Western American Frontier History, 1550-1900 Reel Listing

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Western American Frontier History, 1550-1900

Reel Listing

A las armas mexicanos, que Santa-Anna es el campeon.

[Mexico] Imprenta del Callejon de los Camarones. [1841]

[2] p. 29 cm.; Caption title.; Accuses Santa Anna of having reached a secret agreement with the Texans.; Dated: México, septiembre 21 de 1841.

Reel: 1, Item No. 1
A los mejicanos. Compatrïotas: Si con promesas falsas pudiera hacerse feliz un [!] pais, Mejico seria sin duda el mas afortunado.

[Puebla, Imprenta Ambulante]. [1845]

[2] p. 44 cm.; Caption and beginning of text used as title.; A federalist attack on the government for not pursuing the Texas war.

Reel: 1, Item No. 2
Abbey, James.

California. A trip across the plains, in the spring of 1850, being a daily record of incidents of the trip.

New Albany, Ind., Kent & Norman, and J.R. Nunemacher. 1850

64 p. 17.5 cm.; Cover has imprint: New Albany, Ind., J.R. Nunmacher; Kent & Norman; Louisville, C. Hagan & co.; [etc., etc.] 1850.; Original wrappers.; Eberstadt no. II-680.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.5.

Reel: 1, Item No. 3
Abbot, Edwin Hale.

A review of the Report upon the physics and hydraulics of the Mississippi River; upon the protection of the alluvial region against overflow; and upon the deepening of the mouths; based upon surveys and investigations made under acts of Congress. Prepared by Capt. A.A. Humphreys and Lieut, H.L. Abbot.

Boston, Crosby and Nichols. 1862

42 p. 22.5 cm.; Original wrappers.; "Reprinted from the North American review, April, 1862.".

Reel: 1, Item No. 4
[Abbot, Henry Larcom], 1831.

General G.K. Warren.

[West Point?]. [1883]

15 p. 23.5 cm.; Cover-title.; Signed: Henry L. Abbot.; "Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Association of the graduates of the U.S. Military academy--annual reunion of June 12, 1883."; Original wrappers; Eberstadt no. II-933.

Reel: 1, Item No. 5
Abbott, Carlisle Stewart, b. 1828.

Recollections of a California pioneer.

New York, The Neale publishing company. 1917

235 p. front. (port.) 19.5 cm.; The author crossed the plains with the Beloit Co. in 1850 and again in 1852. Settling in California first, he moved to Arizona in 1879.

Reel: 1, Item No. 6
[Abbott, James B.].

Memorial in behalf of the "Black Bob" band of Shawnee Indians, in favor of the issuance of patents to their land in severalty, as provided by the treaty of 1854, and act of Congress of March 3d, 1859, and against any interferance[!] therewith by legislation.

Washington, D.C., Powell, Ginck & Co., prs. 1870

22 p. 22 cm.; Cover-title.; Original wrappers.

Reel: 1, Item No. 7
Abel, Henry I.

Traveller's & emigrant's guide to Wisconsin & Iowa.

[Philadelphia, H.I. Abel]. [1838]

Accompanied with a new and improved map of those territories, with the addition of parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.; broadside. map. 51 x 67.5 cm.; Title from label mounted on cover.; Caption title: Geographical, geological and statistical chart of Wisconsin & Iowa ...; Text with ornamental border.

Reel: 1, Item No. 8
Aberdeen and Tamair, Ishbel Maria (Marjoribanks) Gordon, marchioness of, 1857.

Through Canada with a kodak.

Edinburgh, W.H. White & co. 1893

viii, 249, [1] p. illus., ports., front. 19 cm.; Chapters VIII-XV describe the journey through the Canadian northwest and British Columbia; three of these chapters treat of the Indians.

Reel: 1, Item No. 9
Abney, A.H.

Life and adventures of L.D. Lafferty; being a true biography of one of the most remarkable men of the great South-west, from an adventurous boyhood in Arkansas, through a protracted life of almost unparalleled sufferings and hairbreadth escapes upon the frontier of Texas.

