Unit 4: World War I (1914-1919)

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Unit 4: World War I (1914-1919)
Essential Question: How did American involvement in World War I shift from the beginning of the war?

Lesson #



Due Date


Nationalism and militarism: Alliance and division of European powers

21.Display understanding of how both nationalism and militarism lead to alliances and division in Europe and ultimately the outbreak of World War I.


Dec 7


New weapons & technology

22. Display how three different improvements in weapons/technology changed the way war was fought.


Dec 10


Trench warfare

23. Display understanding of the atrocities that faced soldiers who fought in the trenches of the western front during WW I.


Dec 12


Zimmerman note, the sinking of the Lusitania and American entry

24. Display how the Zimmerman note and the sinking of the Lusitania led to American involvement in WWI.


Dec 14


Russian Revolution and their withdrawal from war

25. Display understanding of the sequence of events that led to Russia’s withdrawal from their alliance with the Entente Powers


Dec. 17


Effects on United States

26. Display understanding of how American life at home was impacted by WWI – include both description and analysis.


Dec. 19


American involvement and end on the war

27. Display how the entry of the United States into WWI changed the course of the war. Compare the war before & after American involvement.


Dec 21


Wilson’s Fourteen Points and the Treaty of Versailles

28. Display President Wilson’s view of the world after WWI from his Fourteen Points and the view of France and Britain under the Treaty of Versailles.


Jan 2

Your choice! You can choose any of the options below to complete your homework.

  • political cartoon

  • brochure

  • newspaper article

  • poster

You may NOT choose any of the options above more than two times. This will result in a deduction of your grade. Be sure to keep track of the option you’ve chosen on your outline.

New Vocabulary

  1. nationalism 6. front 11. unrestricted

  2. alliance system 7. mobilization 12. Kaiser

  3. militarism 8. socialist 13. ration

  4. balance of power 9. Fourteen Points

  5. autocracy 10. League of Nations

Document Based Questions (DBQ) Essay: (20% of grade)

Document Based Question Essay Task

How did American involvement in World War I shift from the beginning of the war?

Since its founding, the United States had traditionally followed a foreign policy of non-involvement in European affairs. But by 1917, developments in transportation and communication brought distant parts of the world closer. Trade with Europe and concern for the future of democracy eventually brought America into WWI. World War I changed many aspects of American society and led to a shift in U.S. foreign policy away from isolationism and toward involvement in World affairs.

Write an expository essay which is both descriptive and analytical that answers the following question: How did American involvement in World War I shift from the beginning of the war?

  1. Three ways in which World War I impacted American society.

  2. Three circumstances that led to the shift in the American position regarding entrance into World War I.

In the Essay,

  • Develop all aspects of the task

  • Incorporate information from at least four documents(at least 1 poster from document 6)

  • Cite whenever you are making reference to information from a document

  • Incorporate relevant outside information.

  • Discuss each aspect of your thesis evenly, including both analysis and description.

  • Support the theme with relevant facts, examples and details

  • Use a logical plan of organization, including an introduction that contains a thesis statement with examples and a conclusion that restates the thesis and summarizes the essay

Disclaimer: Essay is due on the day we return from winter break. It is also expected to be typed in standard size 12 font.

Important Dates

Last day of school before winter break: Friday, December 23.

Return to school from winter break: Tuesday, January 2.

DBQ Essay due Tuesday, January 2

Notebook check is scheduled for Thursday, January 3.

Exam is scheduled for Friday, January 4.

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