U. S. History Mr. Kevin Walsh grq chapter 5 Section 3 Pages 157-163

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U.S. History

Mr. Kevin Walsh
GRQ Chapter 5 Section 3

Pages 157-163
Explain the viewpoints of Federalists and Anti-Federalists when it came to the Constitution

Anti-Federalist Viewpoints





Federalist Viewpoints





How many states had to ratify?
Why did the framers of the constitution bypass state legislatures and require special ratifying conventions?
The Federalist Papers
What was the name under which the Federalist papers were written?
What did the papers do?
Writing the Federalist

Who were the authors?

What was Federalist No. 1 about?
What was Federalist No. 10 about?
What was Federalist No. 51 about?
Adding a Bill of Rights

Why did George Mason not sign the Constitution?

Who ratified first?
Who was second?
Who else ratified within the first two weeks?
Once they got nine states to support, the constitution was now law. Why did the framers need the support of New York and Virginia?

Who were the last two states to join? When did they join?

Why were the Bill of Rights introduced to congress?
Bill of Rights

What did the Bill of Rights provide?

What did the first 8 amendments deal with?
What did the last 2 amendments deal with?
Write a brief summary of the amendments.

What did the 10th amendment say?

What are delegated powers?
What are reserved powers?

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