Tossups Founded by Minor Keith, as a foreign owned company of unparalleled size and power Latin American writers referred to it as el pulpo or “The Octopus” and attacked its labor exploitation, massive bribery

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Founded by Minor Keith, as a foreign owned company of unparalleled size and power Latin American writers referred to it as el pulpo or “The Octopus” and attacked its labor exploitation, massive bribery, and tremendous influence in the region. For years, the US and this company were synonymous in Central America. FTP, name this former corporation, now a div. of United Brands.

Answer: United Fruit (accept United Brands before “The Octopus)

The author claimed that the work was inspired by a reading of Purchas His Pilgrimage. Subtitled "A Vision in a Dream. A Fragment," it depicts a "deep romantic chasm" through which a "mighty fountain momently was forced," producing a tumult from which the title character hears "ancestral voices prophesying war." FTP, identify this poem, first published in 1798, the description of a stately pleasure dome decreed in Xanadu, a work of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Answer: Kubla Khan

It began with a faulty valve in unit 2. Three hours later, the zirconium casing had reacted with super-heated steam, creating a bubble of hydrogen, some of which escaped to the atmosphere. At first, Metropolitan Edison insisted there was no danger. FTP, a reactor at what nuclear facility released radioactive gas near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1979?

Answer: Three Mile Island (accept both the location and the accident)

His family's name came from his father's dealings during the last years of the Ottoman Empire trading gold in a Syrian bank. Following the family tradition, he founded the Trade Development Bank in 1950 and the Republic National Bank in 1966, eventually attaining a net worth of over 2.5 billion dollars. FTP, name this international financier, recently killed when masked intruders set his Monaco home ablaze during a break-in.

Answer: Edmond Safra

Located on the Perfume River, it is about 9 mi. from the South China Sea. The city’s famous royal monuments create a Beijing in miniature including the famous Zenith or Noon Gate, Forbidden Purple City, and Royal Citadel. In 1883, the French made it the capital of Annam. FTP, name this central Vietnamese city, which is known to Americans for the most prolonged fighting of the Tet offensive.

Answer: Hue (pronounced Hu-ay and just Hu)

This German-born political scientist moved to the United States in 1937. He believed power was the major goal in international politics, and called for recognition of its limits. His major work on international relations is considered a classic text of political realism. FTP, name this University of Chicago political scientist who wrote Politics Among Nations?

Answer: Hans Morgenthau


Although his first exposure was in acting, playing a break-dancer in Can't Buy Me Love and a gangsta in Colors, he made a bigger splash in music. He was the first artist ever signed by Interscope Records and, although he would briefly leave for another label, he now works behind the scenes signing new acts including Enrique Iglesias. FTP, name this precursor to Ricky Martin who eats 'em raw like sushi on his hit song "Rico Suave."

Answer: Gerrardo

He gets rear-ended by a truck after taking his daughter Junie to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, and is arrested when police discover the gun in his pocket. The women in his life include Sono, a Japanese mistress; Ramona, a former student who has become his lover; and two ex-wives, Daisy and Madeleine. FTP, identify the title character of this 1965 National Book Award winner for fiction, a Saul Bellow protagonist whose first name is Moses.

Answer: (Moses Elkanah) Herzog

The European Court of Human Rights will now decide the fate of this man after his final appeal to Turkish courts was turned down. His conviction on the charge of treason and current sentence of death by hanging come because of his fifteen-year leadership of the PKK and the 37,000 deaths caused during the fighting between the PKK and the Turkish army. FTP, name this currently condemned leader of the Kurdistan Worker's Party.

Answer: Abdullah Ocalan (the “c” is pronounced like a “j,” if you get the mispronunciation give the team a neg five, throw the question out, and give the other team a q off the clock)

Minor figures associated with the school included J. J. Oud, an architect, and Georges Vantongerloo, the sculptor. In a 1917 magazine, they opposed such "baroque" styles as Impressionism, preferring the simplicity of flat surfaces, straight lines, and six colors: black, white, gray, and the three primary colors. FTP, identify this artistic movement, which was led by the painters Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian, and whose name is Dutch for "The Style."

