Wars of Religion Unit Syllabus

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Wars of Religion Unit Syllabus
Wars of Religion Overview

Causes of the Wars of Religion

Reasons for Europeans to fight in these wars

Status of the Hapsburg Empire

Why did the Wars of Religion happen? Why did they end? How did Europe grow from this period?

STORY 1 = French Civil War and War of the Three Henries

Huguenots and their growth in France

Huguenots vs Catholics

Catherine de Medicis

Valois family

Bourbon family

Guise family

St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre 1572

What/Who causes the War of the Three Henries?

Who are the 3 Henries that battle for the crown?

Catholic (Holy) League

Who wins the War of Three Henries? How?

Effects of the War of the Three Henries

Edict of Nantes 1598


How is this war political…how is it religious?

STORY 2 = Dutch Revolt of Spain…England vs the Armada

Who is Philip II

Philip II’s title and mission

absolute monarch

divine right

Netherlands religious profile and how it looks geographically

Netherlands importance to Spain’s empire

Causes of Dutch Revolts towards Philip II and Spain

William of Nassau, the prince of Orange and revolts in the Northern Provinces

Reasons for Netherlands economic success

Elizabeth I and her reign of England

Elizabeth I’s policies with the Church of England


Reasons for Elizabeth’s support of the Dutch Revolt against Spain

Elizabeth I vs. Mary Queen of Scots

“Sparks” that cause the Armada to be sent

Armada story 1588

Effects of the Armada on Spain and England in the 1600s?

How does the Netherlands split?

United Provinces

How is this war Political…how is it Religious?

STORY 3 = 30 Years War

Hapsburg Empire

Peace of Augsburg 1555

Who is Ferdinand II

Ferdinand’s lands and goals

Holy Roman Empire

Who are the German nobles?

Goals for the German nobles

Causes of the war

Defenestration of Prague

The two sides to the war

Who sides with whom in the war?

Phase 1 (Bohemian) and Phase 2 (Danish) winners. What is gained?

Edict of Restitution 1629

Phase 3 (Swedish) and Phase 4 (Franco-Swedish) winners. What is gained?

Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden

Peace of Westphalia

Who wins the 30 years war…why?

Who loses the war…why?

Effects of the 30 Years War

Effects of the 30 Years War on the Holy Roman Empire

How is this war political…how is it religious?

Growth of State Authority

Cardinal Richelieu

Schedule for Wars of Religion Unit
Day 26: DBQ Workshop Day 4: Group DBQ Writing Completed

  1. Wars of Religion Overview GUIDED NOTES 1 – 24pts (Due Day 27)

  2. Opening Question (Title = War Justifiable) found on my website…use one slot on your Do Now Sheet – 5pts (Due Day 27)

Day 27: Wars of Religion Overview and War of the Three Henries

  1. Philip II’s Spain GUIDED NOTES #2 – 25pts (Due Day 28)

Day 28: War of the Three Henries Conclusion

  1. Spanish Armada MINI DBQ – 7pts (Due Day 29)

Day 29: Dutch Revolt Introduction

  1. 30 Years War GUIDED NOTES – 30pts (Due Day 31)

Day 30: Dutch Revolt Conclusion and Mini DBQ Discussion

Day 31: 30 Years War Introduction

Day 32: 30 Years War Conclusion

  1. Age of Absolutism and France’s Absolutism GUIDED NOTES #1 – 20pts (Due Day 33)

Day 33: Age of Absolutism and France’s Absolutism

  1. Study for Wars of Religion Test – 100pts (Due Day 34)

Day 34: Wars of Religion Test

  1. TBD

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