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Any official University or College policy, official date, or other important information over which the Department has no control is cited for the convenience of the student only. Please refer to the University Bulletin, the Student Handbook, the Schedule of Classes, or other appropriate University online publications for official confirmation of same.

Student Course Information:

TIME: M.T.W.TH.F. 11:00-12:00, 1:00-1:55 PLACE: Monastero St. Chiara


The General Education Foreign Culture Requirement
Along with fulfilling L.A. requirements, Italian Civilization courses may also satisfy the Foreign Culture (FC) requirement because they trace the development of Italian culture from its origins to the Renaissance period (Part I), as well as, from the Italian Renaissance to the new Republican time of today’s Italy (Part II).
Goals and Objectives
Italian Civilization I (2710) is developed to provide students with a vehicle for understanding Italy's contribution to world culture, and, in particular, to the development of the political, ethical, social, and educational values of the modern world. This course responds to student interest and to departmental multicultural objectives.

Course Description

Italian Civilization I (2710) is described as an overview of the development of Italian culture and civilization from the early Italic people to 1200, with emphasis on those aspects that prepared the political, social, cultural and intellectual groundwork of Humanism and the Renaissance.

Course Materials

A course pack will be available before the commencement of class.

Method of Instruction

This course will be taught twice per week in English. Material introduced in class will be further reinforced by video presentations.

Students are expected to take notes on lectures and on video presentations. Course pack material shall be covered as designated by the instructor.

Policy on Attendance and Class Participation

It is expected that each student will voluntarily participate in class activities. Excused absences are those due to illness or a death in the family. Absences due to full or part-time jobs are not excused absences. For the third and each succeeding unexcused absence (regardless of the reason for the first two) a proportional calculation will be used to determine your class participation if you are not able to document the absence with a valid excuse (e.g., doctor's appointment, illness, death in the family). This means that your instructor shall take the number of class meetings and divide it with the number of classes which you have actually attended to obtain the percentage of your class participation. Also remember that unexcused absences have a detrimental effect on your participation grade from the start.


Withdrawal from Course

Courses dropped before or on October 1 will not appear on the student's transcript and the registration changes are valid over the student's signature alone. Approval of the instructor is needed for withdrawals after October 1.

Grading Policy

Grades will be determined according to the following approximate percentages:
30% Quizzes

25 % Mid-Term Examination

30 % Final Examination

15% Class participation

No make-up quizzes or examinations will be given unless the student presents documentation confirming an illness requiring a physician's attention or a death in the family. If the student's absence is not properly justified, a grade of zero will be given on the specific assignment missed.

The mid-term and final examinations are departmental. The corrected mid-term exams will be returned to the student and reviewed in class. At the end of the review, however, all the exams will be collected and retained by the instructor. A student who wishes to do so may consult the exam later in the instructor's office. The student may also review his or her final examination; it will be retained in the department for one semester by the instructor.

Academic Integrity

The Department presumes the existence of an Honor System at all times. Your name or signature on exams and work assignments implies that the work is yours alone. Students are expected to be familiar with the University rules on cheating and plagiarism, as determined by the university.


Italian 2710 provides students with feedback on the results of their academic performance before the end of the fifth week of classes.

ITA2710S 14 SUMMER 2014

Week 1:


Geographical Aspects of Italy

Italian Regionalism

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

as a Regional Phenomenon


Week 2:

The Etruscans and the Romans

and their Pragmatic Inclination, Quiz 1

Architecture and Infrastructures

The Roman State and The Roman Law

The Roman Forum


Week 3:

The Italian piazza

Christianity and the Italian Judeo-Christian Culture

The Revival of Education in the Middle Ages, Midterm Exam

Improvisation in Daily Life (Benigni, Life is Beautiful)

The Italian Maritime Republics

The Italian Medieval Universities Quiz 2 ________________________________________________________________________

Week 4:

Feudalism and its Socio-Political Implications,

The Background of the Italian Mafia

The Italian and North American Mafias

Italian Design

Cultural Contexting

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