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Richard Turner

Mrs. Mueller

English IV – 5

February 24, 2011

British middle ages warfare VS modern British warfare

The change of British middle ages warfare to their modern day warfare is like an iPod update;

slow but efficient. In the middle ages their weapons and armor were more simple; where in modern day

the armor and weapons are still simple but improved their tactics. The changes went from full metal

suits to being cover in cloth with light under armor.

Even way back in the middle ages era Britain was not able to come to compromises with other

Nations by just talking about it; they fought many wars, for example, the hundred years war. Just like

any other war they used some type of weaponry. Britain’s warfare had three periods the tribal warfare

period (500-ca. 730) the feudal warfare period (ca. 730-ca. 1200) and the late medieval warfare period

(ca. 1200-1500). Britain’s middle ages main source of warfare consisted of types of catapults, slingshots,

swords and jousting types of spears. Most catapults were designed to throw stones or burning missiles

over town walls; slingshots were designed the same way but used for smaller targets. Joust were used

on and off horses for ”bayonet” type charges. Swords were not used for many wars but more for Knight

tournaments that originated from France in the 12th century.

Britain during the middle ages were not the most organized so instead of your original Army

soldier they had medieval Knights during their time of chivalry. Knights were a step below lords on the

social ladder; Knights are the sons of vassals that are sent to the Lord’s house to become of age, they

are trained by the woman of the house until they are 14 years old, at that time they become a squire

until their vigorous training of horse riding, war skills and other sports are complete than they are

knighted. Knights were equivalent to our soldier; they fought in the wars and tournaments where they

were awarded prizes by the queen of beauty. Knight might of fought honorably but they did not go out

unprotected, actually they did the complete opposite. A knight’s armor in the beginning consisted of

links of metal that formed a layer of protection for the upper part of the body. As time went by the

Knight’s armor became more and more elaborate, eventually their entire body was covered in steel


War after war the middle ages changed to the dark ages and catapults changed to modern

weapons; mainly ones that use some type of gunpowder. Most of today’s modern weapons no longer

look alike the ones from the middle ages but they still perform the same task; the main difference

between them is the new technology they use. Catapults transformed to cannons, slingshots became

small guns and grenades and joust somewhat resemble a bayonet. Despite the major difference in the

way they looked weapons are always made to do the same task just improved to be more efficient.

Most modern artillery is known as field artillery; the soviet army’s main field artillery consisted of small

handguns like the browning 9mm pistol, modern hand grenades, and they also added rockets and


Since the middle ages Britain has transformed from knights to the royal army which was cited to

be founded in the year of 1645, during world war II. Metal armored suits were no longer a requirement,

now a days the army uniforms consist of “flamboyant” clothing such as jackets , cords, boots and feather

topped hats; different areas of Britain may have more or less of a flamboyant uniform than others.

Most of their under armor protection is mainly just bullet proof vest because there is no

need for heavyweight equipment since not much can protect a soldier from a explosion from a grenade.

Since the uniforms were more lightweight than the ones in the middle ages soldiers are able to equip

themselves with their warfare and weaponry to carry with them on trips and during war.

Middles ages weapons contrast majorly with their weapons of modern day. For example,

catapults were great for knocking down walls because of the great strength of the stones used but

cannons do the same thing are more efficient because the cannonballs are lighter and easier to load and

launching them is caused by just the light of a match. Slingshots were no longer used once grenades and

handguns were perfected because they were used for further away targets and make a bigger impact on

enemies . Not only did they upgrade the middle ages warfare but they also added some more. Tanks like

medium-range anti-tank missile was used as a “fire and forget technique.” The weapons used Middle

ages Britain weapons have changed drastically in shape, size and the way they perform their task.

Along with weapons the battle frontier has also changed drastically. Battles no longer consisted

of knights going to tournaments for prizes and bigger titles; it is now mainly wars with other nations to

dominate landmass.. The reason for battle frontier has changed as well, in the middle ages knights went

to war because of kings or queens becoming corrupt. The modern reason for battle frontier was because

of invasions by other countries. For example, the catastrophe of bloody Mary’s massacre; and The Battle

of the Frontiers along the eastern frontier of France shortly after the outbreak of World War I. British

frontiers were exceptions, no troops stationed behind the lines and their frontier was marked by a

barrier called Hadrians wall stretching 120 kilometers.

Compared to all the things that changed here are the things that stayed the same. The

formations they used to attack with did not change at all. Things that Britain did during the middle ages

for formations carried over to modern day. For, example European armies were divided into three

sections called battalions. The Calvary could be arranged in many ways depending on the situation;

When armies grew larger they just deployed as they arrived on the battle field. There were three types

of battalions vanguard, rear guard and centre guard. The vanguard would be on the right, centre in the

middle and rear guard on the right. The different attack formations also stayed the same. Both middle

ages and modern British militaries attacked in formation on foot and horseback. These formations

consisted of a Calvary charge (no files or ranks), Pike formation (a square) Linear (single line of men one

behind the other) wedge ( a triangle) and mass archers (many ranks of soldiers next to each other).

The transition of the warfare and weaponry of Middle ages Britain and modern Britain is a slow

simple upgrade. There were about an equal amount of contrast and comparisons between the few. The

differences are really defined by the advancements in technology. To where the comparisons are how

simple their techniques and weaponry stayed. An Ipod update is just the same though the software

might be changing but it is still the same Ipod thought you bought in the beginning.

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