Unit 1: Ancient Civilizations project

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Unit 1: Ancient Civilizations project.

In groups of two, you will create an animated/illustrated timeline that covers all aspects of ancient civilizations.

This project contains several steps designed to help you become familiar with all aspects of at least five ancient civilizations, including religion, culture, trade and economy, politics, and everyday life.
Civilizations to analyze and report on: Mesopotamia, Hebrews, Egypt, Chinese, Indian, Greek, and Roman empires.
STEP 1: First you must record some basic information and vocabulary relating to the topics at hand.

Explain each term IN YOUR OWN WORDS, and record why it is relevant. As you learn about these terms, you should be thinking about each civilizations RELIGION, CULTURE, TRADE, ECONOMY, POLITICS, and EVERYDAY LIFE.

Hammurabi’s code











Phoenicians (and their trading)


Ancient Israel


Eastern Mediterranean trading networks

Maurya Empire



Chinese civilization under Zhou and Qin

Confucianism and its impact on Chinese culture

Greek Culture

Roman republic and Roman empire (compare and contrast)

Alexander the Great

STEP 2: Organize your information. You and your partner must create graphic organizers (bubble maps) for at least five of the different cultures listed on the first page. Each bubble map must contain each aspect of civilization (RELIGION, CULTURE, TRADE, ECONOMY, POLITICS, and EVERYDAY LIFE.)
STEP 3: Illustrated Timeline, graphic novel, storyboard, or historical fiction. Now that you are an expert on ancient civilizations, you must creatively show off your knowledge. You must create some sort of story (think: Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure … the comic book). Your story must follow a main character as he/she has adventures in each civilization and learns about them as he/she goes along.

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