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FAMILY LAW PROJECT (located at 111 W. Jackson, Chicago)

NOTE: New clients can call 312/431-2255

JoAnn Villasenor - supervising attorney X 8327, Emily Schetz - attorney X8393

Dissolution, including custody and financial issues which conform to priorities for Chicago residents. Focuses on financial issues.

Post decree issues involving custody, enforcement of visitation, removing children to another state and significant property issues which conform to priorities
VOCA Project, Catherine Alin - staff attorney X 8369

Orders of Protection - Independent orders, extending orders that clients have obtained

on their own and defending against orders obtained by abusers. Catherine also gets orders of

protection for clients who are accepted for a divorce by Project SAFE and the Hull House Project or neighborhood offices for a divorce. We do not represent on OP’s obtained in criminal court.

Hull House Project, - attorney X83 , Martha Donis - paralegal X8325

Represents victims of domestic violence receiving counseling and other services through

Hull House Women’s Services Program in the Uptown community of Chicago.
Project SAFE, Katie Lamb - attorney X 8356,
Divorce and orders of protection for survivors of domestic violence (for married couples who live in Chicago).

New clients must ask for Project SAFE when they call and should be referred to Ext. 2255 for an intake interview. (Direct Line is 312/431-2255)

Project SAFE also coordinates with all local law schools to recruit volunteer students to donate their time to LAF.
DOJ Project, Kulsum Ameji - attorney X8348, Martha Donis, paralegal X8325

Represents outreach clients thru Apna Ghar, Hull House, and other community centers who are victims of domestic violence in need of orders of protection and divorce.


Richard Perry - Attorney, Asha Agrawal -Vista Paralegal

Simple, uncontested divorces, clinics are held each month, three sessions per clinic to walk the clients through the process. Clinics are available in English and Spanish.

The service is free to the client.

This service is available to clients in Chicago and in suburban Cook County.

Clients enroll by calling 312/431-2101

GENERAL INTAKE OFFICES (West Side, Northwest, Southside, Central Intake – in Chicago; Harvey, Evanston and West side -- for suburban* Cook County clients)
1. Emergencies, such as Orders of Protection
2. Divorces stemming from Orders of Protection obtained by that neighborhood office
3. Contested divorces if there is a custody issue and conforms to guidelines for accepting

client for representation in a custody case.

4. Other custody/visitation cases (unmarried parents, grandparents) which otherwise conform with priorities.
*representation in suburbs is limited to families where domestic violence and custody are issues.

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