Unit 5-1920s-Great Depression Chapter 22 Assignment Sheet

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Unit 5-1920s-Great Depression

Chapter 22 Assignment Sheet
Chapter 22-The New Deal (1932-1941)

Section 1—FDR Offers Relief and Recovery Due_____________

How did the New Deal attempt to address the problems of the depression?

  • Read Section 1, pp. 732-739

  • Define the following terms: FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, New Deal, “bank holiday”, fireside chats, FDIC, AAA, TVA, CCC, NRA, PWA, American Liberty League, Charles Coughlin, Huey Long

  • Answer the following questions as you read:

  1. How did FDR’s backgrounds and actions help build confidence among the American people?

  2. How did FDR’s economic policies differ from those of Herbert Hoover?

  3. What were the two major criticisms of FDR’s New Deal economic policies?

Section 2— The Second New Deal Due_______________

What major issues did the Second New Deal address?

  1. How did the New Deal affect trade unions?

  2. What setbacks did FDR face during his second term as President?

  3. Do you think that FDR’s court packing plan was justified? Explain.

Section 3—Effects of the New Deal Due_______________

How did the New Deal change the social, economic, and political landscape of the United States for future generations?

  1. What impact did the New Deal have on women?

  2. How did the New Deal affect African Americans?

  3. In what ways did the New Deal alter the U.S. policies toward Native Americans?

  4. In what ways did the role of the federal government grow during Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency?

Section 4Culture of the 1930s Due_______________

How did the men and women of the depression find relief from their hardships in the popular culture ?

  1. What were some of the most important cultural trends of the 1930s?

  2. In what ways did the New Deal support American arts?

  3. How did the work of New Deal era artists and writers contribute to our appreciation today of the New Deal?

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