Title: This aslamitna

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Title: This aslamitna. .
Author: El - Shaikh Abu Bakr Jabir Algerian teacher
Third Edition
Page Numbers: 181- 182
Published: zi elkeada 1388 – January 1969


This aslamitna..

By El - Shaikh Abu Bakr Jabir Algerian teacher

These principles:

1. sincere faith

2. Justices of the peace

3. solidarity right

This objective:

Riduan God and escort of the righteous, the Kingdom in heaven Dar es Salaam.

Almighty God said:

{And the times that the human is in lost, only those who believed and good works and they advise each other right and they advising patience}

After: the origin of aslamitna. Here inspired principles, and purpose limitation, and purpose.

From here, from the book of Allaah, not of Western capitalism, nor Marxist communism, but from the book of God Almighty, writers Mohammad Nabi compassion and Messenger Huda Prophet and his family and companions.

In the following lines, quick view of principles and purpose, and purpose, he wanted to know, including:

1. sincere faith:

The principles of aslamitna: genuine faith, no place among us for Communist, athiest, and Masonic associations a hypocrite, since we atheist and them to extremes.

We believe in the God of creation, God and Lord and pave it with fleshly lusts Rajen mercy, scared of their torment, they did they atone with his divinity, nor recognize so complete and Iraq, they are not scared nor Rajen.

We believe meet Allaah and sincerity and it adjust our lives and Houcine by so they all lied to meet God, and they deny him to live licentious losers don't adhere to create honest with generosity and Fadel, or religion.

We believe in Allaah's messengers and their messages to humans, and believe that his humanity to follow those of the Apostles, and those messages, so we are Apostles and we value them, son and cherish and appreciate those messages, and see only a rsalanhem of anesthesia, and stop to mental activity, and development of intellectual!!

We believe in morality, spirituality, individual morality, and spiritual values, and psychological, and see life without religion and morality, no meaning to its existence and they do not admit it, and do not see morality of modesty and chastity, but helpless, nor the fear of God Almighty, and monitored, and the longing for the kingdom above, and escort him righteous, and the proximity of the islands where only a form of mental illness, and mental insanity.

We believe in the inevitability of fate and destiny, and that planning full of life and put her before they are universes, and that something, whatever it is can not be on non-as drawing from eternity, and plans of the past in the book amounts, and that we therefore do not Ntberm of life no matter how severe, do not panic or Nscht them, and do not give up or Nqnt, or you are unable to tend to revenge and violence.

Our lives are always characterized by complacency and tranquility, justice, compassion, and they do not believe in it or they see is an object in the system of life, they are so frequently in their anxiety and confusion prevails in many respects from despair and hopelessness, and are predominantly smile intensity and cruelty and printed character injustice of violence, especially when feeling of helplessness.

And meeting with the principle of good deeds in the next issue that God Almighty

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