Topic 1 Australia to 1914 h5 1 Federation

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Topic 1 Australia to 1914 h5_1


Student outcomes

Teaching and learning strategy






Step 1:

Introduce the topic of Federation:

display the term Federation on the board or IWB

ask students what they already know about the topic

prompt students about who governed Australia at this time

give a little background overview about colonial government and separate states.

Step 2:

Students turn on laptops and navigate to the website Federation in Australia and to the worksheet below, 5HA1 Federation in Australia

Step 3:

Students complete the worksheet, 5HA1 Federation in Australia

Step 4:

Students share a process they have devised with other students

Step 5:

Students prepare record and save a speech. (This could be a homework activity.)

comprehend and use historical sources, including a website

Microsoft Word


Intellectual quality

Quality learning environment

Students learn about:

the reasons for Federation

Students learn to:

explain the arguments for and against Federation

Site study

Working historically

comprehend and use historical sources

select the appropriate form of communication for specific purposes

Worksheet: 5HA1 Federation h5_1

Using the website, Federation in Australia complete the following activities: over the material contained on the website a summary, create a timeline of the events noted in the table template below. Note: you will need to add more rows (with the cursor in the table, click on Insert, then Layout, then Insert below).


Details of what happened


six colonies, main laws made by Britain

c.Inquiry questions for you to investigate and understand include how and why Federation occurred. From the information on the website and your earlier class discussion list three events that needed to happen for Federation to occur and explain why they were necessary. Note: add more lines as necessary below.

Now you will apply what you have learnt. In this activity you are going to use the parallel of three local high schools merging to think through the issues each state would have brought to ideas of Federation.

d.Think about what makes your school special, write that in the first column in the table below.

e.Consider that students from other schools will have things they also think are special about their school. Try to write some positive features of two other local schools in the other two columns.

Why my school is special

Positive aspects of another local school

Positive aspects of another local school

f.Thinking about the advantages such an amalgamation would bring to your area (such as how extra students will impact on the sporting, academic, musical, debating. achievements of the school, the extension of subject choices, the impact of extra fees being paid to the school.) write a short opinion piece for the local press about the advantages.

Opinion piece:

However, it is not that simple! There are a number of issues to be considered such as:

  • Where will the new amalgamated school be located, at our current site, at the other school's site or at an entirely new site?

  • Who will be the new Principal? Our Principal? Their Principal? An entirely new person?

  • How will the executive of the new amalgamated school will be resolved?

  • What will be the school uniform be like?

  • Which school's rules will be adopted? Ours? Theirs? Or an entirely new set of rules will need to be written? What will be the writing process?

  • Which school's procedures will be adopted? We have a four period day, the other school does not, etc.

  • What will happen to the "identities" or "culture" of each school once we have amalgamated?

  • What impact will the amalgamation have on the separate histories of each school?

  • Others…

g.Using the example of how Australia moved towards Federation, outline a process your local schools could adopt in making the idea of an amalgamation a reality.

Process to help the school amalgamation happen:

Now share your processes with a classmate and discuss the practicality of each.

Additional task:

Using the information you have gained from completing the tasks above, write a short speech suitable to deliver at a school assembly either supporting school amalgamation or opposing it.

Now, use the web cam or sound recorder on your laptop to record your speech.

Save your speech and review it to see how convincing your argument sounds. Your teacher will select speeches for peer review in class. You may consider beforehand what criteria you would apply to reviewing the speeches selected.


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