggested that the legalization of abortions might have indirectly caused the lowering of crime rates since the 1970's. I know this sounds a little off the wall but if you read the reason, it begins to sound logical. Abortions prevented births of many people who would have been born into poverty. Thus, more likely to commit crimes. All of those women who didn't think that they could support their baby and didn't have abortions, I believe that this ultimatum that they made. I believe that is you are financially, mentally, etc. unstable to bring a child into the world, then you should have the right to terminate the pregnancy. If a woman knows she can't financially support their baby, she is usually right. Abortions should be administered so the mother and child wouldn't have to undergo the poverty which sometimes heads to crime.

All in all, abortion is a sensitive subject, but something has to be said and done about the topic. I believe women should always have the right to choose, no matter what the situation is of the matter. I understand that many deaths occur due to abortions, but this decision is right. Vice President Gore is the candidate that I will support on this topic. In hopes of a good election, I hope that abortions will soon remain legal.


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