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Beevor, Antony

Berlin: the downfall, 1945. 2002. Read by Sean Barrett, 17 hours 25 minutes. TB 12768.

This is the story of those caught up in the nightmare crescendo of the Third Reich's final defeat - encompassing sufferings inflicted through folly, cruelty, and the exercise of naked power. The battle for Berlin is revealed as a terrifying example of violence, mass rape, and murder. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 12768.

Bennett, Geoffrey

Coronel and the Falklands. 1962. Read by David Broomfield, 7 hours 10 minutes. TB 1332.

British battle series. How the Scharnhorst and the Gneisenau defeated Admiral Cradock's cruisers off Coronel but were themselves destroyed at the Falklands by Admiral Sturdee's Invincible and Inflexible. TB 1332.

Bierman, John

Righteous gentile: the story of Raoul Wallenberg, missing hero of the holocaust. 1981. Read by Gabriel Woolf, 8 hours 29 minutes. TB 4232.

The story of the man who has been called the greatest unsung hero of World War II - a man who risked his life daily as he provided the Swedish passports and papers that made escape possible for thousands of Jews. His only reward: to be arrested by the Russian liberators in 1945 as a spy and sent to the Gulag Archipelago. His final destiny is still unknown. TB 4232.

Bingley, Xandra

Bertie, May and Mrs Fish: a wartime country memoir. Read by Jilly Bond, 5 hours 3 minutes. TB 14564.

A wartime memoir about life on a farm in the Cotswolds, seen through the eyes of a child. Bingley's mother is left to farm the land whilst her husband is away at war, isolated in the landscape. With its eccentric cast of characters, this book captures both the essence of a country childhood and the remarkable courage and resilience displayed by ordinary people during the war. TB 14564.

Bowlby, Alex

Recollections of Rifleman Bowlby: Italy 1944. 1989. Read by Alexander John, 7 hours 26 minutes. TB 10114.

The battalion in which Bowlby served was renowned throughout the Eighth army, but luck deserted it after the North African campaign. Stripped of its hard core of regulars it was sent as heavy infantry to Italy, instead of the specialised role for which it had been trained, and lost its first and second battles. The battalion's struggle to regain its reputation ended on the jagged teeth of the Gothic line. Bowlby describes exactly how men behave when the heat is on, and his account of life in an infantry platoon in Italy 1944 is realistic. TB 10114.

Braddon, Russell

The naked island. 1981. Read by Robert Gladwell, 13 hours 58 minutes. TB 6519.

The author describes the brief but disastrous Malayan campaign of 1942 and the long, appalling captivity that followed. For almost four years his Japanese captors - believing that only death could redeem those who had "dishonoured" themselves by surrender - subjected their 40,000 prisoners to a pitiless regime of starvation and slavery. They, in return, drew on all their resources of hatred, humour and defiance in order to survive. TB 6519.

Brickhill, Paul

Reach for the sky: the story of Douglas Bader. 1954. Read by Corbett Woodall, 15 hours 15 minutes. TB 1176.

The exploits of Douglas Bader, an amputee who is famous as a fighter pilot of the RAF. TB 1176.

Brown, Mike

Christmas on the home front. 2004. Read by multiple narrators. 5 hours 55 minutes. TB 15041.

Drawing upon personal recollections, contemporary Mass Observation reports, newspaper articles and advertisements, personal and archive photographs, the author looks at each wartime Christmas on the British Home Front, from 1939 to 1944. Life in Britain changed dramatically as the war progressed; the annual celebration of Christmas provides fascinating yearly 'snapshots', illuminating the changes over six years of conflict. TB 15041.

Bryant, Arthur

The years of endurance, 1793-1802. 1942. Read by Duncan Carse, 18 hours 5 minutes. TB 2148.

The history of the Napoleonic Wars from 1793 to 1802. TB 2148.

Burt, Kendal

The one that got away. 1958. Read by Robert Gladwell, 10 hours 17 minutes. TB 1000.

A grim story of war-time adventure, telling how a young German fighter pilot escaped from P.O.W. camps in England and later made a daring and successful breakaway in Canada. TB 1000.

Carew, Tim

The vanished army: the British Expeditionary Force, 1914-15. 1964. Read by David Geary, 8 hours 46 minutes. TB 373.

The exploits of the British Regular Army at Mons, the Marne, Aisne and 1st battle of Ypres, drawn from the recollections of men and officers who were there. TB 373.

Carver, Michael Carver

Dilemmas of the desert war: a new look at the Libyan campaign 1940-1942. 1986. Read by Garard Green, 7 hours. TB 6875.

Field Marshal Lord Carver examines in detail the North African campaign waged by the British during the summer of 1942 when the Eighth Army was driven back to El Alamein from Tobruk by Rommel. His portrayal of General Ritchie and his fellow commanders, and of their efforts to defeat the German army with the "machine" at their disposal, brings a new assessment of men like Auchinleck, Messervy, Norris and Gott as well as Ritchie himself. TB 6875.

Casey, William

The secret war against Hitler. 1989. Read by George Hagan, 12 hours 47 minutes. TB 9140.

Reveals the critical role of allied intelligence and covert operations, and the tragic blunders and international clashes that marred the record from Normandy to Hiroshima. TB 9140.

Connell, John

Wavell, scholar and soldier: to June 1941. 1964. Read by Alvar Lidell, 24 hours 30 minutes. TB 48.

The career of a great General who, as Commander in the Middle East from 1939 to 1941, won the early desert victories, but whose personality eventually clashed with Churchill's. TB 48.

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