Western Expansion Essay Optional Assignment

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Western Expansion Essay Optional Assignment

Well written essays can earn a quiz grade of 95%. Essay will be graded on the criteria written below. Essays handed in will be graded. Do not hand in an essay that is poorly done or only partially completed.

Historical Context

Many sports teams draw their inspiration from history. This is especially true of the era of western expansion in the 1800’s. Many team names have historical significance from their state or regional story.


Research the team name history from at least three of the teams below. Write a paragraph about each of the team names and how they connect to the region, state or city’s history. An example is give below. (SEATLE SUPERSONICS)


The Supersonics are the NBA franchise in Seattle. Seattle is the home of the Boeing Aircraft Company, makers of some of the fastest jets in the world. Supersonic is a term for flying faster than the speed of sound. Speed is an excellent asset for a basketball team to have. Since the Seattle is home to these fast jets it was natural to give their basketball team a name rooted in local industry.

Include in your TYPED essay

  • An intro and conclusion.

  • Paragraphs on at least 3 team name histories and how they are connected to the history of the city, state or region they represent.

  • Put your essay into two columns

  • Insert at least one appropriate picture, properly inserted using the instructions on back.

Team name ideas

Portland Trailblazers

Oregon State Beavers

San Francisco 49ers

University of Tennessee Volunteers

San Diego Padres

California Angels (Anaheim Angels)

Oklahoma “Sooners”

Kansas “Jayhawks”

New Mexico Lobos

You may research others, but be sure to connect the team name to the history of the place the team plays.

Important Computer Resources for Social Studies

Important Contact Information:

A. Class page via school website

1) Go to school website http://ms.peekskillcsd.org/home.aspx

2) Under “Directory” click “Class Pages

3) Type “Wallace” in class name OR click “History and Social Science

4) Click “Mr. Wallace 7th Grade Social Studies

-Resource section has important links and copies of HW worksheets when possible.

-Events section lists HW, Quizzes, and class events

-Updated ASAP

How can I put my essay into columns?

. Contact Mr. Wallace online: I am available at vwallace@peekskillcsd.org Please contact me with questions, comments or ideas. Email is the best way to contact me.

  1. Type your essay (after you have a hand written version). Run spelling & grammar check.

  1. Highlight the entire essay (or the section you want in multiple columns) by using your mouse / touchpad.

  2. While the essay is highlighted, click FORMAT on the tool bar at the top of the screen.

  3. Click COLUMNS from the format drop down menu.

  4. Select the preset column set up you want from the screen.

How can I insert a picture into my essay and have the text wrap around it?

  1. Click insert

  2. Click picture

  3. Click “from file” if picture is one you have saved as a file OR click “clip art” if you want to use a pre-made picture already in your computer.

  4. Double click the picture you want.

  5. When the picture appears in your essay, RIGHT CLICK on the picture.

  6. Click format picture

  7. Click the LAYOUT tab on top.

  8. Click “tight”

  9. Click “OK”

  10. Now move the picture around, the text will wrap around the picture as you move it.

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