New York, H.S. Goodspeed & co. [1875]

219 p. front., plates, ports. 19 cm.; "A series of wonderful adventures in Texas on very slender historic basis."--C.W. Raines, A bibliography of Texas, 1896, p. [1].; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.15.

Reel: 1, Item No. 10
Aborigines' Protection Society, London.

Canada west and Hudson's-Bay company: a political and humane question of vital importance to the honour of Great Britain, to the prosperity of Canada, and to the existence of the native tribes; being an address to the Right Honorable Henry Labouchere, Her Majesty's principal secretary of state for the colonies.

[London] W. Tweedie. 1856

With an appendix.; 2 p.l., 19, [1] p. 20.5 cm.; Original wrappers.; Eberstadt no. III-460.

Reel: 1, Item No. 11
Aborigines' Protection Society, London.

The Red River insurrection: three letters and a narrative of events.

London. 1870

28 p. 21 cm.

Reel: 1, Item No. 12
An abstract of the constitutions, laws and other documents having reference to, and including the empresario grants and contracts made by the state of Coahuila and Texas to and with John Charles Beales; also, deeds of the same from him to John Woodward; to which is appended and argument sustaining the rights and titles of John Woodward.

New York, Narine & co.'s print. 1842

2 p.l., [3]-60, 62, 22, 24 p., 1 l. fold. map. 22.5 cm.; Contents.--Documents.--Titles.--Deeds.--Arguments.; The section on "Titles" and part of the "Documents" were also issued in a made up volume with binder's title: Empresario titles of John Charles Beales. The "Documents" and the first half of the "Titles" were reprinted ca.1869 and issued with half-title: Texas lands. The remainder of the "Titles" were reprinted and issued at about the same time with caption title: Nine grants in fee simple.; Streeter 1444.

Reel: 1, Item No. 13
An account of California, and the wonderful gold regions. With a description of the different routes to California; information about the country.

Boston, J.B. Hall. [1849]

Illustrated with maps and engravings.; [32] p. illus. (incl. maps) 23 cm.; Cover-title.; Illustrated covers.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.35.

Reel: 1, Item No. 14
An account of the North American Indians, written for Maun-gwa-daus, a chief of the Ojibway Indians, who has been travelling in England, France, Belgium, Ireland, and Scotland.

Leicester [Eng.] Printed by T. Cook. 1848

24 p. 21 cm.

Reel: 1, Item No. 15
Ackley, Mary E. (Medley) 1842.

Crossing the plains, and early days in California, memories of girlhood days in California's golden age.

San Francisco, Priv. print. for the author. 1928

68 p. mounted front., mounted illus. 24 cm.; The author made the overland journey in 1852.; Eberstadt no. II-763.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.33.

Reel: 1, Item No. 16
Ada Elmore Gold and Silver Mining Co.

The celebrated Ada Elmore gold and silver mine of South Boise, Idaho Territory.

New York, L.D. Robertson, Steam Printer. 1866

31 p. 23 cm.; Original wrappers.; At head of title: Idaho, the "Gem of the mountains!".

Reel: 1, Item No. 17
[Adair, Bethenia Angelina (Owens)], 1840-1926.

Dr. Owens-Adair; some of her life experiences.

[Portland, Or., Mann & Beach, printers]. [1906?]

4 p.l., [5]-537 p. ports. 22 cm.; Half-title; no. t.-p.; Second half-title: Gleanings from a pioneer woman physician's life. By B.A. Owens-Adair, M.D. ...; Includes biographical sketches of many Oregonians.; Eberstadt no. III-1656.

Reel: 1, Item No. 18
[Adair, William Penn], 1828?-1880, comp.

History of the claim of the Texas Cherokees.

New York, Morgan, Comes & Lawrence, stationers. 1873

22 p. 22 cm.; Cover-title.; Compiled by W.P. Adair and C.N. Vann.; Original wrappers.

Reel: 1, Item No. 19
Adam, George, fl. 1850.

