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(Volumes I to XVIII)
Compiled by

Ray A. Yount

January 18, 2001
This index of topics has been assembled to help researchers find specific topics in back issues of the "Journal of the Burke County Genealogical Society (Volumes I to XVIII). Under each category, the topics are listed alphabetically by key word or phrase. A particular topic may appear under more than one category, if appropriate.
For the most part, exact titles of articles are not used. Titles may be shortened or modified to better reflect the contents of the articles. For full-length articles or large tabulations of original records, no attempt has generally been made to divide the material into sub-topics. However, for "fillers" or short tabulations of original records such as newspaper abstracts, each included item is listed separately.
Note that the first few volumes of the Journal were not paginated, so I have arbitrarily assigned page numbers to these, starting with page 1 for each issue. Note also that the earliest volumes were given Arabic rather than Roman numeral volume numbers.
African-American Genealogy

Bible/Family Records

Birthdays/Other Recognitions

Birth Records

Book/Journal/Family Association Reviews & Announcements

Cemetery Records

Census Records

Death Records

Diaries and Journals

Family Genealogies and Histories

Genealogical Research Aids

Land Records


Local History

Marriage Records

Membership Activities

Military Records

Miscellaneous Court/Legal Records

Miscellaneous Newspaper Excerpts

Road Records

School Records

Signatures/Names on Petitions and Lists

Tax Records

Voter Lists/Election Records

Wills/Estate Records
This material may not be copied or reproduced, either in written form or electronically, for any commercial purpose.
African-American Genealogy
Vol Pg General Topics
African-American Research XI-1 16

XI-4 15

Greenlee Slave Records (mid 1800s) XII-1 5 Hines Family Slave Transactions (1831) XII-4 27

The Jonesboro Neighborhood of Morganton XVI-2 5 National Archives Publications on Black Studies at XVIII-3 3

Burke County Library
Conveyence of Slave Girl, AGGY, to Benedict BRISTOL XVII-1 28

by Lewis B. ALLEN of Pittsylvania Co., VA, 1811

John AVERY, death, 1931 XVIII-1 23

Mrs. AVERY, former slave, age 109, 1902 XIII-3 25

Lizzie (Mrs. Tom) AVERY death, 1918 XIII-3 27

"Manuel" AVERY, former slave, death, age 107, 1918 XI-4 19

Rufus AVERY, former slave, death, age 83 ,1911 XI-4 17 Delsie BRANCH death, age 117, 1918 XIV-1 20

John CALDWELL tribute, 1894 XI-4 16

"Andy" CONLEY, former slave, death,1918 XI-4 19

Anthony CORPENING death, age 107, 1916 XIII-3 29

John ERWIN death, age 75, 1913 XVI-3 28

Clericy (Mrs. Alfred) FLEMING, former slave death, XII-4 20

age 84, 1904 XIV-4 26

Frank "Jock" FLEMING (born 1886) Biographical Sketch XIII-4 20

Saphronia (Mrs. William) FORNEY receives XIV-3 15

US Pension for Husbands's service, 1889

GREENLEE Slave, Mark, aids Union Soldier (1864) XI-4 16

Joseph HENNESSE death, 1897 XIII-4 27 Sherman HUNTER death, age 77, 1937 XI-4 20

Cornelius JENKINS death, age 68, 1933 XI-4 19

Alfred KINCAID and Adline JOHNSON Marriage, 1879 5-3 39 Jane (Mrs. Albert) LYTLE death, 1925 XVI-3 26 Sarah McGIMSEY death, age over 80, 1890 XIV-1 21

Al LYNCH, former slave, death, 1906 XIII-3 26 Jones McELRATH (ex-slave, b. ca 1835) Sketch XVIII-1 28

State vs Jerry and Betsy (McTAGGERT Slaves),1813 XIII-4 25

Deposition that Negro Woman, Mary (Former Slave of XII-4 11 Andrew STEEL) was Born Free (1830)

African-American Genealogy (Cont’d)

Vol Pg

Black Americans in NC and the South XI-1 16

Heritage of Blacks in NC XI-1 24

A History of Black United Methodists in NC XI-1 16

Out of Bondage, Adjustment of Burke County Blacks XI-1 16

After the Civil War, 1868-1890

Bible/Family Records

Peter EPLEY (1817-1907) Bible XVII-3 21

Alfred E. MICLES Family Bible (from early 1800s) XII-4 22

George PHIFER Family Bible Records (from late 1700s) XII-1 3

REINHARDT Family Bible Records (from late 1700s) X-1 10

Birthdays/Other Recognitions
Mrs. AVERY, Former Slave, age 109 in 1902 XIII-3 25

Waightsill AVERY Certified as Tutor, 1767 6-2 34

Capt. Billy BRISTOL, age 101 in 1937 XI-4 25

Rev. Thomas C. CARLTON (1787-1867) Memorial 5-3 34

Mrs. Mary CORPENING, age 97 in 1925 XVII-3 28

Mrs. R. J. EPLEY, age ca 70, Recognition XVII-1 7

Clement FAIR Interview, age 97 in 1885 XIV-3 19

Clement FAIR, age 100 in 1889 XIV-3 19 Frank "Jock" FLEMING (born 1886) Biographical Sketch XIII-4 20 W. A. HILDEBRAN, age 84, Confederate Veteran X-3 11

Mrs. R. C. LOWDERMILK, age 87 in 1925 XVI-3 26

David McCOY, age 100 in 1890 XII-1 14

Theodore C. McGIMSEY, Confederate Veteran, age 91 in 1926 XII-3 11

Jackson MILLER, Confederate Veteran, age 84 in 1925 XV-1 27

I. B. MILLNER, age 93 in 1934 XIV-3 20

James MOORE, Confederate Veteran, Befriends Yankee Soldier XI-3 26

Mrs. Fannie MORRISON, age 98 in 1911 X-4 26

XV-3 20

George MURPHY, age 102 in 1892 XVI-1 21

Mark POTEAT, Confederate Veteran, age 100 in 1944 XIV-1 17

John RUTHERFORD, age 90 in 1879 6-1 13

P. F. SIMMONS, Birthday/Reminiscences, age 86 in 1937 XII-1 12

Birth Records

Vol Pg

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