Answer: De Stijl (accept The Style before the end)

His philosophy was of the constant emanation of life power from pure intelligence, or nous, to souls, and finally to matter. Nearly everything we know of his comes from his disciple Porphyry, who in addition to writing his biography, edited all of his master’s Greek treatises into The Enneads. FTP, name this third century Roman thinker, the founder of Neoplatonism.

Answer: Plotinus

This amino acid is the simplest of the three that contain a benzene ring. A poly-uracil mRNA sequence produces a protein consisting entirely of it. Mental retardation can result when a metabolic pathway that converts it to tyrosine is disrupted. FTP, what amino acid is excreted in large quantities in people with phenylketonuria?

Answer: phenylalanine


In a change of pace, he was running for re-election as the more conservative of the two candidates. His opponent, Tom Ammiano, president of the city's Board of Supervisors and supporter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, forced a run-off election after a successful write-in campaign placed him second in the original November election. FTP, name the first re-elected incumbent to his post in 16 years, the recently victorious mayor of San Francisco.

Answer: Willie Brown


The protagonist's uncle asks Mr. Green to deliver him a letter that disowns him after he accepts Mr. Pollunder's invitation to visit his palatial home outside New York City. After falling in with two bums, Robinson and Delamarche, he gets a job at the Hotel Occidental as a liftboy thanks to the assistance of a Manageress who is also from Prague. FTP, identify this novel which depicts Karl Rossmann's experiences in the titular country, and was written by Franz Kafka.

Answer: Amerika

Succeeding his father as chief in 1873, he questioned the validity of two treaties that confined his tribe to a reservation based on their being made with chiefs who had no authority to negotiate with the whites. After a mishap involving the government’s attempt to force his people to leave the Wallowa valley, he led his nation on a desperate trek to refuge in Canada. FTP, name this legendary leader of the Nez Perce best remembered today for his surrender speech that included “From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.”

Answer: Chief Joseph

This object, detected by Charles Kowal in 1977, has a diameter around 250 kilometers. It was considered the most distant known asteroid until 1989, when astronomers discovered that a cloud of particles surrounded it, causing it to be reclassified as a comet. FTP, what object orbiting between Saturn and Uranus is named after a centaur?

Answer: Chiron

His brother Giuseppe was placed in charge of the Ottoman Emperor's military bands in 1832, and introduced Western music to Turkey. He gained fame with an opera buffa about Peter the Great, and went on to write such now-forgotten operas as Zoraide of Granata and The Castle of Kenilworth before the success of 1830's Anna Bolena. FTP, name this composer of such operas as Lucrezia Borgia, Don Pasquale, The Daughter of the Regiment, and The Elixir of Love.

Answer: Gaetano Donizetti

Meaning “bark eater, ” these mountains consist of anthracite, which is rare elsewhere on earth but common on the moon. They remained a true wilderness longer than any other part of the Northeast, with their highest point, Mt. Marcy. FTP, name this extension of the Canadian Shield, a mountain range of northern New York, lying within the largest park in the lower 48.

Answer: The Adirondacks

He was originally scouted by the Pirates, but refused to sign with them after they refused him a signing bonus. Instead, he accepted the offer of a ticket home to Humbolt, Kansas in case things didn't work out as a major leaguer. Utilizing an over-powering fastball and a side-arm delivery, he went on to set the major league record for ERA at 1.14 in 1913 and won the MVP that year and again in 1924. FTP name this pitcher dubbed "Big Train."

Answer: Walter Johnson

He spent twenty-five years working on a cycle of paintings for the Scuola di San Rocco, the largest of which is a forty-foot long Crucifixion. In his Last Supper, which was finished in 1594, we see servants removing unwanted food and a cat in the foreground looking in a basket, though it centers on the diagonal table at which Jesus, blazing with light, gives bread to the Apostles. FTP, identify this Italian painter of Saint Mark Freeing a Christian Slave, who was born Jacopo Robusti.

Answer: Tintoretto

Its watchwords are “Unity, Freedom, and Socialism” and its name means “Resurrection” or “Renaissance.” First a movement in the 1930s, it became an official party in 1947 and underwent considerable expansion beyond Syria after a lack of Arab unity was blamed for Israel's victory in 1948. Its secular nature has always attracted religious minorities to it, such as the Syrian Alawites. FTP, name this governing political party of Syria and Iraq, which gave an institutional challenge to Nasser in the 1950s-60s.

