Who is Harriet Tubman? When was Harriet born?

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Who is Harriet Tubman?

  1. When was Harriet born?

What was Harriet’s nick name?

What was Harriet’s mother’s name?

What was Harriet’s father’s name?

  1. Why do we not know the exact date Harriet was born?

  2. What are slaves?

When did slavery start in America?

Where did the slaves come from?

How did they get here?

  1. What is a plantation?

  2. Homes

What type of house did Harriet’s master Mr. Bordas live in?

What type of house did Harriet and her family live in?

  1. Who could own slaves?

How were slaves sold?

  1. What type of jobs did slaves have?

  2. Where did Harriet go when she was 6 years old?

  3. How was Nat Turner?

  4. What did Harriet do when she saw the slave escape in 1834?

  5. What is a chain gang? (You will need to separate from “What did John say to Harriet when she told...”)

  6. What happened after Mr. Brodas died?

  7. What did Ben teach Harriet?

  8. Who did Harriet marry in 1844?

  9. What did John say to Harriet when she told him she wanted to escape?

  10. What are abolitionists?

What are Quakers?

  1. Escape

  2. What is the Underground Railroad?

  3. What are slave hunters?

  4. What is a vigilance committee?

  5. How did Harriet’s sister and her family escape?

What happened when Harriet went to back to get her husband John?

  1. What is the Fugitive Slave Act?

  2. What was the best day for slaves to escape? Why?

  3. Wanted!-Harriet was wanted for a reward explain…

  4. Who did Harriet help escape in 1857?

  5. What year did Harriet make her final trip on the Underground Railroad?

  6. How did John Andrew want Harriet to help during the Civil War?

  7. What did Colonel James Montgomery ask Harriet to do?

  8. Emancipation Proclamation

  9. June Teenth

When was slavery finally abolished?

Even though slavery was over were blacks considered equal citizens?

  1. Books

Scenes from the Life of Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman: Moses of her People

  1. Who was Harriet’s 2nd Husband?

  2. How did Harriet help the newly freed people?

  3. Cross book- Death- Glue-Fold flaps down and paste casket picture on front flap.

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