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TX Revolution Events and Battles



Law of April 6th 1830

General Manuel Mier Y Tehran toured Tejas and wrote a report for the Mexican government. He believed that the Anglo American colonists outnumbered the Mexican colonists, and influenced the culture. This law was written by the Mexican Congress. Purpose of law was to encourage Mexican and European immigration to Tejas but eliminate Anglo American immigration. This did not adhere to the provisions of the Constitution of 1824 which caused the Tejas colonists become dissatisfied with the Mexican government.

Convention of 1836

Delegates were Tejas colonists who gathered at Washington-on-the-Brazos to write a declaration of independence from Mexico. On March 2, 1836, this document was completed. Within two weeks the delegates had written a Texas constitution. The delegates used the constitution of the United States and the constitution of Louisiana as models for their Texas constitution.

Battle of Gonzales

General Cos and his army came to Tejas to enforce Mexican laws. The Mexican government had given cannon to Gonzalez for protection. The Mexican army sent a patrol to retrieve the cannon. Citizens of Gonzalez buried the cannon. Citizens then dug up the cannon and prepared to use it against this patrol. A flag was made that said, “Come and Take It”. Gonzalez citizens crossed the Guadalupe River and fired it at the Mexican patrol. The Mexican soldiers retreated. This showed the Texans were prepared to use force against the Mexican government.

Battle of the Alamo

Santa Anna marched the Mexican Army north in December 1835. After the Battle of San Antonio many Texas volunteers returned home thinking that the Mexican army would not move north until the spring of 1836. The Alamo was a mission that had been converted into a fort and fortified with cannons. General Houston ordered the Alamo destroyed; however, Colonel Bowie arrived with volunteers and agreed to stay and fight. Lieutenant Colonel Travis was given command of Alamo; however many volunteers wanted Bowie to command. The two men had agreed to a joint command. On Feb 23, 1836, the Mexican Army surrounded the Alamo and began a 13 day siege. On March 6th, Santa Anna’s army attacked the Alamo. The attack lasted about 90 minutes. About 7 Alamo defenders attempted to surrender; however Santa Anna ordered them to be executed.

Battle of Coleto

Colonel James Fannin received orders to retreat to Victoria. He did not obey these orders for five days. As Fannin and his army headed east they stopped in an open area near Coleto Creek. General Urrea and the Mexican army surrounded Fannin’s troops. Fannin surrendered without conditions. Fannin and his three hundred men were now prisoners of the Mexican army.


Fannin and his men were marched to Goliad by the Mexican Army. These Texas captives thought they would be sent back to the United States; however, Santa Anna ordered them all executed. They were marched into a field and shot.

Runaway Scrape

Families from Gonzalez area had heard of the massacre at the Alamo and Goliad. They panicked when they learned that General Houston and his army were retreating east while Santa Anna and the Mexican army continued to advance. The settlers were afraid Santa Anna would kill all of them. They could hear cannon fire and when it ceased they decided that the Texas army had lost the battle and Santa Anna was approaching. They gathered a few belongings and fled east to Louisiana and Galveston Island. They were afraid they might never see their homes again.

Battle of San Jacinto

The last battle of the Texas Revolution took place on the afternoon of April 21, 1836. The Mexican army was resting as they had assumed that the battle would take place on the morning of April 22nd. Houston had Deaf Smith burn Vince’s Bridge which would prevent the Mexican army from retreating. At about 3:00p.m. Houston arranged his men on the field. Texas soldiers marched to the side of the army pushing the Mexican troops back into each other. As the Texans advanced they shouted, “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!” Mexican leaders were not prepared and the battle lasted 18 minutes. Mexican army lost 630 soldiers (KIA), and 720 soldiers were captured. Santa Anna escaped during the battle and disguised himself as a soldier. He was captured the next day.

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