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Queen Charlotte Intermediate School

Ottawa and Quebec City 2015

February 15th to 19th

Detailed Itinerary
Monday, February 15th

6:00 am Coach departs Queen Charlotte Intermediate School parking lot. Please ensure your child is at the school by 5:30 am.

12:30 pm Rest stop in Edmundston, NB

3:30 pm Tubing at Valcartier Vacation Village

5:30 pm Italian Buffet Dinner at Valcartier Vacation Village

10:00 pm Arrival at The Hotel Plaza, QC Security on duty tonight.

Tuesday, February 16th

7:00 am Complimentary hot breakfast and check-out at 8:00 am.

8:30 am Morning Guided Tour of Ste Anne de Beaupre, Montmorency Falls and Old Quebec

12:00 noon Lunch at Galleries des Capitale ($10.00 allowance per person)

2:00 pm Dog Sledding at Le Chenil La Poursuite

5:00 pm Dinner Buffet des Continents, Trois Rivières, QC

9:30 pm Check into Courtyard Marriott, Ottawa, ON. Security on duty tonight.
Wednesday, February 17th

7:00 am Complimentary hot breakfast

9:00 am Visit Museum of Nature

11:00 am Meet your step on guide for a tour of Ottawa.

1:00 pm Lunch at Rideau Centre ($10.00 allowance per person)
2:45 pm Visit Canadian War Museum

5:30 pm Dinner at Buffet des Continents, Gatineau, QC (Included)

7:00 pm Laser Tag at Laser Quest Ottawa

9:30 pm Return to the hotel. Security on duty tonight.

Thursday, February 18th

7:30 am Complimentary hot breakfast

8:15 am Check out of the hotel and load luggage onto the motor coach. Regular drivers off duty today.

8:30 am Depart for the Parliament Buildings on 417 Bus Lines school bus.

9:00 am Tour the Canadian Parliament Buildings

10:30 am Visit Canadian Museum of History (Civilization

12:30 am Lunch at Rideau Centre ($10.00 allowance per person)

2:00 pm Skating in the Rideau Canal - Enter off Daly Street

5:00 pm Dinner at Tucker’s Marketplace

7:00 pm NHL Hockey Game at Scotia Bank Place between Carolina Hurricanes and Ottawa Senators

10:30 pm Depart for home
Friday, February 19th
3:00 am Driver change at Hotel Bernieres, Saint Nicolas, QC

8:30 am Breakfast stop in Edmundston, NB ($10.00 allowance per person)

12:00 noon Rest stop at Irving Big Stop, Lincoln, NB
4:00 pm Approximate arrival at Queen Charlotte Intermediate School

Optional Manulife Youth Student Insurance

Students: Up to $900 $ 62 per person

Up to $1000 $ 64 per person
Chaperones: Up to $900 $ 64 per person

Up to $1000 $ 67 per person

Full Payment: At time of purchase. A minimum of 15 paying students needed to get the group rate.

Coverage highlights includes:

  • Trip Cancellation for medical reasons prior to trip

  • Emergency Flight Home

  • Flight for parent or guardian to be at bedside

  • Baggage insurance for lost or stolen luggage

  • Medical coverage for emergency services not coverage by Provincial Health Plans

  • Cancellation due to student being required to attend University or College examination during travel period

  • Failure of an examination that requires a re-sit during the travel period


  • Deluxe motorcoach transportation from Queen Charlotte Intermediate School

  • School bus transfers on last day in Ottawa (Prepare for night drive home)

  • 3 nights’ accommodation

  • 4 hot breakfasts, 3 lunches and 4 dinners

  • Snow Tubing at Valcartier Vacation Village

  • Dog sledding

  • Guided tour of Ste Anne de Beaupre, Montmorency Falls and Old Quebec

  • Tour of Parliament Hill

  • Step on Guided Tour of Ottawa

  • Visit to Canadian War Museum

  • Visit to Museum of Nature

  • Visit to Museum of History (Civilization)

