Wanted Poster Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler

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Wanted Poster – Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler



You work for the National Security Department of one of the Western Democratic Countries. You have been asked to design wanted posters for the dictators in Europe.

On a piece of white drawing paper, complete a wanted poster for the totalitarian dictators and one CURRENT POLITICAL FIGURE to include the following elements.

  • All of your lettering must be in ink and color added to enhance your drawings.

  • Your drawing of a historical character may not be computer generated nor can it be a photocopy.

  • On the poster include the following information using solid detail from your notes and videos shown in class. Use solid details.

    • Political Party – specific name and symbol

    • Personal appeal – character traits (good and bad). What did the character do to make him popular? What is their nickname?

    • Strategies Used to Remain in Power – who were his secret police and other groups who carried out orders. What laws were passed to control people and what events helped to suppress the people.

    • Crimes Against Society – identify how people and groups were abused by the leader. How were they treated?

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