Track and Field- shot & Long distance

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Track and Field- Shot & Long distance

Shot Put- Has been an Olympic event since the Modern Olympics in 1896 in Rome. It is believed to have originated from the ancient Celtics. It was called, “Putting the Stone” which was based from stone throwing to identify the strongest men for battle. It is classified as an athletic sport. Shot put is a simple enough game, which involves throwing ('putting') a metal ball ('shot').

The shot put is normally made from lead. The shot is a ball of solid metal that weighs 16 pounds for men, and 8 pounds, 13 ounces for women. High School 12 pounds for Boys & 8.8 pounds for Girls

The goal of this event is to "put" the shot as far as possible. The thrower will get 3 tries.

Because shots lose weight in use—tiny particles are chipped off when they land—the balls are weighed before each use.

The shot must be pushed, or put, not thrown. The shot must not drop during the put below the athlete's shoulder. The putting technique begins with the contestant holding the shot in his or her hand, which rests against the shoulder. The athlete then springs powerfully from a near-crouch, unleashes his or her arm, and lets loose of the shot with a powerful push.

The putting circle, which is seven feet (2.1m) in diameter. The athlete must remain within the circle during the throw. The ring is bounded by a board four inches (10cm) high at the top of the circle (Toe board). The purpose is to allow the competitor's foot to hit the board without pushing beyond the circle. Measurement is from the point of impact to the inside circumference of the putting circle.shot put.jpg

Distance Events- Running Events - 800, 1600, & 3200

Relay in High school 4 X800

Start in lane and can move down at break line

ARMS: The arms set the cadence for the legs and should move forward-and-back bent at a constant 90-degres angle. Hands should be cupped, thumbs ups, and moves slightly across the chest towards the navel. The shoulders should stay "square" and not swing forward and back, or shrug.

FOOT STRIKE -The foot should strike the ground in what is called a 'mid-stance position. The heel makes contact, but the weight should be forward towards the ball of the foot, not back towards the heel.

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