Who Killed jfk?

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Who Killed JFK?

Objective: to investigate and analyze the assassination of JFK.

Step 1: Do your research. Below are some helpful websites that provide evidence for theories on who killed the 35th president. There are lots of websites out there; find an accredited one, and soak in the knowledge. Be sure to take a look at each of the 8 theories.





Step 2: Choose a theory about who organized the killing of JFK and decide why this theory has to be true. Make sure you have evidence to back this theory up, and evidence on why the other theories could not be true.

Step 3: Choose an option/format to show off your information.


  • Top News Story- Choose one of the conspiracy theories (not Lee Harvey Oswald) and write a “Top News” article about who really killed JFK. This article should include cited evidence as well as a reason why Oswald is NOT the killer. Must be typed and formatted like a newspaper.

  • Barbra Walters interview with the Warren Commission- Do your research on the Warren Commission, and how Oswald acted alone, and conduct and interview for why this HAS to be the truth. This should include cited evidence as well as reasons why other conspiracies are NOT true! (videoed=partner)

  • PowerPoint Top 8 Ranking: Put the 8 theories on who killed JFK in order for which is the MOST likely to be the truth. Your rankings must be accompanied with detailed information on WHY they have the ranking they do, as well as cited information proving the ranking to be valid. Photos are a must!


  • Information must be cited. All requirements/outlined details must be included.

Investigating the Assassination of President Kennedy- 8 theories

1. Lee Harvey Oswald

2. The Mafia

3. Soviet Union and Cuba

4. Anti-Castro Activists

5. Texas Oil Industry

6. John Birch Society

7. Central Intelligence Agency

8. Secret Service and the FBI

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