U. S. History II 1920s Personality Website

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U.S. History II

1920s Personality Website

You and your partner will create a Facebook -like website dedicated to a famous personality of the 1920s. You will be given two days in the Media Center to create a Google Site and conduct research. However, you will be required to complete research on your own. The project will be due on Monday October 4th 2010.

Assignment Requirements:

  1. Biographical Information

    1. Birth/death (dates and location)

    2. Hometown

    3. Occupation

    4. Personal information: Early life (parents, siblings, education) & Adult life (spouse, children, etc).

    5. Accomplishments

  2. Include at least 5 Pictures of your 1920s personality

  3. You must have at least 1 video clip of your individual that provides actual footage

  4. Create a Friends List for your personality (ex: Al Capone might be friends with Lucky Luciano)

  5. You must invite all of your classmates to your site

  6. All students will be required to know information about every assigned 1920s personality!!!

1920s Personalities

Al Capone Al Jolson Red Grange

Jack Dempsey Louis Armstrong Amelia Earhart

Charlie Chaplin Charles Lindberg Elliot Ness

Harry Houdini Bessie Smith John T. Scopes

Babe Ruth Duke Ellington Lucky Luciano

Shoeless Joe Jackson

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