Tudor stuart britain: History 433: reading & question list abbreviations

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  1. R.Beddard .Restoration Oxford & the remaking of the Protestant Establishment.

  2. R.Beddard .The Restoration Church.

  3. R.Beddard .The Commission for Ecclesiastical Promotions, 1681-84. HJ 10 (1967)

  4. J. Buckroyd The Life of James Sharp, Archbishop of St Andrews, 1618-79 (1986)

  5. J. Buckroyd Church & State in Scotland, 1660-1681 (1980)

  6. I.B. Cowan The Scottish Covenanters, 1660-1688 (1976)

  7. J. Buckroyd Church and State in Scotland, 1660-81 (1980)

  8. I.M. Green The Re-Establishment of the Church of England: 1660-1663 (1978)

  9. O. Grell, J. Israel, N.Tyacke (eds) From Persecution to Toleration: The Glorious Revolution and Religion in England (1991)

  1. T.Harris, P. Seaward, M. Goldie (eds) The Politics of Religion in Restoration England (1990)

  2. J.Spurr .Religion in Restoration England.

  1. J.Spurr The Restoration Church of England (1991)

C:Local Studies

  1. R.A. Beddard .The retreat on Toryism. Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine (1981)

  2. A.Coleby Central Government and the Localities: Hampshire 1649-89 (1987)

  3. C.Forster .Government in Provincial England under the later Stuarts. TRHS 5th ser. 33 (1983)

  4. P.Gauci Politics & Society in Great Yarmouth, 1660-1722 (1996)

  5. P. Jenkins The Making of a Ruling Class (1983) [Glamorgan]

  6. P. Norrey .The Restoration Regime in Action: the relationship between central & local government in Dorset, Somerset & Wiltshire, 1660-1678. HJ 31 (1988)

  7. S.K. Roberts Recovery and Restoration in an English County: Devon Local Administration, 1646-70 (1985)

  8. J.M. Rosenheim .Landownership, the Aristocracy & the Country Gentry.

  9. V.L. Stater Noble Government: The Stuart Lord Lieutenancy & the Transformation of English Politics (1994)

XI: The Union

  1. Questions

    1. What were the reasons for the union of the kingdoms in 1707?

    2. At the beginning of the 17th century, the Scots wanted a union and the English refused them. At the beginning of the 18th, the English were more interested in union and the Scots needed to be convinced. WHY did this change occur?

    3. From 1485 to 1707 the British margins influenced England only tangentially and occasionally. Discuss.

  2. General

    1. RG Asch, Three Nations

    2. B. Bradshaw and J. Morrill, The British Problem, c. 1534-1707

    3. SG Ellis & S Barber, Conquest and Union: Fashioning a British State

    4. R. Hutton, The Triple-crowned islands, in Glassey, ed., The Reigns of Charles II and James VII and II

    5. L. Colley, The Britons

    6. JGA Pocock, Three British Revolutions: 1641, 1688, 1776

    7. JGA Pocock, “A Plea for a new subject” in JMH (1975) 4

    8. C Russell, The Fall of the British Monarchies, 1637-42

    9. J Wormald, The Creation of Britain in TRHS (1992)6:2

  3. Scottish

    1. IB Cowan, The Scottish Covenanters 1660-88

    2. F.D. Dow, Cromwellian Scotland

    3. BP Levack, The Formation of the British state

    4. BR Galloway, The union of England and Scotland 1603-88

    5. Galloway and Levack, eds, The Jacobean Union

    6. B Lenman, in R. Beddard, ed, The Revolutions of 1688

    7. R Mason, Scots and Britons: Scottish political thought and the Union of 1603

    8. TI Rae, The Union of 1707

    9. J Robertson, A union for empire: political thought and the union of 1707

    10. TC Smout, Scottish trade on the eve of union, 1660-1707

    11. D. Stevenson, The Scottish Revolution, 1637-44

    12. D. Stevenson, Cromwell, Scotland and Ireland in J Morrill, Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution

  4. Irish

    1. TC Barnard, Cromwellian Ireland

    2. C Brady and R Gillespie, eds, Natives and Newcomers: Essays on the making of Irish colonial society, 1534-1641

    3. B Bradshaw, The Irish constitutional revolution of the sixteenth century

    4. NP Canny, From Reformation to Restoration Ireland 1534-1660

    5. S Connolly, Law, religion and power: the making of Protestant Ireland 1660-1760

    6. P Corish, The Catholic community in the 17th and 18th centuryies.

    7. SG Ellis, Tudor Ireland: Crown, community and the conflict of cultures

    8. A Ford, The Protestant reformation in Ireland, 1590-1641

    9. HF Kearney, Stafford in Ireland, 1633-41

    10. R.A. Mason, ‘William Cecil and the british dimension of early Elizabethan foreign policy” History (1989) LXXIV

    11. M Perceval Maxwell, The outbreak of the 1641 rebellion in Ireland.

  5. Wales

    1. RR Davies RA Griffiths, et al. Welsh society and nationhood

    2. AH Dodd, Studies in Stuart Wales

    3. PR Roberts, ‘Wales and England after the Tudor Union’ in Cross, Loades, & Scarisbrick, Law and Government under the Tudors

    4. G Williams, Recovery, Reformation & Reorientation: Wales 1415 -1642

    5. P Williams, The council in the Marches of Wales under Elizabeth I
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