Who has the first card? I do

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Who has the first card? I do.

Who has why the Byzantine forces abandoned Rome shortly after the death of Justinian?

I have because Byzantium didn't possess the resources to sustain a long-term occupation.

Who has the Germanic general who deposed the last of the western Roman emperors bu didn't claim the imperial title?

I have Odoacer

Who has what Charlemagne accomplished?

I have temporarily reestablished centralized imperial rule 

Who has what missi dominici means?

I have envoys of the lord ruler, sent by Charlemagne in an effort to keep counts under control

Who has how the Byzantine Empire learned how to manufacture high quality silk?

I have two monks observed Chinese techniques and smuggled silkworm eggs in their walking staffs.

Who has the main difference between the Byzantine Empire and Western Europe's society?

I have rich and prosperous cosmopolitan cities compared to a rural society of similar to subsistence farming.

Who has how western Christendom reorganized their society after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire?

I have through a hierarchy of lords and vassals called feudalism.

Who has what caused dramatic population fluctuation in Byzantium and Western Europe?

I have Byzantine's loss of territories to Muslims and repeated invasions in the west.

Who has the policy whereby the emperor not only ruled as a secular leader but also played an active and prominent role in church affairs?

I have "caesaropapism".

Who has the most notable construction by Justinian?

I have the Hagia Sophia.

Who has the reason Corpus Iuris Civilis was important?

I have it was the first accepted version of Roman Law?

Who has the reason Byzantion was a good place for the new capital?

I have it was a good trading spot, it was easily defensible, and gave the ability to watch both Western Europe and Persia.

Who has the reasons for the Schism of 1054?

I have differences in ritual and doctrines, relations between God and Jesus, type of bread, and shaved or unshaved.

Who has the language used in the Balkan and Slavic regions that was introduced by St. Cyril and Methodius?

I have Cyrillic.

Who has the group of nomadic people who settled in Hungary and raided the Frankish realm?

I have the Magyars. 

Who has what the Vikings did in northern France and southern Italy?
I have they created small, independent states.

Who has where slaves were exported and shipped to Byzantium?

I have Russia and Scandinavia.

Who has how the development of Christian monasticism started?

I have through the efforts of devout individuals who led holy lives.

Who has the reason why the Cyrillic alphabet is not used as much?

I have the Roman alphabet supplanted it in the 20th century.

Who has a major contribution by Justinian which had previously been a confusing mass of conflicting ideals?

I have he orders a systematic review of Roman law and issues the Corpus iuris civilis which becomes the definitive codification of Roman law.

Who has the leader responsible for persuading Muslim rulers of Spain that it is not worthwhile for them to seek further conquests in Western Europe?

I have Charles Martel.

Who has the policy similar to Islamic teachings where the worship of idols and veneration of images is prohibited?

I have Iconoclasm.

Who has one of the major developments of the early middle ages?

I have the creation of a large Christian cultural zone in the western part of the Eurasian continent.

Who has the name of Constantinople after the Ottoman Turks rename the city?

I have Istanbul.

Who has the Pope who sent missionaries to Germanic people?

I have Pope Gregory I.

Who has how the Byzantine Empire responded to the Islamic threat?

I have the theme system. 

Who has the man that was the first official crowned emperor of the Carolingian Empire?

I have Charlemagne. 

Who has the incendiary weapon that could burn on water?

I have Greek fire.

Who has the factor that gave the Franks popular support from the people?

I have the conversion to Christianity.

Who has the king in India who ruled similarly to Charlemagne?

I have King Harsha.

Who has the name of the separation of the eastern and western churches in 1054?
I have the schism.

Who has the reasons that the Constantine built Constantinople as the capital of his empire? 

I have because the eastern Mediterranean was the most productive region of the Roman Empire and so that he could keep watch over neighboring peoples. 

Who has why the Byzantines abandoned Rome and never fulfilled Justinian's dream of reuniting the old Roman Empire? 

I have because the Byzantine forces could not keep control over their conquests of the Western Roman Empire. 

Who did Charlemagne rely on to enforce his policies?

I have aristocratic deputies (also known as counts) who held political, military, and legal authority in local jurisdictions.

Who has in what year did the Byzantine Empire move the imperial government to Constantinople?

I have 330 CE.

Who has when was Byzantium the strongest?

I have when free peasants flourished, providing agricultural surpluses that increased prosperity.

Who has why the Carolingians found it hard to defend themselves?

I have they had no navy, means to protect vulnerable sites, or a way to predict Viking movements.

Who has an example of how Constantine tried to create a new Rome fit for the ruler of a mighty empire?
I have he built magnificent marble palaces.

Who has what Constantine claimed as the first Christian emperor?

I have divine favor and sanction for his rule.

Who has what did St. Basil and St. Benedict do?

I have prepared regulations for monasteries that provided for mild asceticism combined with mediation and work on behalf of the church.

Who has the color reserved for imperial use and forbidden to non-royals?

I have purple.

Who has what innovations increased agricultural production in Western Christendom?

I have heavy plow, special horse collar, and water mills.

Who has what the Norse merchants transported?

I have silver.

Who has the symbol of good relations between the Carolingian and Abbasid empires?


I have an albino elephant.

Who has the reason why constant travel was necessary for Charlemagne?
I have because he didn't have the financial resources to maintain an elaborate bureaucracy or administrative apparatus that could enforce his policies.
Who has Charlemagne’s only surviving son?

I have Louis the Pious.

 Who has what Pope Gregory I emphasized?

I have the sacrament of penance.

Who has the prime virtues for Basilian and Benedictine monks?

I have poverty, chastity, and obedience. 

Who has the usefulness of the heavy plows?

I have that they could penetrate the damp northern soils.

Who has why the Vikings coordinated their ships' movements and timed their attacks?

I have to take advantage of the tides.

Who has the merchants who were the most active among the early medieval merchants in the northern seas?

I have the Norse Seafarers.

Who has how Christianity differed from any other major religious tradition?

I have it inherited a more hierarchical organizational structure.

Who has the reason the silk industry was supervised by the government,

I have to prevent the creation of a monopoly by a few wealthy or powerful entrepreneurs. 

Who has the difference in methods of ruling between the pope and patriarch?

I have the pope acted individually while the patriarch worked with the emperor and the church was treated as a department of state.

Who has what the courier network include?

I have they had relay stations with fresh horses and riders.

Who has the last card? I do.

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