Us history II oral History Project – Part IV first & Second Generation Interviews: 1970-1990

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US History II

Oral History Project – Part IV

First & Second Generation Interviews: 1970-1990
The final segment of this project covers the time frame of 1970 to 1990. You are interviewing your first generation and second generation person. Please follow the organizer below. Starter questions have been provided, but it is your responsibility as an oral historian to ask relevant follow up questions and engage in meaningful discussion of these events. Since you do not have firsthand knowledge of the time frame, you may need to reference outside sources. These will be reflected in your grade. (150 Total Points)

Oral History 1970-1990
1st / 2nd Generation Name: ____________________________ DOB: _______________ DOI: __________________

The American Dream

1. Goals for the individual during this time frame?

2. How successful was the person in achieving their vision of the American Dream?

3. Individual’s perception of goals for the nation in this time frame? Achieved or hindered?

Presidential Administrations (Nixon Resignation, Ford, Carter, Reagan, G.H.W. Bush)

1. Which one did the most to help the American Dream? Explain.

2. Which one hindered the achievement of the American Dream? Why?

3. Which is your most favorite of this group? Least favorite? Explain.

4. Did you vote in these elections and if so, for whom? Why?

Decades Events – Select one event from each decade and explain why it is most memorable?

1. 1970s: (Vietnam, Watergate, Bicentennial, Gas Crisis, Other?)

a. Event:

b. Why Most Memorable?

c. Impact on American Dream?

2. 1980s: (Fall Berlin Wall, Grenada, Stock Market Crash, Iran-Contra, AIDS/HIV, Challenger, USSR breakup, Other?)

a. Event:

b. Why Most Memorable?

c. Impact on American Dream?

Technology - Which 2 technological innovations have had the greatest impact on this time frame & why? (Examples: FM radio, color TV, muscle cars, medicine, space race, aviation, VCR)

1. Innovation 1 – In the Area of Communications Technology

  1. Innovation

  2. Why?

  3. Impact on American Dream?

2. Innovation 2 -

  1. Why?

  2. Impact on American Dream?

Social & Cultural Changes - What were typical practices in the areas mentioned below?

1. Typical dating practices (even if they were not doing so) -

2. Driving –

3. Entertainment Activities –

4. Fashion –

5. Food –

6. How are these changes reflective of the American Dream OR How did these changes impact the American Dream?

Remember: You need to complete this organizer for each of your two interviews! You will be handing in this organizer and your interview notes with your final paper!

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