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What Caused Secession?

Questions from the DBQ document packet

Document 1

Over what issue did the Southern Democratic and the Northern Republican parties seem totally at odds?

Do you feel that either side was willing to compromise?

  • No—the Republicans refused to allow slavery in the territories while the Southern Democrats demanded that slavery be protected wherever it existed.

Document 2

Why did this Mississippi politician advocate secession?

  • The North hated the South and the North was determined to use their power to dominate the south and emancipate (free) the slaves

How does this statement help to explain why so many non-slaveholding Southerners supported secession?

  • Feared that slaves would want to take revenge once they were free- also feared the North would destroy the South and their economy.

Document 3

What do you think of this Pittsburgh newspaper’s accusation that Lincoln and his Republican Party are the major threats to the disunion of the country?

  • Lincoln’s election would cause the South to secede because the South could not accept Lincoln’s refusal to allow slavery in the Western territories.

Document 4

From which region did most of Lincoln’s support come?

How does Document 2 help explain this regional voting?s

slavery and that’s what they base their vote on.

Document 5

What, according to George Templeton Strong, were the major factors which in the autumn of 1860 were about to split the nation?

Document 6

What reason did the state of South Carolina give for seceding from the Union?

  • The election of Lincoln has shown that all the Northern states are united against slavery.

Document 7

What did Jefferson Davis say caused the South to secede?

What did he mean by raids of organized bodies?

  • John Brown’s raid.

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