Two sources, one of which must be a book

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Fathers of Confederation Assignment

  1. You will be assigned a Father of Confederation.

  1. Begin researching your Father of Confederation. Use the attached sheet to record your information. Use at least two sources, one of which must be a book (of which your teacher will provide you a photocopied page).

You may find the following websites helpful:

  1. Gather the following information:

Social Studies Outcome(s) Covered:





3.3.2 Analyze the internal and external factors that led to Confederation (identify the key individuals with power and explain their involvement in making Confederation happen)



Included the following information about your Father of Confederation:

  • full name and any titles

  • date of birth

  • place of birth

  • date of death

  • place of death

  • interesting facts about family, childhood or early years

  • interesting information about personal life

  • contributions to the Confederation debate

  • portrait or other image related to the biography (for example, family home)

Language Arts Outcome(s) Covered:





8.3 understand that note-making is purposeful and has many purposes and many forms

10.5 collect information from several sources and combine ideas in communication

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