Turn of the millennium

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Angelic States – Event Sequence
Angelic States – Event Sequence (1998 – 2003) is a “turn of the millennium” photographic series depicting the heightened techno-landscaping of U.S. urban terrain (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York) and the intersection of surveillance, police, military and entertainment technologies in late 20th, early 21st century architectural design. The title refers to two methods of cataloguing history. “Angelic States” refers to Walter Benjamin’s angel of history with her back to the future as she both faces and is propelled by the violent winds of the past. “Event Sequence” is the military term used for a reconstructed linear timeline charting strategic failures and disasters of war as means of preventing them from happening again in the future. Charting the look of cyberspace as it began to spill out onto urban landscapes (the images look digitally manipulated but are not) many of the images were taken in public spaces where cameras were not allowed even before September 2001. In some ways this series points to the political conditions already in place previous to 9-11 hospitable to the passing of legislation such as the Patriot Act and the rapid expansion of the U.S. war economy following the bombing of the World Trade Center.

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