Answer: The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party, or Hizb Al- ba' th Al- 'arabi Al- ishtiraki

Fans of the football teams from Purdue and Georgia waiting for their teams to meet in the Outback Bowl made the crowd in the lobby larger than usual when this man opened fire with a 9mm semiautomatic handgun. FTP, name this latest mass murderer who killed four at the Radisson Bay Harbor Hotel where he was employed and then killed a fifth while trying to steal a car to escape the scene in Tampa.

Answer: Silvio Layva

In the introduction to his play The Resurrection, the author of this poem stated that he associated the "brazen winged beast" with "laughing, ecstatic destruction." In Per Amica Silentia Lunae, he wrote that he believed in a "great memory passing on from generation to generation," which explains the "vast image out of Spiritus Mundi" that troubles his sight. FTP, identify this poem, written in 1921, which begins by stating that "things fall apart" a work of William Butler Yeats.

Answer: The Second Coming (if anyone buzzes in after The Resurrection with Yeats, give them the points)

Emerging in Perugia, Italy in 1260, the sect was first noted for its members’ piety; soon they attracted many disreputable people and began rioting through the Netherlands and Germany attacking Jews. During the Black Death they moved about in organized bands and tortured themselves in 33 Day cycles for Jesus’ 33 years. Banned outright in 1419, they have continually sprung up, most recently among Christianized Indians calling themselves the Penitent Men. FTP name this Christian sect of self-punishment and scourging.

Answer: Flagellants

Band theory explains properties of this class of substances by the overlapping of split orbitals. This improves on the free-electron theory, which models them by regularly spaced positive centers surrounded by an electron gas. The mobility of their electrons makes them opaque and conductive. FTP, what are rhodium, bismuth, molybdenum, and iron

Answer: metals

His first book of poetry, Poem of Frozen Time, appeared when he was 21 years old and marked him as a leader of the Catastrophist group. The author of novels, such as The Issa Valley and The Seizure of Power, as well as a history of his country's poetry, he became famous in 1953 for a collection of essays that condemned acceptance of Communism, The Captive Mind. FTP, name this poet of Rescue and Bells in Winter, who left Poland after World War II and won the Nobel Prize in 1980.

Answer: Czeslaw Milosz

His portrait by Bellini is currently in Turkey for the first time since the 15th century, when his son Bayezid II sold it at auction. When he came to the throne for the second time in 1451, the European powers were unconcerned because they remembered his unlucky first reign where his father had to come out of retirement to defeat them. A tolerant and enlightened ruler, the Turks visiting his portrait regret that his successors did not follow his policies. FTP, name this enlightened Ottoman despot, most famous for the capture of Constantinople in 1453.

Answer: Mehmed the Conqueror, or Mehmed II, or Mehmed Fatih or Muhammad II

During subacute glomerulonephritis, these structures become filled with red blood cells and mineral crystals. Blood pressure forces fluid to filter into these double-walled bodies. The fluid is further processed later in the rest of the nephron. FTP, what are these structures, otherwise known as renal corpuscular capsules?

Answer: Bowman's capsule (accept renal corpuscular capsule until last sentence)


Identify these works associated with the life of Helen Keller, FTPE.

(10) During her junior year at Radcliffe, Keller wrote this wildly popular autobiography.

Answer: The Story of My Life

(10) William Gibson won a Pulitzer Prize for this dramatic portrayal of Keller and Annie Sullivan.

Answer: The Miracle Worker

(10) In 1918, Keller made this movie about the struggles blind people face, though it has no scenes of anal rape.

Answer: Deliverance


Name these dominant women of the Roman Empire FTPE

(10) As wife of Augustus for most of his reign, she worked tirelessly and unethically to secure the emperorship for her eldest son Tiberius.

Answer: Livia Augusta (accept Livia Drusilla)

(10) The wife of Constantius I Chlorus and mother of Constantine the Great, she built the Churches of the Holy Sepulchre and of the Nativity. The most successful archeologist ever, she found the True Cross and other holy relics.

Answer: Saint Helena

(10) Procopius’ Secret History says that she was the daughter of a bear keeper and gave birth to a child out of wedlock. As the wife of Justinian, she was his most trusted adviser – so influential that Justinian made no important legislation after her death.

