Where The Middle Ages a dark Age? 13

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Where The Middle Ages A Dark Age? 13th/11/2011

The middle ages where not a dark age. Yes there was a lot of killing and blood shed and torture but there was change, and if it was not for change we would not be where we are right now. My topic is warfare and how it changed in the middle ages. Yes as warfare evolved more people would get killed but there was change and there are good sides to it, an example is as fortifications got better and the security of the cities and countries got better and as weapons got better others made their armor better.

Not all the changes of warfare led to better armor and weapons and items used in wars, people now use stirrups and spurs even now, even if they are not going to war. And the stirrup connected to a saddle on a horse is used to help people get onto a horse and maintain balance while riding. And another invention would be like gunpowder witch let people build cannons and let them build firearms and also making mining easier by letting them blast through mines instead of chipping through huge rocks by hand. But gunpowder was especially while shooting down cavalry. When it comes down to being attacked by someone, it comes down to the defenses as in forts, castles and wall to protect you while you send soldiers to the battlefield to fight off an attack. These fortifications where especially useful when being ambushed by Vikings and other pillagers. As defenses got better some cities may even become immune to most attacks the city faces. Spurs where also invented to let the horse rider have his arms free by putting spurs on their boots so they then do not have a whip to make the horses sprint.

In the late middle ages, Super Guns where invented. When soldiers put to much gun powder in the canon, it might have exploded. So the super guns where invented huge and much more cannons with cannonballs no less then 50 centimeters. Some canon balls even went up to a meter long. These guns where mainly designed to defeat large groups of infantry at an extremely long distance, but as they grew better they where made portable my putting big wheels made of rock and sometimes really thick wood. Later on these guns where moved to enemy forts and castle and also walls and then fired at to break down big walls.

This topic was good because I am interested in medieval warfare and found out a lot of new things that in never knew of and especially when it came to the super Guns I thought they where not invented until the late 17th or early 18th century. It contributed to both answers that it was a dark age and it was not a dark age. A lot of people where killed but the fact is a lot more advancements where made so I would say that it was not a dark age. Warfare was a good and bad thing in the middle ages. Good because it led to many advancements and it led to building forts and castle and walls which now add to the defenses of many countries and cities. And it bad because there was a lot of killing and torture and people and thousands of families lost their loved ones but there where many different advancements in medieval warfare that ended up leading to millions of other live and families where saved. So a lot of sacrifice led to a greater good.

I think the answer is still yes and in medieval warfare had a lot of deaths but as said a lot of sacrifice led to the greater good. And these advancements where not there we might still be in wars between factions and war between countries and death everywhere.

By: Shafaquat Azam

Grade: 7-A


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