Unit 2 Section 5-Medieval Europe

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Unit 2 Section 5-Medieval Europe

  1. What duties and responsibilities guided people’s lives in medieval Europe?

  1. What roles did individual citizens play in the medieval feudal systems?

  1. How did manorialism provide for people’s basic economic needs?

  1. What roles did the Church play in medieval society?

  1. How did Europeans use natural resources to provide for basic economic needs?

  1. Practice your map skills on Page 91 by answering the following questions:

    1. Name two groups that were part of Charlemagne’s empire.

b. Name two modern-day countries that include areas once ruled by


  1. Describe several ways in which Charlemagne sought to restore order to medieval Europe.

  1. What is feudalism?

  1. What was the most important economic resource in medieval Europe?

Who controlled this resource?

How did control of economic resources affect the power structure in medieval


  1. Identify four ways in which the Roman Catholic Church affected economic or political affairs during the Middle Ages?


  1. What role did monks and nuns play in preserving Greco-Roman culture?

  1. Compare and contrast the roles of men and women in feudal society.

  1. Describe the relationship between religion and art in both medieval Europe and Islamic civilization.

  1. What cultural contributions did medieval Europe make in:

    1. Literature

b. architecture

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