Answer: Theodora


FTPE, given a common alternative name for an organic compound, give the IUPAC name. For example, if I said "acetic acid," you would answer "ethanoic acid."

(10) Ethylene

Answer: ethene

(10) Acetylene

Answer: ethyne

(10) Toluene

Answer: methylbenzene


FTSNOP, answer the following about the people involved in the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle.

(10) This author of the Port Huron statement in 1961 and member of the Chicago Seven attended the protests in between his duties as a California state senator.

Answer: Tom Hayden

(5) His Public Citizen website detailed the possibly nefarious effects of the WTO, accusing multi-national corporations of "omnicide."

Answer: Ralph Nader

(15) This friend of Ted Kaczynski and anarchist philosopher is seen as the spiritual leader of the Eugene, Oregon based anarchists who were suspected of causing most of the initial property damage and violence.

Answer: John Zerzan (no relation to Mike Zarren, probably)


Identify these nineteenth-century French artists, FTSNOP.

(5) This realist is best known for Burial at Ornans and The Stone Breakers.

Answer: Gustave Courbet

(10) He was imprisoned for six months in 1832 for a caricature of Louis Philippe, and gained fame as a social satirist, though he also was a painter of such works as Third-Class Carriage.

Answer: Honore Daumier

(15) She received police permission to wear pants and worked in slaughterhouses to gain experience of anatomy, which she showed off in works like The Horse Fair, which is 33 feet long.

Answer: Rosa Bonheur


FTPE, Name these European noble families who never became royalty but nonetheless became important in their countries histories.

(10) This Magyar family rose to prominence fighting in the 1683-99 Austro-Turkish War. They were loyal to the Habsburgs and turned down Napolean’s offer to become kings of Hungary.

Answer: Esterhazy

(10) This family of Tatar expansion was important in the colonization of Siberia in the 16th & 17th Centuries and owned an estate larger than Texas. Deriving much additional wealth from mining, a school of icon painting is named for them.

Answer: Strogono(v)ff (as in Beef Strogonoff)

(10) This family owned and controlled the postal system of the Holy Roman Empire and in Germany until 1867. The family’s coiled horn remains a symbol of many European postal systems.

Answer: Thurn und Taxis (both parts are necessary)


From a statement of a theorem, name it FTPE.

(10) If a function is continuous on a closed interval, differentiable on the open interval, and has the same value at both endpoints, its derivative has a zero on the open interval.

Answer: Rolle's Theorem

(10) The order of any subgroup divides the order of the original group.

Answer: Lagrange's Theorem

(10) The compact subsets of R n under the Euclidean metric are precisely the closed and bounded subsets.

Answer: The Heine-Borel Theorem


Answer the following about Y2K-related terrorism, FTPE.

(10) This man was arrested on December 14 while trying to get into Seattle from Vancouver after border patrol agents found ingredients for bomb-making in the wheel well of his car.

Answer: Ahmed Ressam

(10) When he was arrested, Ressam had this man's telephone number. He was to pick up the car that Ressam drove into the country, but was later arrested in Brooklyn.

Answer: Abdel Ghani

(10) This woman was arrested on December 19 while trying to cross into Vermont and is also suspected of having ties to Ressam.

Answer: Lucia Garofalo


Answer these questions about an Estonian composer, FTPE.

(10) The first Estonian to compose with the twelve-tone system, his early works include 1960's Nekrolog, dedicated to the victims of Fascism. He has also written three symphonies and numerous choral works, including a popular Miserere.

Answer: Arvo Part

(10) The title of this 1977 Part work, a concerto for violin, string orchestra, and prepared piano, refers to Lockian philosophy.

Answer: Tabula Rasa

(10) In 1977, Part also wrote a Cantus for string orchestra and glockenspiel in memory of this British composer, who had died the previous year.

Answer: Benjamin Britten


Name these unusual animals from Jewish legend, FTPE

(10) This giant sea monster is described in Psalms as a multi-headed sea serpent. Some legends say that at the end of days, it will be slain by God. The legend’s source is the pre-Biblical legend of Baal and Yamm.

Answer: Leviathan

(10) The Book of Job says of this land beast "his bones are tubes of bronze, his limbs like bars of iron." More common than Leviathan being killed by God, is a legend that this beast and Leviathan will annihilate each other before the Messiah comes.

