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Kershaw, Robert J

Tank men: the human story of tanks at war. 2009. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 18 hours 48 minutes. TB 16771.

Ex-soldier and military historian Robert Kershaw brings to life the grime, the grease and the fury of a tank battle through the voices of ordinary men and women who lived and fought in those fearsome machines. This text draws on newly researched personal testimony from the crucial battles of the First and Second World Wars. TB 16771.

Kramer, Clara

Clara's war. 2009. Read by Rula Lenska, 13 hours 2 minutes. TB 17760.

In the small town of Zolkiew 15-year-old Clara Kramer and her family hid perilously in a hand-dug cellar. Living above and protecting them were the Becks. Life with Mr Beck was far from predictable. From the house catching fire, to Beck's affair with Clara's cousin, to the nightly SS drinking sessions in the room just above. Sixty years later, Clara Kramer has created a memoir that is lyrical, dramatic and heartbreakingly compelling. TB 17760.

Last, Nella

Nella Last's war: the Second World War diaries of Housewife, 49. 2006. Read by Lesia Melnyk, 13 hours 55 minutes. TB 16772.

In September 1939, housewife and mother Nella Last began a diary. When war broke out, Nella's younger son joined the army while the rest of the family tried to adapt to civilian life. Writing each day for the "Mass Observation" project, Nella, a middle-aged housewife from the bombed town of Barrow, shows what people really felt during this time. This was the period in which she turned 50, saw her children leave home, and reviewed her life and her marriage - which she eventually compares to slavery. TB 16772.

Lawrence, T E

Seven pillars of wisdom: a triumph. 1935. Read by Alvar Lidell, 31 hours 25 minutes. TB 2101.

Round this account of the revolt of Arabia against the Turks, Lawrence hung a fabric of portraits, adventures and dreams. TB 2101.

Lewis, Cecil

Sagittarius rising. 1982. Read by Alistair Maydon, 10 hours 20 minutes. TB 4804.

Recollections of flying in the First World War and afterwards as a pilot in China that give a penetrating glimpse into the minds of these very young fliers who went straight from their school playing fields into the front lines. Sagittarius, the Archer, is the ninth sign of the Zodiac and governs voyages, weapons, and all swift things. TB 4804.

Lewis, Norman

Naples '44: an intelligence officer in the Italian labyrinth. 2002. Read by Daniel Philpott, 7 hours 16 minutes. TB 16135.

Norman Lewis arrived in Naples as an Intelligence Officer attached to the American Fifth Army. By 1944 the city’s inhabitants were so destitute that all the tropical fish in the aquarium had been devoured, and numbers of respectable women had been driven to prostitution. The mafia gradually became so indispensable to the occupying forces that it succeeded in regaining its former power. Despite the cruelty and suffering he encountered, Lewis writes in the diary, "A year among Italians has converted me to such an admiration for their humanity and culture that were I given the chance to be born again, Italy would be the country of my choice." Contains strong language. TB 16135.

Longmate, Norman

How we lived then: a history of everyday life during the Second World War. 1971. Read by David Broomfield, 29 hours 19 minutes. TB 1750.

A picture of everyday life in England from September 1939 to August 1945. TB 1750.

Lyme, Edward

Soldier in the circus: how to survive five years as a prisoner of war. 1997. Read by Robert Gladwell, 9 hours 43 minutes. TB 11394.

Edward Lyme, captured in 1940, spent five years in the Stalags of Germany and Poland. He made several escapes, and contributed to the war effort by becoming one of the most incompetent workers in captivity. Laced with the humour and sense of comradeship that sustained so many POWs during World War Two, this is the story of an ordinary soldier's survival. TB 11394.

Lynn, Vera

Some sunny day: my autobiography. 2009. Read by Diana Bishop, 7 hours 38 minutes. TB 16787.

Born Vera Welch on 20 March, 1917 in the East End of London, Dame Vera Lynn's career was set from an early age - along with her father, who also did a 'turn', she sang in Working Men's Clubs from just seven years old. She had a successful radio career with Joe Loss and Charlie Kunz in the 1920s and '30s, but it was with World War II that she became the iconic figure that captured the imagination of the national public. TB 16787.

Macintyre, Ben

Agent Zigzag: the true wartime story of Eddie Chapman: lover, betrayer, hero, spy. 2007. Read by Steve Hodson, 12 hours 58 minutes. TB 15429.

On a chill December night in 1942, a Nazi parachutist landed in a Cambridgeshire field. His mission: to sabotage the British war effort. His German masters called him Fritz, or Fritzchen. The British police knew him as Eddie Chapman. Within weeks Chapman was in the hands of MI5 and operating as Agent Zigzag. Here is his story, weaved together through diaries, letters, photographs and memories. TB 15429.

Macintyre, Ben

Operation Mincemeat: the true spy story that changed the course of World War II. 2010. Read by Geoffrey Drew, 13 hours 3 minutes. TB 17582.

Operation Mincemeat was the most successful wartime deception ever attempted, and certainly the strangest. It hoodwinked the Nazi espionage chiefs, sent German troops hurtling in the wrong direction, and saved thousands of lives by deploying a secret agent who was different, in one crucial respect, from any spy before or since: he was dead. Ben Macintyre weaves together private documents, photographs, memories, letters and diaries, as well as newly released material from the intelligence files of MI5 and Naval Intelligence, to tell for the first time the full story. TB 17562.

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