The dreadful sufferings and thrilling adventures of an overland party of emigrants to California, their terrible conflicts with savage tribes of Indians!! and Mexican bands of robbers!!! with marriage, funeral, and other interesting ceremonies and customs of Indian life in the far West.

St. Louis, Mo., Barclay & co. 1850

Compiled from the journal of Mr. George Adam, one of the adventurers, by Prof. Wm. Beschke.; 1 p.l., vii-ix, [1], 11-60 p. front., illus., plate. 23 cm.; Probably fictional. cf. Wagner-Camp.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. B.396.

Reel: 1, Item No. 20
Adams, Andy, 1859-1935.

The log of a cowboy; a narrative of the old trail days.

Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company. 1903

illustrated by E. Boyd Smith ...; 5 p.l., 387, [1] p. front., 5 plates 19.5 cm.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.45.

Reel: 2, Item No. 21
Adams, C.A.

Letter from a Kansas settler, formerly of Concord, Mass., to his brother.

[Lawrence, K.T.?]. [1856]

broadside. 30 x 24 cm.; Signed: C.A. Adams. To W. Henry Adams, Concord, Mass. Dated: Lawrence, K.T., Aug. 24, 1856.; Kansas affairs and national politics from the Free Soil point of view.

Reel: 2, Item No. 22
Adams, Charles Francis, 1807-1886.

Texas and the Massachusetts resolutions.

Boston, Eastburn's press. 1844

54 p. 22 cm.; Originally appeared in nine numbers of the Boston courier.; Original wrappers.; Streeter 1468.

Reel: 2, Item No. 23
[Adams, Ephraim], 1818-1907.

The Iowa band.

Boston, Congregational publishing society. 1870

184 p. front. (port.) plates. 19.5 cm.; Introduction signed: W.B. [i.e. William Barrows].

Reel: 2, Item No. 24
Adams, George J.

A lecture on the authenticity & scriptural character of the Book of Mormon.

Boston, Printed by J.E. Farwell. 1844

Delivered at the town hall, Charlestown, Mass. on Sunday evening, February 4th, and Wednesday evening, February 7th. Reported and published by his friend C.P.B.; 24 p. 19.5 cm.; Eberstadt no. I-951.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.48.

Reel: 2, Item No. 25
[Adams, James Capen] b. 1807.

Life of J.C. Adams, known as Old Adams, Old Grizzly Adams, containing a truthful account of his bear hunts, fights with grizzly bears, hairbreadth escapes, in the Rocky and Nevada mountains, and the wilds of the Pacific Coast.

New York. 1860

53 p. 17 cm.; Caption title: The hair-breadth escapes and adventures of "Grizzly Adams" ... written by himself.; Cover-title.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.57.

Reel: 2, Item No. 26
Adams, John Quincy, pres. U.S., 1767-1848.

Texas. Extracts from the address of John Quincy Adams, ex-president of the United States of America, to his constituents of the Twelfth congressional district of Massachusetts, at Braintree, September 17, 1842.

Washington. 1842

32 p. 25 cm.; English, French, Spanish.; "Translated into French and Spanish from the National intelligencer of October 22, 1842."; Streeter no. 1405.

Reel: 2, Item No. 27
Adams, Joseph Thornton, 1796-1878.

Lecture of the subject of re-annexing Texas to the United States. Delivered in New-Bedford. Feb. 10, 1845.

[New Bedford]. 1845

14 p. 23.5 cm.; "Published in the New-Bedford Register."; Streeter no. 1561.

Reel: 2, Item No. 28
Adams, Samuel.

... Communication from Captain Samuel Adams, relative to the exploration of the Colorado River and its tributaries.

[Washington?]. [1870]

20 p. 23 cm. (41st Cong., 3d sess. House. Misc. doc. no. 12); Caption title.; To accompany bill H.R. no. 2565.; December 16, 1870.--Ordered to be printed.; Report made to the War Dept.; Issued also at U.S. 42d Cong., 1st sess. House. Misc. doc. no. 37.

Reel: 2, Item No. 29
Adams, William Lysander, 1821-1906.

Centennial address delivered by Dr. W.L. Adams, of Portland Oregon, at the Oregon state fair, October 13th, 1876.

