We will be taking a trip to the Land Down Under! You will learn about animals, special landmarks, cities/areas, and the coral reef. Our Land Down Under WebQuest will involve Georgia Performance Standards in Reading, Writing, and Speaking

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We will be taking a trip to the Land Down Under! You will learn about animals, special landmarks, cities/areas, and the coral reef.

Our Land Down Under WebQuest will involve Georgia Performance Standards in Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
Georgia Performance Standards:

ELA2R1 The student quickly applies knowledge of letter-sound correspondence and spelling patterns to decode unfamiliar words.

ELA2R2 The student demonstrates the ability to read orally with speed, accuracy, and expression.

ELA2R4 The student uses a variety of strategies to gain meaning from grade-level text.

ELA2W1 The student demonstrates competency in the writing process.

ELA2LSV1 The student uses oral and visual strategies to communicate.

This lesson will include reading, writing, drawing and speaking about the student’s assigned activity.

The children will need paper, pencils, crayons and use of the computers in the lab. They can look for information in books and on the Internet.


We will be exploring the country/continent of Australia! You will pretend that you are traveling through the country. Each student will be assigned to a group. You will have a specific job. You will explore your assigned part. You will search different websites and look through books that describe your special assignment.

You have already learned some fascinating things about Australia. Now you have an opportunity to explore. Australia is filled with wonderful things to see and discover.

Each group will have four assigned parts. You will learn about your part and write down important information about your discovery.

You are going to pretend that you are giving a mini tour of Australia. Each group will have to decide how they will present their tour. You will work on your special part by yourself and then work together as a group.


Each student will be assigned to an animal, a special landmark, a geographic area/ city, or the coral reef.

First, you will research facts and information about your assigned job.

Second, you will write down four or more sentences describing your discovery. You will also draw a picture of your finding. When you are finished with your assignment, you may assist another student in your group.

Next, when each member has completed their individual assignment, then you will work as a group. Each group will decide how they plan to present their report to the class. You may want to act out your parts and pretend that you are an animal or a diver in the coral reef.

The class needs to learn special characteristics of your assigned part. For example, if you chose koala as your animal, we need to hear four or more important facts that would help us learn about a koala. The class needs to be able to picture what you are presenting. What does a koala eat? Where do they sleep? What do they look like? If you are assigned to a special landmark, you will choose an important sight in Australia. For example, you may choose the Harbor Bridge. You will describe what it looks like, where it is located, and why it is important. If you are assigned to a geographic location like the Outback, you would tell what it looks like, what is special or unique about that area. If you are assigned to the coral reef, you will pretend that you are a diver and investigating the water.

Person 1 You will choose an Australian animal. You will discover several facts that describe your animal.

Person 2 You will choose a special landmark that is famous in Australia. You will write about characteristics of your landmark.

Person 3 You will choose a geographic area or city in Australia. You will pretend you are touring that place. You will write about different things in that area or city.

Person 4 You will be exploring the Great Barrier Reef. You will describe how you feel, what creatures you meet and what it looks like under water.


  • Each person will work individually on exploring their special assignment. You may want to help each other if you need ideas or computer help.

  • You will find your information on the websites listed or you may look through books about Australia. In your own words, write down special things that stand out to you. This writing process will be your rough draft. You will make a final, edited copy later. Draw a picture that gives you a basic idea of your exploration.

  • Each group will discuss the plan for presenting ideas to the class. You may want to read about each place/animal and then show your pictures. Another idea would be to act out your presentation by pretending you are a koala or you are swimming through the coral reef. Your group should decide in what order each person will present. You need to practice and make sure each person understands their job.

  • Before your presentation, a final copy of writing and a complete picture with color needs to be ready.

  • The purpose of these group reports is to learn how to plan a project together, learn about Australia, and create a presentation to share.


Any URL links provided in this section

Classroom books

http://www.enchantedlearning.com/coloring/marsupial.shtml Web site about animals.
http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/mammals/monotreme/index.shtml Website about animals.
http://www.enchantedlearning.com/school/Australia/ Website about Australia
http://search.enchantedlearning.com/cgi-bin/uncgi/search?key=Australia Website about Australia

http://www.enchantedlearning.com/explorers/page/b/burkewills.sht Website with map.
http://www.nationalgeographic.com/earthpulse/reef/reef1_flash.html Website about coral reef

http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/sections/tours/virtual_tour/vrtour2.asp Sydney Opera
http://www.redcentre.com.au/photos/gallery.html Special sight and animals
http://teachingtreasures.com.au/student-projects/outback/main-outback.htm The Outback
http://www.anhs.com.au/outback.htm The Outback


You will graded according to your part of the group activity and presentation. Did you work well with others? Did you do your part in researching your topic? Did you help with planning the presentation? Please see the rubric below. I will use this for grading the project.

Cooperative Group Rubric

Exploring the Land Down Under

Student Name ________________
Date ________________________





Contribution to group





· Punctuality

Doesn't hand in assignments.

Hands in many assignments late.

Hands in most assignments on time.

Hands in all assignments on time.

· Research Information

Does not collect information.

Contributes little information.

Contributes information that mainly relates.

Contributes a good deal of relevant information.

· Shares Information

Keeps information to self and doesn't share with group.

Shares some information with the group.

Shares important information with the group.

Communicates and shares all information with the group.

Cooperation within group





· Cooperates with group   members

Never cooperates.

Seldom cooperates.

Usually cooperates.

Always cooperates.

· Listens to group members

Always talking and never allows others to speak.

Talks much 
of the time and rarely allows others to speak. 

Talks too much at times but usually is a good listener.

Balances listening and speaking well.

· Makes fair decisions

Always wants things their way.

Often sides with friends and doesn't consider all viewpoints.

Usually considers all viewpoints.

Total team player. 

Responsibility to
group members





· Fulfills duties 

Does not perform any duties.

Performs very little in way 
of duties.

Performs nearly all duties.

Performs all duties.

· Shares responsibility

Always relies on others to do work.

Rarely does work - needs constant reminding.

Usually does the work - seldom need reminding.

Always does assigned work without being reminded. 


Discuss the following with students:

Did they enjoy working in a group?

Did they learn more about Australia through this activity?

Did you discover more about Australia beyond your assigned part?

Do you feel like you have spent time traveling through the Land Down Under?

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