Webquest of Africa’s Geography The Sahara

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Webquest of Africa’s Geography
The Sahara

1. Sahara is the _________________ desert in the world.

It receives less than _____ inches of rain each year.

- The Sahara covers a _______ of the African continent- an area the size of the


Location: What borders the Sahara to the west, north, east and south?

2. Climate of Sahara

During the day, the temperature can reach ____________________________.

- The Sahara receives __________ of rain per year.

- The __________________ makes it a desert.

- What is an oasis?

3. The majority of people living in the Sahara are ______________________, which means these people __________ from region to region in search of better living conditions.
4. What are the names of at least 3 animals found in the Sahara?

* Describe and illustrate them on your construction paper.

The Sahel

Location The Sahel is a narrow band of ________________________ land _____________ of the Sahara

People Both _____________________ and ____________________________, the Sahel has attracted a diverse population.

Some are _______________________________________ moving with seasonal flooding of the Niger. Others are ____________________________________.

* How have people along the Sahel caused it to shrink?

For nine months of the year, the Sahel is __________________________.

_____________________ comes with the rainy season, but is quickly consumed by __________________________________

________________________ or _______________________________________________________________.

*** Sahel ranks as the _______________________ place on earth. Temperatures stay between _________ and __________ year round.

Animals Pick 2 of the featured animals of the Sahel. Describe and illustrate them on your construction paper.

The Savanna

Location: What countries that are listed in our standard SS7G1 are covered with African savannas?

Climate: The African savanna are covered in ___________________ and _____________.

The temperature is between _______ and ________ all year.

** In the winter, the savanna might get __________ inches of rain each month.

In the ___________, ________ summer it is possible for no rain to fall.


Today, the plains boast a wide range of cultures, from Maasai _____________________, to Kikuyu ___________________, and Dorobo _______________________.

Sporadic d______________, _________________ and __________________________ are tiring the land out.


The savanna is where people go on a ______________________ to see wild animals in Africa.

On this page are pictures and descriptions of various animals found in the African savanna. Pick 3 and describe and illustrate them on your construction paper.
The Tropical Rain forest

Location In the space provided, sketch a small map of Africa and identify where the tropical rain forest is located.

In the rain forest, it may rain as much as ___________ inches a year!

- The air is ______________ and the temperature is always __________________.

- List and describe the 4 layers of the rain forest.


African forest people tend to be _________________ than those from the savanna.

- Their small stature allows them to move around the forest easier than __________ people.

- These groups are ________________, moving to new parts of the _______________ several times each year.

- They carry all of their things on their ______________.

- The women do the _____________________ with baskets on their backs.

- Men concentrate on __________________ and collecting ____________________.

- Why is the nomadic lifestyle good for the rain forest environment?


Why are many animals of the rain forest endangered species?

On your construction paper: Describe and illustrate 3 other animals found in the rain forest.

Atlas Mountains:

1. The Atlas Mountains are the most ___________________ of Africa’s mountains.

2. What 3 African countries do they stretch across?
Kalahari Desert:

1. What 3 countries does the Kalahari Desert stretch across?

2. What do people that live in the Kalahari do for a living?
Lake Tanganyika:

1. Lake Tanganyika is found in the hills of the _______________________________________________.

2. It lies in what 4 African countries?
Lake Victoria

1. This is the ______________________ lake in Africa

2. It is the main reservoir of the ____________ River.

3. Lake Victoria is known for its abundance of ___________.

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains provide a route between the __________________ and the ____________________ Desert.

Kalahari Desert

G_______ grows throughout the Kalahari in the ________________ season.

G________________ and a_______________ are possible in certain areas.
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