Welcome New First Degree Knights

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1st Quarter


Knightly News
The official newsletter of Fr. John Howard Council 8500

Welcome New First

Degree Knights

Our February meeting saw the addition of 2 new brother knights to our Order and our Council. Tony Di Donato and James Hurst began their journey as Knights of Columbus and we are sure they will play an active role in our Council. Kevin Webb is also a new member to our Council as he has transferred from another Council. Welcome to Council 8500 gentlemen!
Tootsie Roll Time
The annual MI Drive was held during the last weekend in March. Thank you to the fellow Knights who volunteered to go out into the cold weather and traffic to pass out tootsie rolls and collection donations. Also, thanks to those who donated.

Conception Icon
Bless those who came to pray during the visit of the Immaculate Conception Icon which was held March 11-17.

Lenten Soup and Bread Each year on Fridays during Lent, except Good Friday, our Knights of Columbus Council 8500 provides a

soup and bread dinner. This year was no exception, as

fellow Knights Dean Aubry and Ty Gorski stepped up

to chair this event. Along with the Knights, the

Columbian Squires and Knights Daughters have

volunteered to help out with the setup, serving and

clean up of the meal. Dinner is served from 5:00pm to

6:45pm, followed by the stations of the cross starting

at 7:00pm. Thank you to all who have cooked soups

to donate to this event. Also, a special thanks to

Panera for donating various soups, bread and pastries.


The 1st annual Daddy/Daughter dance was held on February 7. The evening was magical and a great success. Everyone in attendance was charmed by all of the decorations and activities. Dean Aubry was the DJ who

kept the dance floor alive all night. A special thanks to Gary Cornellier for creating and directing this event.

3rd Degree Knight
Congratulations to Stephen Ghostley in becoming a Third Degree Knight. We wish you the best of luck in your transfer and future activities in the Knighthood.

Knight of the Month - Jan.

By Bob Szymanski

Congratulations to Ken Huddas, Council

8500's Knight for January 2015. Ken continues to be one of the most visible Knights around the Parish as well as one of the most involved. This month he is chairing the Highland Haven Senior Living Communities breakfast, an activity that he started and has chaired since its inception. He also started and chairs a similar event during the summer which holds a yearly picnic for both living residences.
Ken has held offices in both the Council and Assemblies, including those of Grand Knight and Faithful Navigator. He is a member of the Council degree team and has committed to memory two of the largest speaking roles, that of the Deputy Grand Knight and Chancellor.

Knight of the Month - January (continued)

He continues to be one of the most giving and charitable members helping many Knights and parishioners by transporting them to doctor's visits, Knights meetings and many social and fraternal events that they otherwise would not have a chance to attend.

Ken is always involved in Council events having chaired or supported the Easter egg coloring and hunts, children's Christmas party, MI drives, ramp builds, various Council and Parish benefits, and many other activities. His Council support is also mirrored by his 4th degree activities; Ken is a Color Corps member, a faithful woodcutter who has allocated his property and equipment for this activity in Highland since its inception over 9 years ago.
It is hard to imagine someone who has done so much for the Knights and his

Council in such an unassuming manner over these many years. We all owe Ken our heartfelt thanks and congratulations.

Knight of the Month - February

By Bob Szymanski Congratulations to Dennis Lucas, Council 8500's Knight for February 2015. Dennis has been a Knight for over 30 years and during that time he has helped this Council and Parish in many ways. Because of his

contributions, Dennis’ family

received the honor of being the Family of the Quarter. Currently, Dennis is helping out with our Soup and Bread program, by setting out the supplies and tables to be used at the event. His fellow Knights appreciate his contributions at our monthly poker nights.

Knight of the Month - February (continued)

Dennis had helped out with the preparation of food after the Knights’ meetings. He has participated in the MI Tootsie Roll Drive and was involved in the Turkey Trot program. He has helped out at church by helping decorate the hall for the past New Year’s Eve parties and did a week’s worth of

painting. Dennis has helped with the Church Picnic by setting up and cooking hot dogs. A long time ago, when Fr Leo celebrated his 25th anniversary,

Dennis was on the committee to organize the party. When the Knights had Vegas nights, Dennis was there to help out. Last summer, he was able to help a fellow parishioner, who was unable to cut her grass by cutting it for her. Dennis is a familiar face around church and known for his willingness to help out whenever he can. We are proud to have Dennis as a member of our Council.

Knight of the Month - March

By Bob Szymanski

Congratulations to Gary Cornellier, Council 8500's Knight of the Month for

March 2015. Gary is a very active member of our Council since he joined in 2011. Soon after he joined the Knights, he became the Membership Director and has personally sponsored over 20 new members. Gary is very proud to be a Knight and lives our

guiding principle of Charity.

One of the first programs he got involved with is the Jail Outreach Ministry and has

been its advocate ever since. For the last couple of years he has coordinated the Christmas Caroling at the jail. He has also coordinated the donation of personal care items for the

Knight of the Month - March (continued)

inmates and gifts for the inmates' families at Christmas.

