U. S. 1 1st Quiz Study Guide

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U.S. 1 1st Quiz Study Guide
Things You Need to Know:

  • Native American culture

  • Native American versus European culture

    • Use Native American culture versus European culture worksheet as a guide

    • Make sure you know what’s going in Europe during this time (Crusades, Reformation, Age of Exploration).

    • What kind of technology did Europeans have that Native Americans did not have? (Remember technology at this time does not mean the same thing it does today).

    • Why were Europeans able to conquer the Native Americans?

    • How did European and Native American society differ?

  • African culture (this will be a very small part)

    • Look at “West African Societies in 1492” guided notes worksheet

    • Why did Europeans start bringing over Africans to the Americas?

    • How did African slavery differ from European servitude?

  • Columbus and the Columbian Exchange – Use your Columbus guided notes worksheet and the Columbian Exchange worksheet as a guide

    • What were the 3 reasons Columbus came and overtook the Native Americans? (Essentially the 3 main goals of the Age of Exploration)

    • What did Columbus do to the Native Americans once he arrived to the Americas?

    • How did the Columbian Exchange change relations between the Old and New World forever?

    • What did the hemispheres receive due to the Columbian Exchange? (Don’t need to know specifics; just have a general sense).

    • What were some direct and indirect effects of the Columbian Exchange?

    • What ideas were exchanged due to the Columbian Exchange?

  • Geography of the American Colonies

    • Be able to label on a map the 13 colonies and which colonies compose each colonial group.

    • Look at the graphic organizer from class which describes all 3 colonial regions. Have a general overview regarding what each colony is known for and how geography influenced their overall development.

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