Unit One Culminating Activity Recent Impacts on Canadian Identity: 1989-Present

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Unit One Culminating Activity - Recent Impacts on Canadian Identity: 1989-Present

In this unit challenge, you will work with a partner to produce a PowerPoint presentation (approximately 10 -15 slides) on one issue, person, group, or event that has illustrated the degree of commitment to social justice in Canada. Your PowerPoint Presentation must include:

  1. A point form description of key information (5Ws) as it relates to the issue/person/group/event.

  2. Pictures, charts, diagrams, graphs, film/sound clips, etc., as appropriate.

  3. Reference to “Historical Thinking Concepts” (see Evaluation below)

  4. A concise response that explains how the issue/person/group/event answers the question “To what degree has a commitment to social justice been significant in creating Canada today?”

Presentations should be between 10 and 15 minutes in length. Both members of your group should be involved in creating and presenting your project. You will be assessed individually, based on what you contribute during the presentation so try to balance everything 50/50. You will have some days in the library to do research and to prepare your presentation. Every group must be prepared to go on the first day, as the order will be drawn at random. You must also have a paper copy of the presentation to hand in, and to use in case of technical difficulties.


Your evaluation will be based on how well you incorporate FOUR of the Historical Thinking Concepts (HTCs) we have discussed in class.

Suggested Topics:

Chapter 2 – Politics & Diversity

  1. The Oka Crisis (text page 35)

  2. Residential Schools and the Healing Process (text page 50)

  3. Immigration patterns and issues. (text pages 28, 30)

  4. An Aging population (text page 28)

  5. Multiculturalism (text page 31)

  6. Increasing Urbanization (text page 28)

  7. Quebec Sovereignty (text pages 36 – 37, 54 - 55)

  8. Regionalism and its effects within Canada (text 60- 65)

Chapter 3 – Globalization

  1. Canada & Free Trade (WTO & NAFTA) (text 74-75)

  2. Canada & Environmental Issues (text 82 - 85)

  3. Cultural Challenges linked to Globalization (text 86 – 89)

  4. Globalization and the impact on Canada’s economy (text 69 – 79)

  5. Canadian Entrepreneurs (text page 80)

Chapter 4 – International Security

  1. Arctic Sovereignty: Who Owns the Arctic? (text pages 56 – 59)

  2. International Alliances and Security (text pages 94 – 98)

  3. Recent Conflicts (text p.100-105)

    1. 1991 Gulf War

    2. Yugoslavia

    3. Kosovo

    4. Somalia

    5. Rwanda

  4. International Criminal Tribunals & Criminal Court ((text 106-108)

  5. Canada & the War in Afghanistan (text 109 -112)

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