Webquest: Louis Riel

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Webquest: Louis Riel


Visit the website and use the information to complete the webquest activity in a separate document.

  1. Spend 7-10 minutes clicking through the site. Make a list of 5 elements of the site that “catch your eye”.

  2. Copy and paste an image of Louis Riel into your assignment.

  3. Where was Louis Riel born and describe his childhood.

  4. What was his role within Metis society? How did he establish himself as a leader?

  5. What was the Provisional Government?

  6. Who was Thomas Scott and what happened to him?

  7. Why did Riel flee to the US? Describe his escape.

  8. Why did he return to Manitoba?

  9. What happened at Batoche?

  10. In 3 sentences describe the Red River Rebellion.

  11. What happened at his trial? Why do you think he was found guilty?

  12. Why is Riel considered a hero today?

***print a copy at home and bring it to class next day.

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