Portland, Or., G.H. Himes' steam job printing works. 1876

14 p. 24.5 cm.; Original wrappers.; Eberstadt no. III-1347.

Reel: 2, Item No. 30
Adams, William Lysander, 1821-1906.

Lecture on Oregon and the Pacific Coast.

Boston, I.W. May, printer. 1869

delivered in Tremont temple, Boston, October 14, 1869.; 39 p. 25.5 cm.; Eberstadt no. III-1348.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.73.

Reel: 2, Item No. 31
[Adams, William Lysander], 1821-1906.

A melodrame entitled "Treason, stratagems, and spoils," in five acts.

Portland: Printed by Thos. J. Dryer, "Oregonian" office. 1852

32 p. front., illus., pl. 26.5 cm.; Original wrappers; By Breakspear [pseud.].

Reel: 2, Item No. 32
Adams, William Lysander, 1821-1906.

Oregon as it is; its present and future, by a resident for twenty-five years, being a reply to inquirers.

Portland, Or., "Bulletin" steam book and job printing rooms. 1873

61, [1] p., 1 l. 22 cm.; Eberstadt no. III-1349.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.74.

Reel: 2, Item No. 33
Adamson, Archibald R., 1839.

North Platte and its associations.

North Platte, Neb., The Evening Telegraph. [c1910]

241 p. illus., port. 19 cm.; Storm, Catalogue of the Everett D. Graff Collection, no. 19.

Reel: 2, Item No. 34
Adamson, John.

An account of Texas; with instructions for emigrants.

London, Printed by J. Eames. 1839

12 p. 18.5 cm.; Original wrappers.; Streeter no. 1340.

Reel: 2, Item No. 35
An address to the Parliament and people of Great Britain, on the past and present state of affairs between Spain and Great Britain, respecting their American possessions.

London, Printed for J. Debrett. 1790

1 p.l., 49 p. 21.5 cm.; Signed, at the end: Zetes.; Relates principally to troubles between British and Spanish settlers in Central America.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.79.

Reel: 2, Item No. 36
An address to the people of Montana. Reasons why Helena should be the permanent capital of the state.

Helena, Mont., H.S. Thurber & Co., Printers. [1894]

15, [1] p. illus. (incl. photos, map) 35 x 26 cm. (in case 43 x 31 cm.); Caption title.; Includes advertising matter.

Reel: 2, Item No. 37
Address to the people of Oregon, by the retiring members of the Legislative assembly, giving their reasons for their resignation in that body.

Salem, Or., A.L. Stinson, printer. 1868

12 p. 24.5 cm.; Signed by Jas. F. Gazley, T.W. Davenport, and others, Republic representatives from the counties of Coos, Curry, Douglas, Benton Yamhill, Marion, Washington and Clackmas.; Eberstadt no. III-1351.

Reel: 2, Item No. 38

Entry Cancelled.

Reel: 2, Item No. 39
Addresses and memorials, together with articles, reports, &c., &c., from the public journals, upon the occasion of the retirement of Sir James Douglas.

Deal [Eng.] Hayward. [1864]

from the governorship of the colonies of Vancouvers Island, and British Columbia, 1864.; 74 p. 22 cm.; Original wrappers.; Eberstadt no. II-1310.

Reel: 2, Item No. 40
Admire, W.W., comp.

Admire's political and legislative handbook for Kansas. 1891. With maps.

Topeka, Kan., Geo. W. Crane & co. 1891

x, 459 p., 1 l., 71 p. tables, 4 col. fold. maps. 20 cm.; "Legislative practice, by A.P. Riddle, Ex-Lieutenant Governor": 71 p. at end.

Reel: 2, Item No. 41
The admisson of Oregon. The serenades.

[Washington, Printed by L. Towers]. [1859?]

