Ts performance chip installation

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Do Not start the installation until these instructions have been read and fully understood. You must follow the sequence and directions for a successful installation.


  1. The ignition must be off and the key removed also disconnect batteries to insure no power is going to get to the computer. Failure to do so may result in damage to the computer.

  2. Raise the hood, and look underneath the brake master cylinder, next to the driver side fender. Locate the wiring harness with the 10mm bolt in the center. There are three different wiring harness blocks in this general area, be sure you have the one nearest the driver side fender! Completely loosen the 10mm bolt and pull the wiring block off the computer.

  3. Inside the cab, locate the computer. The computer is located behind the parking brake pedal, to the far left of the under dash area. There are two 7mm bolts holding the black plastic computer sleeve to the metal computer mounting bracket at the rear of the computer. Remove these first. 1995 through 1997 Powerstroke owners will have to remove the e-brake assembly by removing three 13mm mounting bolts to gain access to their computer.

  4. Pull the computer from the firewall and away from the metal bracket. Slide the black plastic sleeve from the computer. Note how the computer is oriented in the black plastic sleeve for reinstallation purposes later. (In most cases, there is an X on the side of the computer, this X faces the driver side.)


  1. Find a well lit, clean dry work area. This is a very important step. Remove the black plastic access port cover on the end of the computer opposite of the wiring block connector. Some covers are attached with a screw, but most are just snapped into place.

  2. After removing the cover, the printed circuit board edge connector will be visible to you. This MUST BE CLEANED completely or your TS PERFORMANCE CHIP will not operate correctly. The edge connector has both a top and bottom, both must be cleaned for a good connection.

  3. The edge connector is coated with a clear lacquer and sometimes a silicone grease covering. Remove the silicone coating with a clean soft cloth dampened with brake cleaner, lacquer thinner, alcohol, or carburetor cleaner. DO NOT push down on the printed circuit board with enough force to crack it! After removing the silicone, use the supplied Scotch-Brite pad to remove the lacquer coating. Sometimes applying a little more cleaner of your choice will aid in the process. DO NOT spray any chemicals into the computer! Finally wipe the edge connector with a dry, soft cloth and check for any debris you may have left. NOTE – DO NOT erode any of the silver material on the edge connectors while cleaning the contacts of silicone or lacquer coatings.

  4. Once you are sure none of the coatings remain on the edge of the connector you are ready to install your TS PERFORMANCE CHIP. Press the chip onto the edge connector until it bottoms out on the computer case. REMEMBER 95% of associated installation problems are due to incomplete edge connector cleaning. Slide the computer back into the black plastic cover.


  1. From the inside the truck, install the computer into the metal bracket and push the computer through the rubber grommet in the trucks firewall. The bar code on the computer has to face the driver’s side fender when installed correctly. Replace both top and bottom 7mm bolts.

  2. Under the hood, reconnect the wiring block and snugly tighten the wiring block 10mm bolt. Start the truck and observe the “Check Engine Light”. The “Check Engine Light” should turn off after a few seconds. If the “Check Engine Light” or any other lights are on, the computer is in limp mode and your contacts were not sufficiently cleaned. Retrace all the removal, cleaning, and installation steps to insure your accuracy. When everything is clean, including the TS PERFORMANCE CHIP connectors, reinstall and restart the truck. Almost always the limp mode is activated by dirty or poor terminal contacts. Call TS PERFORMANCE customer service if you have any questions at 270-746-9999.

  3. Enjoy the performance and power of your new TS PERFORMANCE CHIP! Give us a call for any other diesel products that you may need in the future.

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