What Caused the Great Depression? – The dbq

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What Caused the Great Depression? – THE DBQ
Your goal is to write an essay that makes a clear argument in response to the overall question.
Essay requirements:

  • It must include a clear and complex thesis statement that answers the main question.

  • Body paragraphs must support the thesis statement with historical evidence. Historical evidence includes both:

    • Information that you learned from class discussion and your textbook.

    • Information from the documents.

  • You must make reference to AT LEAST 5 out of the 8 documents.

  • It must include a conclusion that ties together your argument.

The essay will be graded holistically on a 9 point scale.

9=100; 8=97; 7=93; 6=89; 5=85; 4=81; 3=77; 2=72; 1=65
The grade will focus on:

  1. Strength of the thesis statement.

  2. Successful interpretation of documents.

  3. Use of documents to support the argument.

  4. Use of outside information to support the argument.

  5. Overall clarity of the essay.

  6. Grammar clarity.

Due on Friday, April 15.

Typed, double-spaced.

Assignment is worth 100 points.

Sample thesis:

The Great Depression was caused by a variety of economic factors.

The Great Depression was caused by the stock market crash, the Smoot Hawley tariff, and buying on margin.
Are these strong thesis statements?

The Great Depression of the 1930s was caused by an overproduction of goods by businesses into an economy that already had severe problems with speculation in the stock market and inequalities in wealth. Early government intervention that decreased international trade only added to this problem.

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