16 p. 22.5 cm.; Caption title.; Pages [1]-11 contain an account of the celebration held in Washington, D.C., upon the passage of the bill admitting Oregon to the Union. The remarks of Joseph Lane, D.W. Voorhees and Stephen Douglas are printed verbatim.; "Speech of Hon. Joseph Lane, of Oregon, on the admission of Oregon. Delivered in the House of representatives. Febbuary [!] 11, 1859": p. [12]-16.; Eberstadt no. III-1565.

Reel: 3, Item No. 42
Adney, Tappan, 1868.

The Klondike stampede.

New York and London, Harper & brothers. 1900

xii p., 1 l., 470, [1] p. illus., plates. 21 cm.

Reel: 3, Item No. 43
The advantages and resources of Houston County, Minnesota.

Hokah, Minn., Reynolds & Wertz. 1858

34 p. 15 cm.; Cover-title.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. H.691.

Reel: 3, Item No. 44
Adventures of a gold-finder. Written by himself.

London, Henry Colburn. 1850

3 v. 20 cm.

Reel: 3, Item No. 45
The adventures of a Yankee; or, The singular life of John Ledyard; with an account of his voyage round the world with the celebrated Captain Cooke.

Boston, Carter, Hendee, and Babcock. 1831

Designed for youth. By a Yankee.; vi, [7]-90 p. illus. 13.5 x 11 cm.; Eberstadt no. III-150.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. L.180.

Reel: 3, Item No. 46
adventures on the Columbia River. [Anonymous review of 'Adventures on the Columbia River...'].

[by Ross Cox.] (From the Museum of foreign literature, science, and art, vol. XX, March, 1832, p. 335-343. 22 cm.); "From the Westminister review.".

Reel: 3, Item No. 47
Adventures on the prairies, and life among the Indians: a series of thrilling romances of love, revenge, and war.

Glasgow [etc.] Cameron and Ferguson. [188-?]

[303] p. front. plates. 22.5 cm.; Various pagings.; Original wrappers.; Contents--Life on the prairie.--The bracoon.--The prairie ranger.--The young ranger's life mystery.--Rube the hunter.--The Yankee scout.--The Oronoco chief.; Eberstadt no. II-1216.

Reel: 3, Item No. 48
Agee, George W.

Rube Burrow, king of outlaws, and his band of train robbers. An accurate and faithful history of their exploits and adventures.

Chicago, The Henneberry Company. [1890?]

x, 194 p. front., plates, ports. 19 cm.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. 89.

Reel: 3, Item No. 49
Ahumada, Juan Antonio de, fl. 1725.

Informe jvridico al rey nuestro señor D. Phelipe Quinto, (que Dios gvarde) en sv real, y svpremo Consego de las Indias, por Don Jvan de Olivan Rebolledo, Oidor de la Real audiencia de Mexico, y auditor general de guerra del reyno de Nueva-España.

[Madrid?]. [1724?]

Hecho por D. Juan Antonio de Ahvmada ...; 48 numb. leaves 30 cm.; Folios 30-32 contain a report on French intrusion in Texas, Olivan's appointment as governor of that province, and his official instructions.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. 0.65.

Reel: 3, Item No. 49.1
Aimard, Gustave, 1818-1883.

The trail hunter; a tale of the far West.

Philadelphia, T.B. Peterson & brothers. c.1861

[4], 17-175 p.; Sequel: The pirates of the prairies.

Reel: 4, Item No. 50
Ainsworth, Danforth Hurlburt, 1828-1904.

Recollections of a civil engineer; experiences in New York, Iowa, Nebraska, Dakota, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado.

Newton, Ia. 1901

1 p.l., 192 p. 21 cm.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.90.

Reel: 4, Item No. 51
[Aitken, James].

From the Clyde to California with jottings by the way.

Greenock, W. Johnston; Helensburgh, J. Lamont; [etc., etc.]. 1882

2 p.l., ii, 1 l., 152 p. front., mounted plate, fold. plan. 19 cm.; Introduction signed in ms.: James Aitken, Greenock. "Reprinted from the Greenock Herald."; Eberstadt no. IV-54.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.91.

Reel: 4, Item No. 52
Aitken, W., of Ashton-under-Lyne.