Answer: Behemoth

(10) This giant bird stretches from earth to heaven and there are two of them at a time, one male, one female, and when they reproduce they both die. He will also die with the Messiah’s arrival and be feasted on by the righteous like Leviathan and Behemoth.

Answer: Ziz

FTPE, identify the plays depicting the Trojan War in a less-than-favorable light.

(10) This play by Euripides portrays the plight of the women in the aftermath of the Greek conquest.

Answer: The Trojan Women

(10) The title characters of this Shakespeare play are a son of King Priam and a Trojan woman whose father defected to the Greeks.

Answer: Troilus and Cressida

(10) This play by Jean Giraudoux tries to explain why the Trojans didn't just give Helen back to the Greeks.

Answer: Tiger at the Gates (or La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu)


Answer these questions about an English novelist of the nineteenth-century, FTPE.

(10) The wife of a Unitarian parson, her works include Round the Sofa, Sylvias Lovers, and Ruth.

Answer: Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

(10) Subtitled A Tale of Manchester Life, this 1848 novel was Mrs. Gaskell's first successful work. Its title character is wooed by Henry Carson before her father, a labor organizer, kills him.

Answer: Mary Barton

(10) Gaskell wrote a biography of this other British novelist, with whom she was close friends, after she died young in 1855. The book was controversial for its portrayal of its subject's childhood at the Clergy Daughters School in Cowan Bridge.

Answer: Charlotte Brontë


Name these Japanese prime ministers FTPE

(10) He served as prime minister four times between 1885 and 1901, and helped draft the Meiji constitution and negotiate the treaty of Shiminoseki.

Answer: Ito Hirobumi (accept any Euro noble title as his Japanese title cannot be translated)

(10) He was Japan’s prime minister from 1941-1945. After Japan surrendered, he tried to kill himself but failed and was later executed in 1948.

Answer: Tojo Hideki

(10) Called Mr. Average and “as exciting as cold pizza,” his election as prime minister in July 1998 was considered a victory for LDP veterans over younger party members.

Answer: Obuchi Keizo


Answer these questions about international trade and monetary systems FTPE.

(10) This is the difference between the quantity of a currency demanded and the quantity supplied.

Answer: balance of payments

(10) The United States ran balance of payment deficits in the 1960s because the dollar was pegged at $35 per ounce of gold by what agreement?

Answer: the Bretton Woods system

(10) Aircraft are produced with a lower resource cost in the United States than in Tuvalu. The United States therefore has what in aircraft production over Tuvalu?

Answer: an absolute advantage


Tired of questions about Harry Potter? Here's another bonus about best-selling books -- of 1919, anyway. Name these authors who sold well 81 years ago, FTPE.

(10) It's hard to think of him as a best-selling author, but his The Arrow of Gold was #2 in fiction in 1919.

Answer: Joseph Conrad

(10) His The Desert of Wheat was a top seller in 1919, though not as popular as The U. P. Trail or The Man of the Forest, which were the most popular novels of 1918 and 1920.

Answer: Zane Grey

(10) His The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse was the best selling novel of the year, he is best known for Blood and Sand.

Answer: Vincente Blasco Ibanez


Answer these questions about Central Asian geography, FTPE.

(10) This lake in Kazakhstan is 44 by 375 mi. It is crescent shaped and its southern shore is an irregular mess of islands and shallows.

Answer: Lake Balqash (Balkhash)(not Baikal)

(10) This river, known in ancient times as the Oxus, is the longest in Central Asia. It empties into the Aral Sea and until relatively recently had enough water for navigation.

Answer: Amu Darya

(10) With several summits over 24,000’, this most Tajikistan mountain range is the highest in Central Asia with its two principal sub-ranges being the Peter the First and Academy of Sciences.

Answer: Pamirs or Godesberg


Yum, general relativity. Answer the following FTPE.

(10) These are emitted by binary pulsar systems, causing them to lose energy. Collisions of neutron stars and black holes are expected to release large amounts of them.

Answer: gravitational waves

(10) Speaking of gravitational waves, what experiment, with equipment in Louisiana and Washington state, will attempt to detect them?

Answer: LIGO (or Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory)

(10) And finally: other than Mercury, what planet has the largest perihelion precession?

Answer: Earth


Recently, the NBA named its top 10 teams of all time. FTPE, given a brief description of one of those teams, name the team and the year described within one year.

