What was first memory the Giver gave Jonas

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The Giver Test Review Chapters 11-18

  1. What was first memory the Giver gave Jonas?

A sled ride

2. What happened to the Giver after transmitting the memory?

He no longer had the memory

3. Why doesn't it snow in Jonas's community?

Community has climate control

4. What did Jonas experience during the first day of job training?


5. Why did Jonas feel different at school the day after he began job training?

He wasn’t allowed to talk about his training

6. Why was Jonas late for his second day of training?

He saw the change in Fiona’s hair that had happened with the apple

7. What was Jonas experiencing for the first time?


8. What color did Jonas see?


9. What memory did the Giver give Jonas so he could see other colors?

10. Why did the Giver say the community went to sameness?
Without sameness people might make the wrong choices

11. What disturbing memory did the Giver give Jonas?

Elephant hunters

12. Could the Receiver apply for a spouse?


13. What happened to the memories when the last Receiver failed 10 years ago?

They were released to the Community

14. Why did Jonas ask the Giver to give him painful memories?

To take away some of the Givers pain

15. What lingering pain did the Giver give Jonas?

A broken leg

16. What problem did Gabriel have?

He didn’t sleep well at night

17. What happened if twins were born in the community?

The smallest one would be released
18. What did Jonas do when Gabriel woke up during the night?

Gave him a memory of a sailboat

19. What clues told us the battle was part of the American Civil War?

Gray uniform, canons, horses

20. What kind of memories did the Giver give Jonas after the memory of war?

21. Jonas learned about _________ when the Giver gave him the memory about the family.


22. What lie did Jonas tell his parents?

He understood that love was not a precise word to describe his feelings.

23. What happened when Gabriel slept in a room without Jonas?

He cried

24. What did Jonas decided to stop doing?

He stopped taking his pills

25. What exciting news did the speaker announce?

A holiday

26. What were the children doing that upset Jonas?

Playing war

27. What was Lilly good at?

28. What was the name of the receiver who failed?


29. What sad memory did the Giver give to the receiver who failed?
Loneliness-a child taken away from its parents

30. What happened after the failed receiver’s release?

Everyone in the community had her memories

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