A journey up the Mississippi River, from its mouth to Nauvoo, the city of the Latterday saints.

Ashton-under-Lyne, Printed by J. Williamson. [1845]

56 p. 21.5 cm.; Original wrappers.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.92.

Reel: 4, Item No. 53
Aken, David.

Pioneers of the Black Hills; or, Gordon's stockade party of 1874.

[Milwaukee?]. [1920]

A thrilling narrative of adventure, hardships, laughable episodes and startling experiences, as graphically told by David Aken, one of the party.; 3-151 p. illus., port. group. 17 cm.; Howes, U.S.IANA, no. A.93.

Reel: 4, Item No. 54
Akin, James.

... The journal of James Akin, jr., ed. by Edward Everett Dale.

Norman, Okla. 1919

32 p. illus. (map, facsims.) 22 cm. (University of Oklahoma bulletin. New ser. no. 172. University studies no. 9); Cover-title.; The journal of a trip from Iowa to Oregon in 1852.; Original wrappers.; Eberstadt no. II-567.

Reel: 4, Item No. 55
Alarcón, Hernando de, 1466-1540.

The relation of the nauigation and discouery which Captaine Fernando Alarchon made by the order of.

Don Antonio de Mendoca, vizeroy of New Spain. [1540]

(In Hakluyt, Richard. Principall Navigations, London, 1599-1600, Vol. III, p. 425-439).

Reel: 4, Item No. 56
Alarcón, Hernando de, 1466-1540.

Relatione della navigatione & scoperta che fece il capitano Fernando Alarcone per ordine della illustrissimo signor don Antonio de Mendozza vice re della Nuoua Spagna.


(In [Ramusio, G.B.] ... Navigationi et viaggi. Venetia. 33 cm. Vol. III (1st ed., 1556) p. 363-370).

Reel: 4, Item No. 57
Alaska Coal Company.

Mineral resources of Alaska; the coal fields of the Alaska Coal Company, Coal Bay, Cook's Inlet.

San Francisco, Union Lithograph Co. 1891

15 p. illus. (incl. fold. map) 22 cm.

Reel: 4, Item No. 58
Alaska Coal Company.


San Francisco, Women's co-operative printing union. 1871

18 p. front. 22.5 cm.; Original wrappers.

Reel: 4, Item No. 59
Alaska Commercial Company, San Francisco.

By-laws of the Alaska Commercial Company.

San Francisco, Alta California Printing House. 1870

Together with An act to prevent the extermination of fur-bearing animals in Alaska.; 16 p. 15 cm.; Original wrappers.

Reel: 4, Item No. 60
Alaska Commercial Company, San Francisco.

Reply of the Alaska Commercial Company to the charges of Governor Alfred P. Swineford, of Alaska, against the company in his annual report for the year 1887.

[San Francisco, S.W. Raveley, printer]. [1887]

1 p.l., 94, [2] p. fold. maps. 24 cm.; Reply signed: The Alaska Commercial Company, by Louis Sloss, president.; Original wrappers.

Reel: 4, Item No. 61
Alaska Commercial Company, San Francisco.

... To the Klondike gold fields and other points of interest in Alaska.

San Francisco, Alaska Commercial Company. 1898

73, [23] p. illus., fold. map. 24 cm.; Advertisements: [23] p. at end.; Original wrappers.

Reel: 4, Item No. 62
Alaska Illustrators.

... Klondyke and Yukon guide. Alaska and Northwest Territory gold fields.

Seattle, Wash., Press of Pioneer Printing & Pub. Co. [1898?]

compiled and published by Alaska Illustrators ...; 31 p. illus. (incl. maps) 19.5 cm.; Cover-title.; Includes advertising matter.; Original wrappers.

Reel: 4, Item No. 63
Alaska Trade Committee, San Francisco.

Direct route, Yukon and Klondike; San Francisco best place to outfit.

San Francisco, Cal. [c1897]

folder (16 p.) maps. 22.5 x 9 cm.; Cover-title.; "Map showing routes from San Francisco to Alaska and the Klondike" (50 x 63 cm.) on verso of text.

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