(10) Led by Wilt Chamberlain and Billy Cunningham, their 68 victories set the then record for most wins in a season and they ended the Celtics run of consecutive championships at eight.

Answer: 1966-1967 Philadelphia 76ers

(10) The addition of Moses Malone to the already potent combination of Dr. J, Andrew Toney and Bobby Jones led to the team going 'Fo-Fi-Fo' in setting the record for best play-off winning percentage.

Answer: 1982-1983 Philadelphia 76ers

(10) This team's crafty use of an illegal zone defense, as suggested by Bill Bradley during the half-time following Willis Reed's inspirational walk down the runway at Madison Square Garden, ruined Elgin Baylor's last bid for a championship.

Answer: 1969-1970 New York Knicks


Identify the playwright from works, 30-20-10.

(30) Jitney and Black Bart and The Sacred Hills

(20) Joe Turner's Come and Gone and Two Trains Running

(10) Fences and The Piano Lesson

Answer: August Wilson


Name these rivers of India FTPE

(10) This most famous river is considered sacred and bathing it is washes away one’s sins. Its devi is considered the daughter of the mountain god, Himavan or Himalaya.

Answer: Ganges

(10) This 1,800 mi. long river flows through the world’s deepest canyon as it cuts through the Himalayas to Assam. Once in India, it joins with the Ganges to form the delta that is Bangladesh.

Answer: Brahmaputra

(10) After passing New Delhi, this river goes by Agra and the Taj Mahal. Its confluence with the Ganges is a sacred place to Hindus.

Answer: Yamuna (Jumna)


From its location, name the tectonic plate FTPE.

(10) This is bordered by the Nazca plate and the North and South American plates.

Answer: Caribbean plate

(10) This meets the Eurasian plate under Tokyo Bay and the Pacific plate off the Japanese coast.

Answer: Philippine (sea) plate

(10) This plate lies just off the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

Answer: Juan de Fuca plate


Given a list of ingredients, name the alcoholic beverage, FTPE.

(10) 1 oz. each of rum, vodka, and gin, 1/2 oz. each of tequila and triple sec. Topped off with Coke or Sprite and a splash of sour mix.

Answer: Long Island Iced Tea

(10) 4 parts Grand Marnier, 3 parts Bailey's Irish Cream, 2 parts Kahlua

Answer: B-52

(10) 1 oz. each of light rum, pineapple juice, and sour mix, 2 oz. dark rum and a dash of Rose's Lime.

Answer: Zombie


Given the New Deal acronym, tell, all or nothing, what it stood for FTPE.

(10) CCC

Answer: Civilian Conservation Corps

(10) NRA

Answer: National Recovery Administration

(10) AAA

Answer: Agricultural Adjustment Administration


Given a quote, name the movie FTPE. You receive five points if you also need the name of the director.

(10) "Alright, you primitive screwheads, listen up: THIS... is my BOOM STICK!"

(5) Sam Raimi

Answer: Army of Darkness
(10) "Mass genocide is the most exhausting activity one can engage in, next to soccer."

(5) Kevin Smith

Answer: Dogma
(10) "He must have thought it was white boy day. It ain't white boy day, is it?"

(5) Tony Scott

Answer: True Romance

Name the philosopher, 30-20-10

(30) In his way of reading texts, the texts do not have an unchanging meaning because of the imprecision of language.

(20) His most famous works are Speech and Phenomena, Of Grammatology, and Writing and Difference.

(10) This French philosopher is the founder of the school of deconstruction.

Answer: Jacques Derrida [DerriDA]


Identify the sociologist, 30-20-10.

(30) His Between Eras from Capitalism to Democracy, an attack on capitalism, drew on the work of Marx, Veblen, and Sombart.

(20) He edited the American Journal of Sociology until 1926.

(10) He was the first professor of sociology in an American university.

Answer: Albion Small


Given a brief description of a term from the world of Chess, name the term, FTPE.

(10) The shortest checkmate possible; black checkmates white diagonally in two moves.

Answer: Fool's Mate

(10) Attack of a line piece on an enemy piece behind which is another enemy piece.

Answer: skewer (also accept X-ray attack)

(10) A defensive arrangement using Pawns in the third rank.

Answer: hedgehog

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