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Hetherington, Brid

Under the shadow: letters of love and war 1911-1917: the poignant testimony and story of Captain Hugh Wallace Mann 7th & 5th Battalions The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders and Jessie Reid. 1999. Read by multiple narrators, 6 hours 41 minutes. TB 13494.

This work tells the true story of young minister Hugh Wallace Mann and his one and only love Jessie, from the earliest days of their friendship in 1911, to a military hospital bed on the Normandy coast after the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917. Hugh evokes the strenuous routine of army camps, the relative calm of billets, the horror, brutality and excitement of trenches and battle, and in writing, he immortalises his love for Jessie. TB 13494.

Hibbert, Christopher

Nelson: a personal history. 1994. Read by Christopher Oxford, 16 hours 26 minutes. TB 14098.

In this tale of Nelson's life on and off the high seas, the author illuminates the admiral's personality, his personal and political friendships, and his passionate love affair with Sir William Hamilton's wife, the beautiful Lady Emma, daughter of a blacksmith and once a London prostitute. TB 14098.

Hillen, Ernest

The way of a boy: a memoir of Java. 1994. Read by Garard Green, 6 hours 15 minutes. TB 11873.

Brought up on a tea plantation in Java in the 1930s, Ernest Hillen and his brother Jerry had a magical and exotic boyhood, until the Japanese invasion of the Dutch East Indies in 1942. The following three and a half years were spent in Japanese prisoner of war camps, where Ernest experienced hunger, squalor, cruelty, despair and sickness. TB 11873.

Horne, Alistair

The price of glory: Verdum: 1916. 1962. Read by Alvar Lidell, 18 hours 30 minutes. TB 133.

The absorbing story of the incredible and tragic struggle, with due attention to the German as well as the French point of view. TB 133.

Horne, Alistair

To lose a battle: France 1940. 1969. Read by Robert Gladwell, 24 hours. TB 1036.

The author presents the day-to-day course of the battle for France in May 1940, when Hitler's armoured divisions crushed the French in the most savagely brilliant campaign in history, and analyses the social, political and economic forces which created victory for the Germans. TB 1036.

Hutton, John

Kitchener's men: the King's Own Royal Lancasters on the Western Front, 1915-1918. 2008. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 5 hours 18 minutes. TB 16145.

This text provides an account of the raising, training and fighting experiences of the Service and Territorial battalions of the King's Own Royal Lancasters in France during the Great War. It gives a graphic insight into the daily routine and grim reality of warfare on the Western Front. TB 16145.

James, Lawrence

The golden warrior: the life and legend of Lawrence of Arabia. 1990. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 18 hours 33 minutes. TB 9121.

Controversial and provocative, this biography penetrates and overturns the mythology which surrounds T.E. Lawrence. The author does not accept everything that Lawrence wrote as true; instead, he probes motives and asks questions. His book is bound to reopen debate and interest in one of the most remarkable men of this century. TB 9121.

Joll, James

The origins of the First World War. 1984. Read by Crawford Logan, 9 hours 38 minutes. TB 5842.

James Joll re-examines the events of that fateful summer of 1914. His themes include strategic planning and the arms race, the pressures of domestic politics, and the cultural and psychological atmosphere of 1914. He relates these factors to the decisions taken at the time, and shows how each affected the policies of the belligerent powers. TB 5842.

Junger, Sebastian

War. 2010. Read by Jeff Harding, 8 hours 30 minutes. TB 17755.

For one year, in 2007-2008, Sebastian Junger accompanied a single platoon of thirty men from the storied 2nd battalion of the U.S. Army, as they fought their way through a remote valley in Eastern Afghanistan. Over the course of five trips, Junger was in more firefights than he can count, men he knew were killed or wounded, and he himself was almost killed. War is a narrative about combat: the fear of dying, the trauma of killing and the love between platoon-mates who would rather die than let each other down. Contains strong language. TB 17755.

Kennedy, Ludovic

Pursuit: the chase and sinking of the Bismarck. 1974. Read by Michael Stirrup, 9 hours 34 minutes. TB 5738.

In May 1941 the German battleship "Bismarck" escaped into the Atlantic, posing a deadly threat to the convoys that were keeping Britain alive. She had to be sunk. The search for and destruction of the most formidable fighting ship afloat, is one of the great sea sagas of all time. TB 5738.

Kershaw, Alex

The Bedford boys: one small town's D-Day sacrifice. 2008. Read by William Dufris, 8 hours 21 minutes. TB 17476.

"The Bedford Boys" is an account of the D-Day landings in World War Two, and their impact on the small American community of Bedford, Virginia, which lost 22 of its young men in the first hours of the landings at Omaha Beach. Contains strong language and passages of violence. TB 17476.

Kershaw, Alex

The longest winter. 2009. Read by Grover Gardner, 9 hours 44 minutes. TB 18268.

In the Ardennes Forest, 1944, Hitler launches his last and most audacious attack on the unprepared allies. A small band of eighteen American soldiers repulsed the German attack three times, inflicting severe casualties and defending a strategically vital hill despite being vastly outnumbered. This account draws on the words of the decorated men who fought this heroic action, bringing to life their struggle on the battlefield and later off it as POWs. Contains strong language and passages of violence. TB 18268.

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