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Keys: Please pick up your apartment key at the office of the Vice President for Administration (305 James B. Colgate Hall). The apartment key also opens the front door of the apartment building, which is locked for security purposes and, your, storage facility in the basement. Requests for additional keys can be made to Maureen McKinnon (228-7488). All keys must be returned when you vacate. A $50 fee will be assessed for each missing key to cover the cost of replacing the locks.

Telephone Service: To establish phone service contact the local carrier, Verizon, at 315-890-7100 (within New York state) or 1-800-698-3545 (outside of New York state) Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. or Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please indicate to the operator that your location is at Preston Hill apartments, which is in their system. Verizon is also an internet provider.

Cable TV Service: To order cable television service, please call Time Warner at 1-800-642-6241 or 315-248-0815. The usual wait time is 2-3 days before service is connected. Time Warner is also an internet provider. Satellite Dish hookups are not permitted on the premises.

Banking: The following banks are located within the village limits:
Alliance Bank, 1 Madison St. 824-1330

Oneida Savings Bank, 35 Broad St. 824-2800

Colgate phone numbers:
Accounting Office 228-7413

Human Resources 228-7565

Payroll 228-7420

Daycare: The Chenango Nursery School accepts children ages six weeks to school age. The facility is located at 59 West Kendrick Avenue next to the school. You may contact them at 315-824-1810 or you can view their website at www.chenangonurseryschool.org for more information.
Fire or Medical Emergency: Dial 911 to reach the local fire department and/or ambulance/rescue service.
Grocery and Convenience Stores: The following stores are located within the village limits for purchase of food items and groceries.

Byrne Dairy, Utica St. 824-1107

Colgate C-Store (located in the O’Connor Campus Center) 228-7492

Grand Union, 12B 824-3088

Hamilton Whole Foods, Broad St. 824-2930

Mobil Express-Mart, Utica St. 824-6278

Roger’s Market, 41 Lebanon St. 824-3640

Wayne’s Market Place, 11 Eaton St. 824-4828

Housing needs: The following stores may have in stock many items that you will need. The closest major department stores are located approximately 30 minutes from Hamilton in Norwich, Oneida, and Utica.
Colgate Bookstore, 3 Utica St. 228-7480

Kinney Drugs, 103 Utica St. 824-2200

Parry’s Hardware, 20 Utica St. 824-0002

* Wisebuys, 108 Utica St. 824-2404

Directions to local shopping areas:

Norwich: State Route 12B South to State Route 12 South to Norwich (23 miles) Wal-Mart is located on State Route 12, 2 miles south of the city limits. The phone number is (607) 334-5553.

Oneida: State Route 12 B North approximately 4 miles bear left onto State Route 46.
Follow SR 46 approximately 15 miles to Oneida. Turn left onto NY Route 5
(Genesee St.) 2.5 miles then Left onto Upper Lenox Avenue (CR-97) (21 miles)
Wal-Mart is located at 1294 Upper Lenox Avenue Oneida, NY 13421. Phone (315) 361-1257.
Utica: Route 12B North to intersection with NY Route 26/US Route 20. Turn right onto Route 20. Continue until the Route 12 junction, turn left onto Route 12 North. Follow Route 12 to Utica. Utica National Insurance Company will be directly in front of you. At the light make a left but you will then need to get into the right lane to make the first right onto the N/S arterial. - Remain on the arterial to reach different points of Utica or continue to follow signs to the NYS Thruway. Sangertown Square Mall is located off Routes 5 and 5A. Riverside Center is located off Route 12. Both can be accessed from the N/S arterial.

Landscaping/Snow Removal: Landscaping and snow removal are provided by the Buildings & Grounds staff.

Laundry: Your apartment key provides access to the laundry room located in the basement area. A coin operated washer and dryer are provided for the tenants’ use.

Mail: Your mailing address is: Preston Hill Apt. # 5, 155 Broad Street, Hamilton, NY 13346. The apartment mailboxes are located across the highway. There is rural delivery of the mail by the local U.S. Post Office.
Maintenance: The Buildings & Grounds staff maintains the property. To report problems with an appliance, heat, etc. during regular business hours (7:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.), call Buildings & Grounds at 228-7130. From 4:30 p.m-7:00 a.m. you should call the Heating Plant at 228-7468 to report any emergency repairs.
Kinney Drug 824-2200

Crowe’s Drug Store 824-3600

Schools: The Hamilton Central School is located on West Kendrick Avenue in the Village. You may contact the school at 315-824-3300 for enrollment information. The school provides classroom education from kindergarten through grade 12.
Storage Bins: Each apartment has a designated storage bin in the basement. You may use your apartment key in the lock provided. Tenants should lock their bin once there are items placed inside. Please be sure to completely empty your storage area when your lease term expires.
Trash Pickup: The University picks up trash on Mondays and Fridays. There are recycling bins in the laundry area. The trash should be sorted according to the guidelines mandated by Madison County. The guidelines are posted in the recycling area.
Tool Kit: A tool kit is located in the basement for use of all tenants. Please return the tools to the basement when you have finished using them.
Vacuum Cleaner: A vacuum cleaner is located in the basement for the use of all tenants. Please return it to the basement when you have finished using it.
Questions: If you have any non-maintenance questions during the academic year, please call Maureen McKinnon, (mmckinnon@mail.colgate.edu) at 228-7488.
*Fall 2007 - Wisebuys is under going a merger with another Central New York chain of stores therefore, their shelves may look a bit sparse.

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