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Fraser, George Macdonald

Quartered safe out here: a recollection of the war in Burma. 1992. Read by Joe Dunlop, 10 hours 53 minutes. TB 9399.

A factual, and highly personal account of the war in Burma, describing life and death in Nine Section, a small group of hard-bitten and eccentric Cumbrians. The author, then aged nineteen, served in the last great land campaign of the war, when the 17th Black Cat division captured a strong point deep in Japanese territory and held it, spearheading the final assault in which the Japanese armies were torn apart. Fearsome, sometimes appalling, often funny and always a disturbing reminder of how the world and its attitudes to soldiers and soldiering have changed. TB 9399.

Fraser-Smith, Charles

Secret warriors: hidden heroes of MI6, OSS, MI9, SOE and SAS. 1984. Read by Richard Earthy, 5 hours 3 minutes. TB 5545.

During the Second World War Charles Fraser-Smith's government department supplied the Special Operations Executive with ingenious gadgets that meant life and freedom for many special agents and prisoners of war in Occupied Europe. This is the story of those hidden heroes and their brave deeds. TB 5545.

Gibson, Donald

Haul taut and belay: the memoirs of a flying sailor. 1992. Read by George Hagan, 8 hours 19 minutes. TB 9849.

Into battle series. Donald Gibson had neither the qualifications, nor the influence to enter the Royal Navy, which he was determined to do. So he joined the Merchant fleet, and when war broke out, entered the Navy through the back door. Becoming a naval aviator, he flew dive bombers and fighters from carriers, and managed to see the funny side of some appalling situations, including being pulled out of the cockpit of his Sea Fury by his parachute, and court-martialled when captain of Ark Royal. The last chapter chronicles the Defence Review's effect on the Fleet Air Arm and the Argentine conflict. TB 9849.

Gissing, Vera

Pearls of childhood. 2007. Read by Vera Gissing, 7 hours 50 minutes. TB 15462.

In June 1939, shortly before her eleventh birthday, Vera Gissing escaped from occupied Czechoslovakia, leaving behind her parents, family and friends, to spend six years in Britain. Throughout the war years she kept a diary, recording her day-to-day experiences, her longing for her parents, her hopes and prayers for the freedom of her country. TB 15462.

Gordon, Ernest

Miracle on the River Kwai. 1995. Read by Gordon Reid, 9 hours 1 minute. TB 11406.

The author was twenty-four when he was captured and marched, with other British prisoners, into the jungle to build the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai. Amid the inhumane treatment, unrelenting labour, inadequate food and disease, a miracle began in the death camp: a miracle of Christ-like love that made men forgive their enemies. Contains violence. TB 11406.

Halter, Roman

Roman's journey. 2008. Read by Bill Wallis, 10 hours 1 minute. TB 15670.

Roman Halter is an optimistic, boisterous schoolboy in 1939 when he and his family gather behind net curtains to watch the Volksdeutsch neighbours of their small town in western Poland greeting the arrival of Hitler's armies with kisses and swastika flags. This begins a six-year journey through some of the darkest caverns of Nazi Europe, and the loss of every other member of his family and the 800-strong community of his boyhood. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 15670.

Hamilton, Nigel

Monty: the making of a general 1887-1942. 1981. Read by Garard Green, 35 hours 28 minutes. TB 4328.

Monty; book 1. Nigel Hamilton had access to "Monty's" secret diaries, letters and documents and also interviewed many people who had known Montgomery at various times of his life. Thus the private man is shown as well as the general, and some new light cast on the early years of the Second World War. TB 4328.

Hart, Basil Henry Liddell

History of the Second World War. 1970. Read by John Richmond, 38 hours. TB 4083.

This is a military history of the war. Trenchant and thought-provoking, it is a study in realism and objectivity. TB 4083.

Hastings, Max

Overlord: D-Day and the battle for Normandy. 1984. Read by David Rider, 14 hours 55 minutes. TB 5411.

On 6 June 1944, the British and American armies staged the greatest amphibious landing in history to begin operation Overland, the battle for the liberation of Europe. Forty years later with the wealth of untapped sources and documents now available, Max Hastings offers a new study of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy which overturns a host of traditional legends. TB 5411.

Hastings, Max

Nemesis: the battle for Japan, 1944-45. 2008. Read by John Rayment, 28 hours 15 minutes. TB 17185.

A masterly narrative history of the climactic battles of the Second World War. The battle for Japan that ended many months after the battle for Europe involved enormous naval, military and air operations from the borders of India to the most distant regions of China. The great naval battle of Leyte Gulf; the war in China; the re-conquest of Burma by the British Army under General Slim; the Marines on Iwojima and Okinawa; LeMay's Super-fortress assaults on Japan; the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the kamikaze pilots of Japan; the Soviet blitzkrieg in Manchuria in the last days of the war; and the terrible final acts across Japanese-occupied Asia. Contains strong language. TB 17185.

Hayward, Victor

HMS 'Tiger' at bay: a sailor's memoir, 1914-1918. 1977. Read by John Richmond, 8 hours 7 minutes. TB 3393.

The author, an ex-seaman, describes life in the Navy during the First World War. TB 3393.

Hector, John

Poplar memories. 2002. Read by Peter Barker, 3 hours 48 minutes. TB 13729.

This book explores Cockney London before and during the Second World War. The author's account of his early life in the 1920s and 1930s talks of pavement buskers, Saturday night knees-ups round the piano, eel and pie stalls, chimneysweeps, Clarnico's toffees and a little shop called Woolworth's selling 'nothing over sixpence' - unless it's a shilling. All this was to disappear forever in the horrors of the Blitz. TB 13729.

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