  • Skating on the Rideau Canal

  • Attend a NHL hockey game between Carolina Hurricanes and Ottawa Senators

  • Services of a Professional Tour Director from Target Tours

  • All taxes and fees

More details on Insurance at the Queen Charlotte Website

Queen Charlotte Intermediate School

150 North River Road

Charlottetown, PE C1A 3L3

902-368-6970 Fax: 902-368-6983

Parker Grimmer KJ White

Principal Vice Principal

Maureen Duffy Gladys Kickham

Vice Principal Guidance Counselor

QC Ottawa and Québec 2015-16

Trip Acceptance and Contract
Travel Feb 15th – 19th, 2016
In preparation for our upcoming trip, our teacher-chaperone team needs to figure out how many students wish to be part of this trip and to set out some guidelines for participating students. The guidelines will ensure that students will work diligently toward their trip in a positive manner and are clear on what is expected. We are also looking for parents who are interested in being chaperones.
Therefore, students are expected to maintain a consistent strong effort academically while being a positive member of the Queen Charlotte school community during their grade nine year, and behave as they would at Queen Charlotte while on the trip. Should a problem arise on the trip, a student may be sent home at parents expense.
If any one of these expectations is not met, the appropriate arrangements and/or actions will be taken. We look forward to your support and encouragement, as well as to a memorable trip. If for any reason your child is not able to participate in the trip, including behavioral issues; any refund is at the discretion of Target Tours.
Thank for your support,
Your Ottawa/Québec 2015 team at Queen Charlotte
Please fill out the table below to indicate that both student and parents/guardians accept these conditions and expectations and return it to either Mr. K.J. White (office) or Ms. Duffy (office) by 3:00 P.M, Wednesday October 14th, 2015, along with the first payment in the amount of $300. A post-dated cheque for November 23rd in the amount of $300 would also be appreciated, and will speed up the payment process. (cheques are preferred and may be made out to Queen Charlotte Intermediate School). We ask that this be placed in an envelope with the child’s name and homeroom clearly stated. Payments are non-refundable.

Student name (please print)

Birthdate (yr/mo/day)

Student signature

Parent/Guardian name (please print)

Parent/Guardian signature


Contact email address

Please indicate if you are interested in being a chaperone.

Chaperone Y / N Name: ________________________

__ 1st payment Oct 14 - $300

__2nd payment Nov 23- $300

__ Final payment Jan 11 - $TBD

Insurance Option

Students participating in the Ottawa/Québec trip have the option to obtain travel insurance at a special group rate of $62 or $64 per person.

This insurance will cover your child for any medical expenses not otherwise covered by provincial health care, expenses related to injury should that occur during the trip (ie: to bring a parent to the child should there be reason to do so), to send the child home for a medical emergency at home, for cancellation of the trip due to a medical issue prior to departure, expenses that may arise should we be storm stayed and require an extra day of travel, among other things. (details on QC website)
Please select one option

_____I would like to obtain this insurance. I have enclosed funds in the amount of $62 or $64. Cheques for this are made payable to TARGET TOURS

_____I am declining the option to obtain the travel insurance offered. I acknowledge that I will be responsible for any expenses related to medical care, trip cancellation due to illness, weather related delays/expenses , and other expenses that would otherwise be covered by the travel insurance.


Parent Signature

QC Ottawa/Québec Trip 2015-16 Emergency Information

Student Name

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy)

STUDENT cell phone number

Provincial Health Card Number

Parent/Emergency Contact Names

Home Phone

Work Phone

Cell Phone

Allergies, Medical Conditions, Illnesses of which to be aware

Medications (Dosage and Frequency)

Additional Important Information

Parent Name

Parent Signature


Student Name

Student Signature


If this information changes between the time it is filled out and departure date, please contact the school.

Queen Charlotte Intermediate School is arranging an activity on the following date(s): February 15th - 19th, 2016. The activities will include travelling by motor coach to Ontario and Quebec, tubing, skiing, bowling, skating, dog sledding, attending an NHL game, and museum visits. All activities or events in which a student participates could cause injury or property damage to the student or others.
ELEMENTS OF RISK - Educational activities or programs as described above involve certain elements of risk. Accidents may occur while participating in or travelling to and from such activities. These accidents may cause injury and occur without fault on the part of the School Board, its employees, agents, or the facility where the activity or event is taking place. By participating, the student or his parent or guardian assumes the risk associated with an accident occurring.
The English Language School Board has in place Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disability insurance for students participating in school activities. Please refer to website or contact your school for details on the coverages provided and procedures to follow for submitting claims.
The chance that an accident will occur will be reduced by following instructions and guidance provided, as well as using appropriate protective equipment as needed for the activity noted.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND PERMISSION - We have read the above and recognize the potential for injury or property damage exists by allowing ______________________________ to participate in the activity noted. We agree to assume the risks associated with the activity or event and give permission for _________________________________ to participate/attend.

__________________________________ _________________________________

Signature of Student (to be signed by all Signature of Parent or Guardian (to be signed

students 13 years of age and older) by parent/guardian for students under the age of 18)

_____________________________ ________________________________



RELEASE and INDEMNIFICATION - In consideration of the above-noted school allowing the student to participate in the activity described above, we hereby agree to release, and hold harmless, the School, the School Board, its employees, volunteers, agents, heirs, executors, and administrators from actions, causes of action, claims, suits and demands of whatever nature including negligence, except for the gross negligence of the School or the English Language School Board and its employees, volunteers and agents. We understand that this release applies to any injury, loss or damages sustained while participating in or being transported to or from said activity.

_________________________________________ ________________________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian (to be signed by DATE

parent/guardian for students under the age of 18) or

Student (to be signed by student age 18 or over)

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