The next program Gary started was the Bike Program. He saw a need for those that were in need of transportation and asked the Knights to support it. Since its inception, many bikes have been donated, and over 30 bikes have been given out. Some of the recipients are individuals that had no other way to get to work and to children whose parents could not afford to buy them.
The next project Gary took on was to put some money into the Knights' general fund, by collecting scrap metal and selling it. This program is still in its infancy; but promises to be an additional source of income for our Council.
The Spelling Bee Program needed a chairman and Gary stepped up to the plate. He drafted some members of the Council to help him, contacted the library, and put on a successful Spelling Bee.
Recently, Gary organized the 1st Annual Daddy/Daughter dance. The dance was well attended and was a smashing hit. All who attended had a great time and are looking forward to attending next year.
Gary is a great influence on everyone around him, including his son Max who is a member of the Knights' Squire and alter server and his daughter Dylan who is a Knight's Daughter.
Gary has truly affected the lives of many, all because he cares and is willing to do something about it.
We all owe Gary our heartfelt thanks and congratulations.

Family of the Quarter - First

Once a quarter the Knights of Columbus Council 8500 honors a member and his family with the Family of the Quarter Award.

This quarter our award goes to Deputy Grand Knight,
Doug Ellis and his wife Cindy, and daughters Caitlin and Megan.
Doug joined the Knights of Columbus in May of 2012 and immediately became an involved member. He made his 2nd and 3rd degrees in September of 2012 and

Family of the First Quarter


became a member of the 4th degree in April of 2013.

He has served our council as

Chancellor and is currently

our Deputy Grand Knight and the Grand Knight's right hand man.
He and his family are very active in our parish and help out in most of our fund raisers and council activities. His wife Cindy and daughter Caitlin are both involved with the Knights Daughters program here at Holy Spirit and his daughter

Megan will join them when she turns 10 this summer.

Congratulations and Thank you Doug, Cindy, Caitlin and Megan for all that you do here at Church of the Holy Spirit.
You are a fine example of an excellent

Catholic Family!


Special Birthday wishes for

Jan. 3 Robert Tacy Mar. 3 Chad Giles

Jan. 4 Kenneth Hurst Mar. 6 Thomas Oltesvig Jan. 6 Paul Alflen Mar. 7 Murray Stewart Jan. 7 Charles Chidsey Mar. 10 Thomas Keenan Jan. 11 Todd Hibberd Mar. 11 Ronald Nesheim Jan. 12 Joseph Piwko Mar. 15 James Lintol

Jan. 14 Dennis Lucas Mar. 16 Douglas Raupp

Jan. 15 James Woodgate Mar. 25 James Hric

Jan. 18 Gary Cornellier Mar. 26 Douglas Bubnes

Jan. 20 Charles Mc Arthur Mar. 30 Dan Dunny Jan. 21 Michael Carnaghi Mar. 31 Nathan Windy Jan. 23 Lorne Raupp

Jan. 25 Steven Sievert Apr. 1 Keith Fenwick Jan. 26 David Damian Apr. 1 Dean Legato Jan. 26 Christopher Woolhiser Apr. 2 Harold Diskin Jan. 29 Theodore Gostomski Apr. 4 Tyrone Gorski Jan. 31 Michael Single Apr. 5 Timothy Burns

Apr. 5 Kenneth Kutzil Feb. 1 Gordon Bateman Apr. 5 Bruno Zmikly Feb. 4 Michael Cylkowski Apr. 6 James Gorman Feb. 4 Fred Stanton Apr. 6 Richard Marcus Feb. 5 Thomas Bellar Apr. 6 Mitchell Oleski

Feb. 7 Ryan Mc Donald Apr. 8 Donald Des Noyers Feb. 9 Robert Maziarz Apr. 11 Thomas Daratony Feb. 10 Lee Osborn Apr. 11 Richard Rubenacker Feb. 10 Derek Skurski Apr. 12 Michael Daley

Feb. 11 Daniel Henn Apr. 12 Oakman Hurd

Feb. 11 Aaron Van Buren Apr. 12 Andrew Somervell Feb. 15 Frederick Duzzie Apr. 16 Dennis Hatmaker Feb. 21 Kenneth Huddas Apr. 20 Mark Oleski

Feb. 21 Ian Luther Apr. 21 Charles Massoll

Feb. 23 Edward Nelson Apr. 21 Timothy Tighe

Feb. 23 Jack Shubitowski Apr. 23 Robert Szymanski

Feb. 24 Antonio Di Donato Apr. 26 David Sisson

Feb. 24 Thomas Obie Apr. 28 Brian Sadowski

Feb. 26 Robert D'Ambrosi Apr. 28 Howard Zimmerman Feb. 27 Michael York Apr. 30 Stephen Ghostley Feb. 28 Patrick Morse

Feb. 28 Tomasz Strzebonski

Calendar - Upcoming Events

April 1-30 - Church Survey (to find out more visit: www.holyspirithighland.com)

April 2 - An Evening with Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane - Prayer service (after 7:00pm Mass)

April 4 - Children’s Easter Egg Hunt (10:00am)

April 6-12 - Ave Maria Radio Telethon

April 7 - K of C Officer’s Meeting (7:00pm)

April 7 - Men’s Club Meeting (8:00pm)

April 14 - K of C General Membership Meeting (8:00pm)

April 16 - Right to Life Dinner

April 19 - Vocations Dinner

April 21 - K of C 4th Degree Membership Meeting (8:00pm)

April 22 - Holy Spirit Movie Night Fundraiser “The Embrace of Aging”

4th Degree Woodcutting

Every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 8:00am located at 730 White House Dr., but locations may change. Please contact John for info: 248.889.5536 (home) or 248.881.2859 (cell) or jclitz@comcast.net

For other Knights of Columbus news please visit:

Do you know of an event for the calendar, have pictures to share, or a story to tell?
If so, please contact Mike Carnaghi 248.914.1215 or email: mrcarnaghi@gmail.com

Knightly News

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