Week 3 american studies 29 September 2014

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Week 3 AMERICAN STUDIES 29 September 2014
Todays lesson is about the Enclosure Acts and how they affected America. The main points you need to know are

  1. The Enclosure Acts were passed in what country?

  2. There were about this many Enclosure Acts all together—

    1. 12

    2. 200

    3. 4000

  3. The Enclosure Acts gave landowners the right to . . .

  4. Three things that happened to peasants who were forced off their land:

  5. The Enclosure Acts marked the beginning of an economic system known as . . .

  6. Give an example of how the idea behind the Enclosure Acts is still with us today.

Read Letter 2 from Letters From an American Farmer by J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur.

Pp, 1-5.

This is in a separate file. You can also find it on this website:



  1. To whom is this letter addressed?

  2. How did the letter writer, James, learn about the condition of farmers in Russia?

  3. How does his condition as an American farmer compare to that of farmers in other countries?

  4. How does being a farmer help strengthen the bonds within James’ family? What examples does he give to show this?

  5. How did the birth of his son change James’ life?

  6. Why is it so important to James that he own his own land?

Video: Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond.

Write a brief essay describing how a few hundred Spanish soldiers were able to conquer tens of thousands of Inca warriors.

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